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Leave the dreams of yesterday, take the torch of knowledge, and build the dreams of the future.

Mine. Marie Curie
(25th Anniversary of discovery of radium)

Publishers Note

Nothing contained in this work shall constitute an expressed or implied endorsement by the publisher of the drug known as Gerovital H3 (GH3), which has not been approved in any manner or form by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, this drug may not be used or sold in any form in the United States. This book is intended solely to describe the research and studies which have been performed regarding this drug. Should the same be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the conditions of such approval will govern its use and sale in the United States and nothing contained in this work should be deemed to constitute an advocacy or endorsement of any broader or greater use or purpose of said drug than that approved by the Food and Drug Administration, if such approval is ever forthcoming.

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Researchers' Statement
Chapter 1 - The First Concept
Chapter 2 - How I Became Re-interested
Chapter 3 - What is Aging
Chapter 4 - Other Therapies
Chapter 5 - Dr. Aslan's Background
Chapter 6 - Challenging Reports
Chapter 7 - Some Explanations
Chapter 8 - The Key To U.S. Research
Chapter 9 - A Definitive Positive Study
Chapter 10 - Research in the United States
Chapter 11 - More U.S. Research
Chapter 12 - Laboratory Corroborations
Chapter 13 - Talks With a Few Patients
Chapter 14 - My Personal Experience
Chapter 15 - Dr. Ana Aslan Today
Chapter 16 - What is Gerovital H3 and How Does it Work?
Chapter 17 - What You Can Do

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