Chapter 2 - How I Became Reinterested

     At this point the reader may wish to know why I became interested in Gerovital H3. I heard about GH3 and Ana Aslan around 1958, when the news of GH3 penetrated this country. I wrote about it briefly, then waited for more results.* There were none but the negative reports, since the positive findings, although published in reputable medical journals, were not publicized in the popular press. The major assault against GH3 was in the form of an editorial carried in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 1963, followed by several negative studies reputedly done by carefully following Dr. Aslan's method of administration. (It turned out later that none of the negative studies used GH3; rather they used straight procaine, which as we shall see is far less effective.)

The title of the editorial was, curiously enough, "Procaine-—At Last Its Song Is Ended." Not aware that procaine had tried to sing and had come to a final disastrous off-key note~ I was amazed to find that a lyricist from the AMA had assembled all the negative "orchestration" and declared the song untuneful and therefore unworthy of meriting any further attention by medical men. When I say I was amazed, I am not being entirely factual. The fact is, knowing the leadership of the AMA quite well throughout many years, I was not really amazed, only bemused by the fact that not one shred of positive evidence had been printed in JAMA (there were approximately 250 favorable articles from all over the world at that time, to which the AMA had access). I pondered why doctors and scientists should accept this "Johnny one-note" verdict as absolute truth and would henceforth shy away from the very mention of the word "procaine."

The god had spoken ex cathedra. I knew that this sort of thing had happened many times before in the history of that Authoritarian Body which claims to speak for American medicine, and yet time after time has had to backtrack and cover up for medical blunders. The latter endeavor is somewhat easy for it, since the AMA has one of the best-paid and most powerful lobbies in the United States.

I have had much experience with the AMA s manipulations of the truth, but my most recent personal encounter was with vitamin B. Many readers are probably aware that I wrote the first book for the "layman" on vitamin B, which was widely sold and in which I told for the first time the amazing story of how the news of this vitamin was suppressed, even though thousands of reputable researchers all over the world had published favorable reports.

The AMA and almost all the so-called established medical authorities in this country denounced vitamin B as being of little established value. Later, over-whelmcd by positive evidence, the AMA altered its position somewhat. Our. point is: the AMA has to be forced-- even overwhelmed--—as do other authoritarian "scientific" medical groups, before it will consent to listen to both sides of a scientific argument. Scientific objectivity? Forget it. That is an abstraction which is almost never transformed into reality. Power, raw and crude, translated subtly into medical jargon is the only language the medical politicians understand and react to.

But back to GH3. There were several attempts by individual physicians to get medical authorities to examine the evidence--—evidence which was steadily accumulating in many countries. There were several well-recognized doctors in the United States who did examine the evidence, then gave GH3 to hundreds of their patients, with notable success. These include the late Dr. Herman Goodman, nutritionist, and Dr. Albert Simard, famed endocrinologist, both of New York City. Their efforts, however, did not budge by one micron the officials who were in command of our country s medical facilities.

Gerovital H3 lay moribund in the United States for 12 long years until Alfred Sapse, M.D., revived it in 1971 and in a series of daring, lightning moves projected it to be tested under official FDA sanction as an antidepressant--with a chance of final approval, as we shall see. I first became aware of the GH3 revival in 1972 through Mike Wallace, an old friend from our Chicago days. We both started out in Chicago, Mike in radio and television, and I in newspapers, magazines, and eventually books. We had exchanged favors throughout the years.

Mike went to Romania to see Ana Aslan and make a show for 60 Minutes, the CBS-TV prizewinning production. I saw the show. It interested me particularly, as I had been wondering what had happened to Ana Aslan s treatment.

I discovered that GH3 was indeed a subject which should be investigated. Subsequently I wrote the GH3 story for a leading national magazine. It drew a tremendous response, far out of proportion to the magazine s circulation, which was. about 2 million. I then decided that with such interest manifested, a full-scale examination should be accorded GH3. Following the investigation, a book would disclose the facts to the American people. Only a book could reveal the truth to people and their doctors about a unique discovery which might affect all of our lives, and about which— whether through design or stupidity—we had been kept in ignorance so long.

As the scope of my investigation widened, I became aware that I had scarcely seen the top of the iceberg. Beneath it lay the mass of evidence which did not exist—so we were told by our medical arbiters. Yet this evidence is so scientific, so voluminous, it is almost unthinkable it was ignored for nearly a decade. (See Appendixes and Bibliography.)

As time went on, the experiments in this country confirmed the findings abroad, and in certain Particulars, such as the double-blind tests and work with cells, went even further, and carried the GH3 project to an irrefutable conclusion.

The conclusion is that the life-benefiting factor in GH3 functions efficiently in every phase of life in which it has been tested; beginning with bacteria, the lowest form of complete life, on up through nematodes (microscopic worms), pigeons, mice and rats to the human being, where it functions best of all. The human, being more complex with his incredibly intricate body-mind-brain, is more capable of breakdowns, just as a very complex machine such as a spaceship can be thrown completely out of kilter by the malfunctioning of a tiny fuse—while the famous old Model T Ford could keep going almost forever, and when it did break down could more than likely be fixed with a piece of baling wire or some equally simple improvisation.

Therefore, to carry on with the analogy, GH3 may possibly be shown to be a certain type of universal lubricant-energizer that all life forms use. The ones who benefit most are us humans, who can so easily be put out of effective action: by just a persistent thought pattern known as depression; or by a lack of, or too much, sugar in our bloodstreams. Or by an ingrown toenail. Or by failing an examination. Or by failing kidneys. Or by lack of oxygen. Or by too much oxygen. Or by our father s dying. Or by our father s not dying. If we were to list or analyze the complexities which influence that creature who dubbed himself Homo the wise, there would not be enough paper or enough time (as ordinarily construed) in the universe to finish the job, even if we only listed what we already know at that tiniest tip of the iceberg.

We shall report several of the key experiments which prove the efficacy of GH3, but rather than break up the dramatic story of GH3 with detailed and technical information, for the most part the studies will be included in the Appendixes and Bibliography. In that way we can proceed with the story, or as they call it now, scenario, without too many details.

For those who are interested in details and technical knowledge (and I hope you are, or at least your doctor is), every statement in this book which makes references to GH3 efficacy is based on actual experiments included in the Appendixes or the Bibliography. Therefore, there will be little excuse for doctors or anyone else to scoff at and/or ignore the mass of scientific evidence presented in this book. Anyone who ignores evidence has no intent of arriving at the truth. Therefore, the only logical response is to ignore the ones who ignore. It's better than fighting with them.

Now with my background and bias partly exposed, let us see if we can examine GH3 objectively.

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