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Vitamin C
Each capsule contains
Vitamin C
Citrus bioflavonids
Acidophilus lactobacillus
q.s. excipients
100 mg
100 mg
100 mg

     A unique dietary supplement developed by Robert Koch, DSc and produced by Nutritional Engineering, Ltd.. The C-dophilus is manufactured with live freeze dried acidophilus lactobacillus bacteria.

     The capsules contain no artificial colors, preservatives, corn or wheat products. The acidophilus bacteria are cultured on whey, each capsule containing a minimum of 50 million live bacteria, which in a short time, in the intestinal tract, multiply many times. The acidophilus is a strain of a beneficial bacteria naturally inhabiting the intestinal tract. Being a friendly bacteria, the acidophilus can be helpful in many ways, most of which involve digestion and bowel function. The acidophilus lactobacillus is available in a variety of forms. It is in yogurt, in various cultured milk products, and in the concentrated supplement C-dophilus.

     The acidophilus bacteria help to maintain normal bowel function. Researchers have discovered that the acidophilus bacteria produce a natural antibiotic activity called "acidophillin" which inhibits the growth of many different types of harmful bacteria, including streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli, and salmonella. These infection fighters that should be present in our colon can help fight diarrhea and constipation whether it arises from adverse food reactions or from the use of various over the counter prescription drugs. Acidophilus bacteria are very helpful in restoring and maintaining a healthy internal ecology. Many antibiotics that are used, kill these friends as well as the harmful bacteria in the intestines. Taking C-dophilus helps restore these friendly bacteria.

     There are additional benefits provided by the C-dophilus. A healthy intestinal flora helps keep in check the opportunistic candida albicans which causes some yeast infections. Another bonus produced by these friendly bacteria - when they are established and growing in our colon, they control bad bacteria and detoxify the colon. They also produce several "B" vitamins, and vitamin K. They produce many enzymes that protect the colon from the ravages of chemicals that are carcinogens and that could contribute to the formation of colon cancer.

     The vitamin C and the bioflavonoids that are formulated with the acidophilus help keep the bacteria healthy and function as antioxidants in the intestinal tract and in the cells that line the gut. To maintain freshness and prolong the viability of the bacteria, the product is produced regularly in small batches and stored under refrigeration up to the time it is shipped. When you receive your product PLEASE KEEP IT REFRIGERATED. C-dophilus maintains full potency for 9 months when refrigerated, only 6 months when not refrigerated.

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