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    Gh7 For Longevity, Strength, and Recovery

    Gh7 For Longevity, Strength, and Recovery

    For the past two years, a new revitalizing supplement called Gh8 has been tested eagerly. This product is similar to the old Ultravital H4 and has some of the same ingredients.

         The original version was developed by Romanian cardiologist Dr. Ana Aslan. Back in the 1950s, Aslan was searching for a formula that would slow or reverse the effects of aging. The scientist also was seeking medical treatments for age-related diseases. Even if this formula did not extend life, perhaps it could make our golden years free of disease and misery.

         After many years of disappointment, Aslan developed a formula called Gerovital H3. It was created on the premise of identifying age-related markers, then attempting to alter them. Age-related markers are substances in our bodies (hormones, protein, etc.) that change as we age. Two examples with which bodybuilders are familiar are growth hormone (GH) and testosterone. These are two anabolic hormones that help build muscle mass and reduce body fat accumulation. As every serious bodybuilder knows, our natural production of both GH and testosterone decline as we get older; therefore, they can be classified as age-related markers.

         Aslan discovered another such marker called monomine oxidase (MAO). MAO levels in humans stay the same until our mid-30's, when hey begin to increase dramatically every year. While the chemical is present in the blood-stream, it is mostly concentrated in the brain. It's also been noted that higher levels of MAO are found in people afflicted with mental illness, arthritis and arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

         The next logical step was to find a safe substance to reduce MAO levels. From this research, the aforementioned Gerovital H3 formula was born. According to Eastern Bloc research released in the early 1990's, Gerovital H3 was credited with helping many people, including Nikita Khrushchev, the prime minister of the Soviet Union at the time.

         Shortly thereafter, Aslan's work became famous worldwide in the scientific community. Over the years, Aslan kept records of many patients who received regular treatments with Gerovital H3. These patients lived approximately 25-30 percent longer than the average life expectancy.

         Several years ago doctors discovered that procaine HCl, the main ingredient in Gerovital H3 was not related to the direct effects of procaine on the body. Instead it was found that this substance is actually broken down in the body into diethylaminoethanol (DEAE). DEAE is then quickly converted into the popular life-extension compound dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). Furthermore, another beneficial substance, para-amino benzoic acid (PABA), is also a byproduct of procaine HCl. 

         One study was conducted comparing the effects of procain HCl on one group of patients with the effects of DMAE and PABA on another. The results of the study showed no significant difference between the two groups, indicating that these two latter substances appear to be the active compounds responsible for metabolic changes.

         DMAE has a variety of functions in the body. It is a precursor of choline, which aids in the repair and stabilization of cell membranes. Supplemental choline does not increase cellular choline levels much due to its inability to be absorbed into the cellular membranes. DMAE, however, can cross the membrane barrier and then turn into choline.

         Increasing tholine levels is also beneficial because it raises acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter responsible for carrying signals from one nerve to another. This chemical is found all over the body, including the brain. High levels of it can increase the connection between the brain and muscles, as well as sharpen mental alertness and memory.

         PABA is a common nutrient found in many multivitamin formulas. Many of these formulas, however, do not contain PABA in a bio-usable form. Reportedly. PABA has been shown to prevent and in some cases reverse gray hair. It is also thought to help keep skin texture elastic and may work to postpone wrinkles.

         One of the major problems associated with aging is the ability of MAO to reduce levels of acetylcholin, which causes muscular weakness, fatigue and a decreased mental capacity to learn and remember new information. All of this evidence appears to be significant in terms of delaying the aging process.

         The second generation of Gerovital H3 was called Ulravital H4. It was marketed as a "Soviet secret" for building muscle and strength. Real Ultravital H4 was available for a short period of time a few years ago, but most of the products sold in the U.S. were fake.

         Since then, a new product has emerged called Gh7, which is superior to the other formulas and contains a variety of nutrients including procaine HCl. The two primary uses of Gh7 are to slow the aging process, increase strength, and speed the recovery of athletes.

         My first study of Gh7 took place in 1992. Five bodybuilders participated. Subjects under 200 lbs. were given two tablets 1-2 hours prior to each workout. Subjects over 200 lbs. were administered three tablets in the same manner. All tablets were consumed 1-2 hours after food intake.

         Two bodybuilders used the product for six weeks, while the other three used it for four weeks. Four of the five subjects experienced strength increases ranging from 3-4.5 percent. One subject did not experience any significant increases. The athletes who used Gh7 for six weeks did not exhibit any significant strength gains over those who used it for four weeks. This suggests that a strength plateau had not been reached. All athletes reported a dramatic decrease in muscle soreness and said they felt that they recovered much faster than normal. Most subjects claimed that a decrease in the lactic acid burn was also apparent during workouts. Mental awareness and energy levels also rose. No significant increase in muscle mass, however, were noted by any of the athletes.

         In a later study conducted in 1994, four tablets of Gh7 were taken by a larger group of subjects -- two in the morning before breakfast and two more 1-2 hours before workouts. Strength increases were noted in the 5-6 percent range, along with a dramatic increase in recovery, mental alertness, and energy.

         How safe is Gh7? These two studies did not show any negative side effects. If the data from Aslan is accurate, the only side effect is a longer, more disease-free life. No one who used the product for 30-40 years, however, could be found to verify these accounts. On the other hand, no negative findings were discovered, either. More research is necessary, but Gh7 appears to be the latest in a long line of age-slowing and health-enhancing supplements developed int eh Eastern Bloc and more recently brought to light in the West.




    by Robert Koch, DSc

    GH3     Procaine Hydrochloride was first synthesized in 1905 by a German chemist Albert Einhorn. He was looking for a compound that would act as an anesthetic, would be non-toxic, free of side effects, and would not be addictive. Dr. Einhorn was looking for a compound that could replace cocaine as an anesthetic. Cocaine was being used at the time as an anesthetic. However, because cocaine was toxic, addictive, and destructive to the central nervous system, its use was being outlawed. Dr. Einhorn was able to produce a compound that demonstrated the properties he was looking for. This new compound he named procaine. "Pro" means, in place of, and "caine" comes from the word cocaine. Because of the similarity of the names and because they are both anesthetics, there is much confusion as to the nature of procaine. Procaine when injected into the muscles acts as an anesthetic but when taken orally in a complexed form procaine acts as a vitamin. Procaine HCl solutions, used as anesthetics, are tradenamed Novocaine.

         Chemically procaine is the PABA ester of the amino alcohol DEAE. PABA (p-amino-benzoic acid), is a "B" vitamin. DEAE, (n,n diethylaminoethanol) is a biologically active precursor of the "B" vitamin choline. (Fig. 1) Procaine is usually used in the form of the hydrochloride salt (procaine HCl) because it is highly water soluble. Procaine hydrochloride, when taken orally, enters the body by being mainly absorbed through the villi in the small intestine. Experiments show that the bulk of the procaine HCl enters the bloodstream molecularly intact. In the blood stream procaine HCl is rapidly hydrolyzed by the enzyme pseudo-cholinesterase into PABA and DEAE the two components of the procaine molecule. These metabolites are removed by the liver, chemically changed, and excreted in the urine.

         In the late 1940's Dr. Ana Aslan a Romanian cardiologist found that adding a small amount of benzoic acid to the procaine solution stabilized some of the procaine enough to protect it from the blood enzymes. This protected procaine which Dr. Aslan named Gerovital H3 or GH3 was found to be very helpful in supplying PABA and DEAE to damaged and\or diseased cells. Ana Aslan named the procaine vitamin H-3. GH3 is listed under H-3 in the Merck index.

         Procaine HCl when combined with biologically active acids(1) such as folic acid, biotin,ascorbic acid, pantothenic acid, citric acid and many other acids such as amino acids etc., acts as a vitamin or food supplement. The vitamin acids and other biologically active acids when complexed with the procaine HClmolecule protect the procaine from the enzymes in the blood allowing the procaine to enter the cells. These vitamin complexes help the cells assimilate and utilize nutrients more efficiently. These complexed procaine compounds Dr. Robert B Koch named Vitacel (Vital Cell).

         Procaine HCl (procaine hydrochloride) is the active ingredient in Gerovital H3 (GH3) and in the Vitacels 3 through 8. Procaine HCl is broken down rapidly by enzymes in the blood stream into PABA and DEAE. The PABA and DEAE are rapidly conjugated and removed from the blood and excreted from the body. Because of this procaine HCl and its breakdown products (metabolites) are unable to get into the cells in any great quantity to produce benefits. Procaine HCl will produce some benefits by itself, but they are very limited.

         However when procaine HCl is complexed properly (Koch process)(1) the procaine HCl is protected from the action of the enzymes in the blood and tissues this protection gives the procaine enough time to be transfered into the cells of the body where it helps the cells rebuild, repair, and detoxify. This action of the procaine HCl complex is responsible for the remarkable improvements in health that result from the use ofGH3 and the Vitacel 3 - 8.

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         Many companies claim to make GH3. Based on my testing the only GH3 procaine HCl based products that contain the active GH3 factor or properly complexed procaine HCl are Ana Aslan’s injectable GH3 and the Vitacels 3 through 8 produced by Nutritional Engineering, Ltd.. Some companies are totally fraudulent in their claims quoting Ana Aslans case studies and my case studies and research to validate their products which contain no procaine HCl or its complexes. Their products contain PABA and DMAE which they claim produce procaine in the body. This is false because procaine contains no DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol). In fact the DMAE when it enters the cells of the body is broken down and is oxidized producing by products (metabolites) that are damaging and toxic to the cells ( i.e formaldehyde and methyl alcohol). Whereas the DEAE (diethylaminoethanol) from the procaine HCl breaks down in the cells and is oxidized producing acetyl groups that are very valuable for producing acetylcholine and other materials necessary for cellular health. 

         Other companies produce GH3 and similar products that contain procaine HCl and the other ingredients necessary to make GH3 and the Vitacels and list them on their labels but they do not have a valid product. They mix the dry ingredients together and tablet them or put them in capsules without first forming the procaine complexes. I like to use the example of making the candy called fudge. Fudge contains sugar, cocoa, condensed milk, butter and a pinch of salt. If you mix all of these together you have the correct formula but you only have a gritty cocoa in canned milk with a chunk of butter far from being Fudge. However if you cook the ingedients to the soft ball stage and then allow it to cool , then beat it properly to the right crystalline structure you end up with a delicious delight called fudge.

         Procaine Based Nutriments (PBNs) as I prefer to call the procaine HCl complexes or GH3 factor must be formed or the product won’t be very effective in helping cells heal and overcome their problems. Effective GH3 products in tablets or capsules containing PBNs will show on their labels not only the correct ingredients but they will also show the patent numbers(1) of the Koch process for forming the complexes of procaine.

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    Introduction and Disclaimer: The case histories in this volume are supplied by caring individuals who are interested in sharing their experiences using PABA and DEAE based nutriments with the hope that others may benefit from their experience. These case histories were contributed freely without remuneration. Those supplying the case histories have, in most cases, given their addresses and phone numbers for those who would like to contact them.

         The case histories in this volume are for your information only and they do not infer, represent or claim that anyone else will receive the same or any benefits from the use of the PABA and DEAE based supplements. Each individual is different and therefore results will vary based upon these differences. Each person needs to determine the value of these supplements for themselves.

    Robert Koch, DSc.

         The case histories in this book are anecdotal evidence of some of the benefits PABA and DEAE  based nutriments produce. These case histories are very valuable because of the time covered. Some of the first case histories were given as early as 1982 yet today, 1996, they are still valid. This longitudinal evidence is probably the best and most accurate type of study available. The dates on these case histories cover a period of 1982 through 1996. 

    Fourth Edition November 1996



         I was diagnosed with both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and was well on the way to becoming bedridden. I had been medicating with arthritic prescriptions such as Naprosyn, Clinoril and Mecloman, to name a few, along with large doses of Extra-Strength Tylenol. Most of my joints were involved with intermittent inflammation and swelling, in any one or all areas and at any given time. The inflammation was often so severe that the area would turn color as though it had been bruised. Climbing stairs was a monumental task and without the availability of a handrail, sometimes impossible. Changes in barometric pressure would send me to bed with a heating pad and increased medication. Sleeping the night through was unheard of as I would often be awakened with immobilizing pain that literally took my breath away. My husband would have to move my hips and body to a different position so that I could try to go back to sleep. It was difficult to get into or out of bed without help. I was unable to wring out a rag, pick things up with one hand and it was becoming exceedingly difficult to type, which was devastating because that was my livelihood. I could not raise my hands above shoulder height as my shoulders were so painful. 

         In early 1982, a friend brought the good news of GH3 and its availability to us. I received relief from the inflammation of the arthritis within four days and inside of three weeks almost all of the pain had subsided. I stopped taking my prescriptions the day I started the GH3. This isn't t a recommendation, it s only because I had to know if it was the GH3 that was helping me, if indeed I received help. Today, almost seven years later, I only have occasional arthritic discomfort. That is when I I've either been working or playing too hard and not eating the right foods for proper nutrition. 

         Migraine headaches had been a way of life to me since the age of 13. Again, every medication available was prescribed to: abort the migraine before it became fully involved; to get rid of the migraine when it did become totally involved; to somehow lessen the pain if we could not get rid of the migraine; to stop the nausea and vomiting. As a last resort, I would use a suppository that would render me unconscious and, hopefully, I would awaken without the migraine. The success ratio for that was very small. Oftentimes, I had to go to the hospital emergency room for a shot and I.V. replenishment of potassium. This was because the migraine medications were also diuretics and would reduce fluid pressure as well. If vomiting occurred, my potassium level would also be dangerously low. 

         Scintillating Scotoma, the medical term for the light show migraine sufferers often have, together with the partial loss of vision in my left eye, happened at least twice a month. This was often the forerunner of a full-blown migraine that would send me to bed in a dark, quiet room with a bucket by the bed for the vomiting that accompanied it. On occasion, I still have a light show when I m distressed or overly tired, but I have yet to have a migraine in all these years. 

         I Among the medications prescribed for me as preventative measures for the migraines were: Valium (which I took for at least 15 years in varying doses, and Elavil (which I have been taking for four years when I started the GH3. Valium (a depressant) was not as effective as the Elavil (an antidepressant) as a preventative. The Elavil kept me relatively migraine-free for about two years. However, I had to take at least 75 mgs. every night. The Physician s Desk Reference lists over 100 adverse reactions to Elavil (one being death). I tried to wean myself from the drug. Within four days, I was in bed with a full-blown migraine that left me feeling physically ill for nearly a month. I didn't t try that again until after I had been on GH3 for a month. I decided to stop taking the Elavil because of what the GH3 had done for my arthritic inflammation and pain. Surely it could do as much for my migraines! My faith was reinforced because of the reading my husband had been doing about GH3 where reference was made to its vasodilatation ability. Was this the reason for my hands and feet being warm again? Better circulation? 

         Due to cancer in 1973, I has a mastectomy and the lymph nodes under my arm were removed. My entire upper arm and chest were completely numb. After about one week of GH3 therapy, I noticed itching in these areas - itching that just couldn't t be scratched. I d take a dry washcloth and scrub and scrub. I now have all the feeling back in that area. If you re familiar with what phantom sensations are, I even have feeling in the tissue that isn't t there! I also had edema in my arm that sometimes encroached into the chest and lower arm. It was very painful and often necessitated my wearing of a Jobst sleeve to suppress the fluid. Or I would wear my arm in a sling because it was so heavy. The edema has subsided to where the arm on the surgical side is only slightly larger than the other arm. A physician friend says he can t medically explain what happened. That s okay! 

         I've been taking Vitacel 7, an improved GH3, for the past four years with even greater benefits. A feeling of well-being is present, even during times of stress. My sleep is of better quality. My skin tone is more colorful and moist, the dryness is gone and there is a resiliency that wasn t there before. 

         The toll on my productivity, due to the many medications, is all behind me. For the first time in my life I am taking no prescriptions and that s a miracle! I get weepy when I think with gratitude of all that Vitacel 7 has done for me. My husband says he has his "bride" back. I know that I will be taking Vitacel 7 for the rest of my longer, healthier and happier life!! 

    1035- 156th Ave. N.E., #3
    Bellevue, Washington 98007
    Phone: (206) 746-1496

         Many things can happen in a person s life to alter the course we find ourselves on with the passing of time. A milestone in my life was being smart enough to go to an information meeting on a product called GH3. The time, December 2, 1982. 

         As a skeptic, but with a built-in curiosity, I began to consume the tablet form of PABA and DEAE therapy labeled GH3 early in January 1983. Much to my surprise, I began to feel a distinct improvement in the debilitating arthritic condition that was slowly affecting my ability to work with my hands. Early signs of improvement included a warm sensation developing in both hands; and thus, the slow road to recovery began. A very painful and persistent ache in my right shoulder and arm was slowly alleviated to where the area is virtually pain-free to this day. The same holds true for the painful arthritic condition that existed in both of my big toes. They are about 75% improved to the point where pain-free walking is now a reality. A recent industrial injury to my left leg continues to plague me, but that area also is ever so slowly mending itself. 

         The glaucoma pressure in my eyes has been reduced to the high side of normal range, and the headaches and double vision I previously experienced have totally disappeared. My last four peripheral vision tests have been excellent. 

         For the past four years, I have been consistently consuming the higher potency product known as Vitacel 7 formulated from Robert Koch s research. I am thoroughly convinced by personal results that continued good health has been a direct result of this product. The biggest lift of all is experienced by those of us who continue to share information about this remarkable vitaminic compound, Vitacel 7. We reap the rewards of being able to help our fellow man and hear the marvelous reports regarding improved health! 

    "If this is a placebo, I love it!" And that's the way I experienced it! 

    13 Red Wing Place Penticton
    BC V2A 8K6
    Phone (604) 493-2164


         I was introduced to GH3 in May of 1982, when I bought some for my wife, who was suffering from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, in hopes that it would help as nothing the doctors were doing was alleviating her pain. After watching her health improve during that first month, I began reading everything I could get my hands on that was printed about GH3. I began an in-depth study of the product and discovered a 35-year history to support it. It was then that I decided to take it as a preventative, not even giving any consideration to the personal health problems I had. The first thing I noticed was an increase in energy and a lessening of stress in my profession as an owner/operator of an independent insurance adjusting firm. I also slept better, and I required less sleep. About six weeks after starting on the tablet, I discovered that the weeping and flaking psoriasis I d been afflicted with for many years was gone. My hair texture was thicker and a sheen had developed to it. After about six months on the product, I ran into a friend, whom I hadn t seen in over two years and who asked me what I was using for my skin because there was a shine or patina to it and I looked so much younger. I was unaware of that improvement because it had been so subtle. I ve always had callouses on both of my great toes and have shaved or peeled them periodically all of my life. I finally noticed that I no longer had those callouses after about eight weeks on the product. Hemorrhoids were an affliction that I had learned to live with since I was a young man. I treated them with Anusol suppositories containing cortisone to help reduce the swelling, bleeding and itching. Since taking GH3, and now with the Vitacel 7, I no longer use the suppositories and I no longer bleed or suffer the discomfort with the hemorrhoids. I have also experienced a marked enhancement of my libido since taking Vitacel 7. Another remarkable occurrence is what has happened to my vision. I had worn glasses since I was 20 years old and had to have bifocals for eight of those most recent years. After being on GH3 for about six months, I went to my eye doctor for my regular two-year refraction. I was told that my vision had not changed and to continue wearing my same prescription. Two years later, I went back to the same eye doctor and was told my vision had improved and my astigmatism was gone!! This was exciting because in my wildest dreams I didn t think that GH3 could remove my astigmatism and improve my far-sightedness, particularly at My wife and I have been taking GH7 (Vitacel 7) for several years now, and it totally has changed our lives for the better. We are looking forward to even more improvement health-wise for us in the years to come, particularly since we have begun a faithful regimen of NEL s Vitacel products and, of course, the Cal-Mag, Vita-Mins and C-Dophilus. Words cannot express our appreciation for these products. 

    1035 - 156th Ave. N.E. #3
    Bellevue, WA 98007


         I had become ill a year ago and the doctor, through tests, told me that I had diabetes. Allergies were also tied in with it. I was told to take 50 mgs. of Benadryl and 60 units of Insulin. Not wanting to suffer the side effects of drugs any longer, I told my doctor that I wanted to try Vitacel 7. He had never heard of it and I gave him a piece of literature to read about this amazing vitaminic supplement. After reading it, he agreed to let me use it and said there was nothing in it that would be harmful. That day, my sugar count was 301. The doctor said he would monitor me, and that he wanted to see me in three weeks. When I returned, my sugar count was down to 129. The doctor was pleasantly surprised! He said that he could take me off Insulin, but that might shock my system, and it was decided I would do that gradually. It was first reduced to 15 units and then 10, then 5, and then I was taken off Insulin completely. Praise the Lord!!! I would also like to add that I have not needed to use my allergy medication since I started taking Vitacel 7. My fibroid tumors are shrinking and I know in time that they will also disappear. 

    2740 So. Prairie Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60616


         NUMBNESS ON TOTAL RIGHT SIDE - I awoke one morning with numbness in my right hand. After shaking it, my hand returned to normal, but with each morning, it took longer to get any feeling back. In time, this numbness moved up my arm, neck, half of my face and the top half of my skull. Within a short time, it moved to the lower right side also. I could walk and lift my right leg, but not my arm. If I wanted to move my arm or place it, I had to lift it with my left hand. If I raised my right hand, with my left arm, to the right side of my face I couldn t feel my face or my hand. Many doctors were consulted and tests were run, but they didn t prove anything specific. They all took stabs at their own diagnosis regarding this disease or that disease. By now, I was experiencing fear coupled with anxiety. The straw that broke the camel s back was the M.D. that hold my husband to send me away on a long vacation alone, implying that it was psychosomatic. That was it! No more doctors for me. I had to try another route, but what? Even with my physical problems, there wasn t anything wrong with my memory recall. I remembered seeing the award-winning TV program, "60 Minutes," when Mike Wallace did an excellent documentary on a product called Gerovital GH3. I heard and 

    I saw foreign and American doctors tell of this amazing health product. It had no side effects and seemed to be efficacious for numerous diseases. I couldn t understand how one product could do so much, but that wasn t important. I needed help and felt this might be the answer. How right my hunches were. I managed to obtain some GH3. In my wildest imagination I never expected such fast relief! One day after taking GH3, my major complaint was gone. Yes, I had complete recovery on my right side. Too good to be true. I feared it would return and almost expected it each morning on arising. I soon stopped expecting it. It never came back. 

    LOW BLOOD PRESSURE - I felt tired and had very little energy. Naps were frequent and I retired early. Doctors telling me, "better low than high," was of no comfort. Donating blood was out of the question. If they took a pint, I was told that they would have to replace it with two pints. Today my blood pressure is normal! 

    LIVER SPOTS - I had many of them in just the clavicle area. The doctor said there was nothing that could be done about them. I have one left! 

    SCAR - As a youngster, I cut my thigh on a piece of glass. The cut was deep, requiring stitches, which was financially impossible. As a result, I had a large scar which was thick, shiny and white. It is gone! 

    VARICOSE VEINS - They hung like ropes on my legs. I was advised to wear surgical hose, which I did for a few days and took them off as they were tight, ugly and hot. Instead, I sat with my legs propped up every chance I had. After taking GH3, relief came quickly. A year later, it was brought to my attention that they were gone. I hadn t noticed 

    FOOT CRAMPS - I remember coming home from first grade with pain in my feet. After removing my shoes, I noticed that my toes were twisted on top of each other. Soaking my feet in hot water brought relief quickly. Little did I realize this foot problem would follow me through life. As an adult, the cramping became my nightly visitor. Sleep was disturbed and foot soaks became routine. Morning stretches were out and cramping was in. With each pregnancy, the cramping got worse. I now couldn t walk, but had to crawl to the bathtub. The cramping went clear up my legs. Foot cramps are now history! 

    RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME - Difficult to describe. Nerve-wracking, no pain, but a feeling of something crawling inside my bones. This would voluntarily cause me to move my legs from sides to side, trying to find relief. Sitting would often bring it on. Many occasions would find me getting off the bus a mile or two before my stop as walking would bring some relief, plus the passenger seated next to me would stare at the constant moving of my legs. The same occurred at movies, plays and concerts that I attended. How nice not to experience that any more. I found excellent results with GH3, and for that I will always be grateful. However, since I started taking Vitacel 7 (which is an improvement of GH3) almost four years ago, I m feeling and looking even better. I have finer skin tone, rapid hair growth that requires thinning twice a year, and a very positive outlook on life. Instead of being 

    6 shy and introverted, I find I have become extroverted. I not only feel healthy and happy, but I m thrilled to tell the Vitacel 7 story to those who will listen. I have been using these remarkable products, first the GH3 and now Vitacel 7, for over eight years. 

    2421 West Pratt, Suite 1192
    Chicago, Illinois 60645


         My name is Tasha. My hearing and vision are perfect, but I m unable to speak. I bark. I am a Doberman. I am proud of my appearance, and people stare at me in admiration. I have a glossy red coat, bright brown eyes and strong white teeth. One morning last year, I awoke with what appeared to be a cold sore on my lower lip. I was given special attention, but on the third day it protruded like a cork. The three veterinarians who examined me (all being a difference locations) diagnosed this growth as a histiocytoma, which is a skin tumor. Surgical excision was recommended, and I m sure you can appreciate how my master and I felt about that. When my master asked if there was any medication available for the tumor, the response was, "Tumors cannot be cured with medicine." She then asked, if we didn t consent to surgery and just left the tumor alone, would it regress. All three vets said it would not regress and it would get worse. My master didn t appreciate that and decided to wait before making a decision. I was happy with that as I know surgery meant a cut and then a scar. Knowing how effective Vitacel 7 had been for her, my master started me on two tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening. On the third day, the tumor had shrunk in half. By the eighth day, it was gone. The first veterinarian was called and asked if histiocytomas ever regress and she said, "No." After which, my master explained what she had given me and then asked for a letter showing the original diagnosis. Several calls were made before it was sent. What she told my master at the time of the examination was a contradiction to what was in her letter. She was not going to give credit to Vitacel 7, but my master and I can do that. I now receive one Vitacel 7 tablet daily wrapped in a piece of cheese. I am, by far, the healthiest dog on the block. 



         Dorland's Medical Dictionary defines depression as, "A psychiatric syndrome consisting of dejected mood, psychomotor retardation, insomnia, and weight loss, sometimes associated with guilt feelings and somatic preoccupations, often of delusional proportions. Profound anxiety accompanied by psychomotor agitation." Several times in my life I have suffered from depression. I have always put it down to having a weak mind, laziness, being too dependent on others, and usually ending up very stressed, along with the depression because I could find no reason why I should feel depressed. I cannot recall exactly when my depression started. I feel it is a very insidious illness and you soon find yourself in its grips before you realize what has been happening. I cried frequently and at length. I woke up with the weight of the world on my shoulders and felt that, if I could sleep and sleep and sleep, this feeling couldn t find me. I found good in nothing, especially myself, and wanted to go nowhere. I was consumed with despairing thoughts of death, not always my own, crippling illnesses, broken families, and mental illness. These thoughts sometimes pushed me into an all-consuming state of anxiety that only tranquilizers could alleviate on a temporary basis. I had heard about Gerovital (GH3) from my mom and saw what wondrous things it had done for her arthritis, migraines and feeling of well-being. I was very skeptical, but finally in July of 1982, I was persuaded into taking GH3. At the normal dosage of two a day there was no effect on my depression. I then took four a day for another week and within the first two days of that week, I physically felt my depression lifting. I became more interested in my general life and people around me. My anxieties began to lessen and I could reason out all of the irrational, negative thoughts for myself again. My family and friends could see the improvement in my life. I then had a terrible bout with a cold and the flu. I was taking medication of various sorts. I made a bad judgment. I decided to stop taking the GH3 until I was through with the other medication. After two weeks, depression started creeping back into by life. I was back into staying in bed, having crying jags, irrational thoughts, and clinging to my husband almost begging him not to go to work in the mornings. When I finally realized what was happening and stopped blaming it on my illness, I immediately started back on my GH3, taking four a day for a few days. My life again smoothed out. The anxiety slowed and the depression lifted. I am now taking two tablets of VITACEL 7 a day. This is an improved GH3" formulated by Dr. Robert Koch. I don t adhere to the recommendation of a rest period. When I have any undue stress in my life, I just increase the dosage. For me, VITACEL 7 (and before that, GH3) has renewed my life. It is wonderful to be able to share my feelings. I praise God for Dr. Ana Aslan and the gift God gave her to develop GH3 and, also, for Dr. Robert Koch for the gift God gave him to improve on the formulation. I know in my heart that, if it weren t for VITACEL 7, I would not be enjoying my life as God meant it to be. 

    11421 - 20th South
    Seattle, Washington 98168


         My father is in his mid-80 s and was quite senile. He slept most of the time; shuffled his feet without lifting them; spoke little and with difficulty; and forgot everything within two minutes of it happening. He had all the classic symptoms of senility. Within one week of giving him just two Vitacel 7 tablets a day, his senility started to reverse. It was like watching a movie going in reverse. He is doing things that he had stopped doing, just as though time was falling backwards. Things that he had stopped doing three months ago he stated doing first, then six months ago, and so forth. He is becoming more and more of a nuisance (Ha-ha!) as he regains his former awareness, but it s a tremendous testimony to the value of GH3. The watery, glassy look in his eyes is going away and he is becoming more and more alert. He sleeps less and lifts his feet some as he walks. Granted, he isn t doing wind sprints or jogging by the miles, but his improvement is very extraordinary. 

    214 N. Cherry
    Eaton, Ohio 45620


         I just have to let people know what a difference Vitacel-7 has made in my life. I was first introduced to Vitacel-7 about two months ago by the owner of a health food store. I was looking for some relief from arthritis when she told me of Vitacel-7. I started taking it that day and have taken it every day since. Vitacel-7 has changed my life and saved my sanity. I had sore, hot and swollen hands, along with pain and discomfort in other parts of my body. This is now about 75% gone. For two to three years I had been going through terrible stress and depression where I cried every day. At times, I did not want to go on. Within a few days after taking Vitacel 7, the depression started to lift and I have continued to improve. I have traded tears for laughter. Another problem I had given up handling was chronic constipation. For 18 years I have taken enemas in order to eliminate. Much to my surprise and amazement, I not longer have the problem. One last thing. I had a small bump on my eyelid that bothered me and I contemplated having it removed. One day, I noticed it was not there anymore. God knows what else will happen! Thanks from the bottom of my heart! 

    P.O. Box 7419
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89125


         After someone was kind enough to tell me about Vitacel-7, I realized that I might also benefit from using the vitamin. My health has always been good. I live a clean life and practice good nutrition. I keep a very busy schedule and felt I needed some added protection. After reading about Vitacel-7, I ordered it. A month after using the tablets I felt a new surge of energy and a general feeling of well-being. One day I paid a visit to my barber for a trim. He was surprised to see new hair growth in the hairline and in a thinning areas. With each repeat visit he comments on how much thicker my hair has become. The quality is better and less gray. I continue to share my delight with others and they too are seeing the need to use this great product. It is a glorious gift, and we should say a prayer of thanks to those responsible for making it available to us upon our own order. 

    1211 Sherman
    Rockford, Illinois 61103


         My illness stared in 1960. I developed a digestive problem. As fast as I took in food, out it came. I was restricted to the house and only left it for a short time. It would then be necessary to wear a pad for hygienic protection. The doctor diagnosed this as bleeding ulcerative colitis, for which there is no known cure. By 1970, with no improvement and using prescribed medication, with unpleasant side effects, the doctor suggested removal of my rectum and a permanent colostomy. Not wanting to part with an important part of by body, I procrastinated, and I am glad that I did. During that time, I learned about GH3 and decided to use it. Thank God I did!! I am no longer plagued with this incurable disease. Two years ago, I underwent a series of tests to determine just how healthy I was. To my doctor s surprise there was no indication of any health problems. Tests also proved that I did not have any more fibroid tumors in the uterus. I also notice some cosmetic changes. I have less gray hair and better quality hair. I also have a much finer skin tone and complexion. It is great to feel so well! And it is exiting to give my testimony, knowing it will help others who desperately need help as I once did. It has been four years since I started taking GH3, and just recently, I switched to Vitacel-7, an extended GH3. 

    4819 W. Cullom
    Chicago, Illinois 60641


       Alopecia is a common condition that results in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere. Many times the hair falls out in patches. It occurs in both males and females of all ages, but young persons are affected most often, requiring that they wear a wig. The signal that triggers the condition to start is not clearly known. It is hinted that an immunological signal is involved. In an emotional sense, it can be very challenging, especially for those with extensive hair loss, often necessitating that they attend support group meetings. I work in a produce store. One day while at work, a woman approached me and asked if I had alopecia. Not knowing what she meant, I just looked at her quizzically. She explained what alopecia was. I took off my cap, and she said that it appeared to resemble alopecia. I said, "Is that what they call it?" The doctor never told me what it was. He just prescribed some pills and told me to take Maalox if I had any side effects. The Maalox did not help and I became quite nauseated with vomiting. The customer sent me some literature regarding Vitacel tablets. The literature said many people were helped in the areas of hair loss. I ordered the vitamins and started using them. There were no side effects and I felt good. In about six weeks, the hair started growing in, first on the top, and then the sides, and then in the back. I still have one spot in the back that is bare, but I know it, too, will fill in. One of the customers who hadn t seen me in quite some time came into the store and was surprised to see the new me. He also has alopecia, but only in the back. Fortunately, he can cover the bald spot with top hair. He has gone to the Veterans Hospital, and the doctors prescribed cortisone. That was of no value and he quit going. He is now taking Vitacel 7. I know he will be writing, telling of his success with the tablets and his luck in finding out about them. 

    4714 West Bryon
    Chicago, Illinois 60641


         In May of 1988, I was introduced to Vitacel-7. After taking the product for approximately one month, I noticed I was sleeping much better and I had a feeling of well-being. I also felt less tired. I then stopped taking Vitacel-7. (Human nature, I guess.) One morning in November 1988, I became aware of an uncomfortable throbbing sensation in my left cheek. In looking in the mirror, I determined it had to be a sebaceous cyst and there wasn t much I could do but wait it out. By the second day, it had become much larger and was very uncomfortable. Later that day I made the mistake of squeezing it quite hard and broke it open and a lot of pus drained out. On the third day, it looked just terrible. I again squeezed it hard and this 

         In time an oily substance came out. I was trying to think of something I could do to help it along and I then thought of the Vitacel-7. I remembered I had a couple of tablets left. So before going to bed that night, I took a Vitacel-7 and wet it and just patted it on the infected area for a couple of minutes, and finally, just held it right on the infected area for about five minutes. I let it dry and then went to bed. 

         The next morning, while taking a shower and washing my face, a cakey, crumply material fell off my cheek. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn t believe my eyes. All that remained from this terrible looking cyst was a faint redness. New skin had formed over the entire area. 

         This experience has made me a true believer in the Vitacel products and I intend to make them a part of my life on a regular basis. 

    3431 Kent Street, #713
    Shoreview, MN 55126


    (This is a transcription of the testimony given at a seminar held on 9-18-92.)
         I'm Sharry Mezich, and I have a daughter Monica, who is 14 now. She was 10 years old when she got rheumatoid arthritis really severely. It started just in her knees and her ankles, but it spread all over, and she was in the hospital a couple of times because the arthritis was so bad that she could hardly walk. I heard Marcie Abraham talk (it was just over a year and a half ago) and I heard about the GH3, but I didn t do anything at that time. And then, last September I took my daughter to Montana to the mines. At that time she wasn t walking. My husband wanted to try different things. We had heard that, if we could go to the mines in Montana where there is uranium, people were getting relief from their pain and stiffness. It was there where somebody told me about GH3 again. When I got back to Seattle, she called me and said there was meeting in our area where I could hear more about it. I wanted to take my husband so he could hear about it too, and so we went. Marcie and Ron were there again, and Marcie was speaking. Everything she said she was affected with (her hands; her hips; her walking; not being able to turn over at night; her constant pain) is what my daughter was feeling all the time. I had to do therapy with my daughter. I had to manipulate her joints. I had to stretch her in order to keep her range of motion, which was all very painful to her. It was very hard for me to do that with her and to her. Then last November, Monica went into the hospital again, She couldn t sit down totally herself. She couldn t lie down flat. She was stiff. She was kind of bent. She couldn t straighten out all the way; she couldn t bend down all the way. She was in the hospital for six weeks and they were doing therapy with her every day. She was on the same medication she d been on for a couple of years. When she got out of the hospital, she was using a 12 walker. She d gotten better so she could use a walker and a cane, but she was still very weak. She still went back for daily therapy as an out-patient four days a week for two months. I put her on GH3 at that time, and now she s doing stairs. She s going to school. She s riding a bike. She s having a ball. She had fun this summer for the first time in three years. Where before in the summer time, all she did was stay in bed. She went to camp. She went riding her bike with friends. She s taking a swimming class in high school. I was concerned that I would have to put her in a Special Education Class in high school. I knew that this year she d be starting ninth grade, and I was thinking the I d have to put her in Special Ed because she d missed so much school due to her physical condition. But she is in regular classes, she s riding the bus, and she s walking the four blocks to the bus stop, and she just loves it. 

         I just wanted to share this with you. She takes one tablet a day, by the way, only one. She s so little. She only weighs about 60 pounds, but she s gaining weight. She only weighed 45 pounds last year. Now she s starting to grow. 

    SHARRY MEZICH for daughter MONICA
    523 N.E. 83rd
    Seattle, Washington 98115


         It is my greatest desire to share with others in need who may have similar or different problems. Vitacel-7 was introduced to me by a co-worker. Not having any health problems himself, but knowing the value of being a step ahead of disease, he shared the message of this grand tablet with me. I was a prime candidate for a stroke or a heart attack. My blood pressure was 165 over 105. I felt like a walking stick of dynamite. I was desperate and hearing the track record of this product, decided to give it a fair try. I was pleasantly surprised and astounded with the rapid results. In just 3 weeks, my blood pressure dropped to 125 over 80!!! Pleasant side effects became apparent. My age spots were fading. Hair has grown back in the crown of my head and also in the receding hairline. No need to tell you that I am pleased. 

         I am 58 years old and will continue to use this amazing tablet daily. I will also tell everyone about Vitacel-7 and encourage them to use it also. 

    515 Lake Street
    Oak Park, Illinois 60302


         I am writing this for my wife Dale, who is 46 and has had problems with bleeding between her monthly periods. Oftentimes, pain and pressure were felt. Last August, after an examination, we were told by her doctor that she had a cyst on her uterus. A D&C (dilatation and curettage) was scheduled to analyze the problem. In September, a 3-centimeter cyst was found and a hysterectomy was recommended. We were reluctant to have the surgery and the doctor agreed to postpone it for a few months. At that time, Dale started to take Vitacel-7. Starting with 2 tablets a day for a few weeks and then she increased it to four a day. Five weeks later, after being examined again, the cyst was gone! The doctor was pleased and no further treatment was required. Praise the Lord! We feel that Vitacel-7 had done its job again. 

    1933 Lake Road
    Youngstown, NY 14174


         After using Vitacel-7 for a period of two months, I have eliminated several problems that had been annoying me for several years. For example, severe back pains resulting from a past injury, hemorrhoids, headaches and pains in my joints. I shall continue to use Vitacel-7 and the other products that have been made available to me. 

    7363 North Greenview
    Chicago, Illinois 60626


         I am writing this testimonial because I am excited and happy to have been introduced to Vitacel 7. For over two years, my husband has had a terrible problem with his back, legs and feet to the extent of not being able to walk without limping. He couldn t stand any pressure on his foot. When he got up in the morning, it would be an hour or so before he could be mobile. His back and legs would give him so much trouble. He would have difficulty getting up from a seated position, holding his back and not being able to stand erect for a few minutes. He has always been one who would not go to the doctor or take medications of any kind, not even vitamins or aspirin. But his back got so bad this year that after much persuasion he finally agreed to see a chiropractor. Along with a touch of arthritis, he had other problems with his back. He continued to see the chiropractor 14 who offered some relief but didn t get rid of the problem. I was introduced to Vitacel 7 by Bob Vonkleist. After much reading about the product and all the testimonies, I was very excited about what I had read. I told my husband about the problems people had said it had helped. To my amazement, he decided to try Vitacel 7. We both started taking it on October 6, 1988. Now, I know what I am going to say sounds unrealistic but it actually happened. On the morning of October 7, 1988, after just one tablet, he walked down the hall without holding onto the wall. He was walking erect with out back pain. He could also put all his weight on his foot, he hasn t been able to do that for many months. He could get right up out of a chair without his back catching and walking bent over for a few seconds. We were both amazed to say the least. We said it couldn t be the Vitacel 7. It couldn t have worked that fast! It is now 19 days later and the pain and stiffness haven t returned. He has more energy and a sense of well-being that he didn t have before. Since he hasn t had so many good days in over two years, I can truthfully say I know it was the Vitacel 7. I have also had a pleasant effect from Vitacel 7. I have had a problem in my hip and leg for several years. I never consulted a doctor with it, but just suffered it out. Thanks to Vitacel 7,1 feel that problem is over. I ve always had a constant back ache that I don t have any more. Stressful situations don t seem to bother me like they used to. I also sleep better, and have an all around better attitude. I also had a problem with my foot. I have a structural bunion. This condition caused a plantar callus. The bunion would get irritated and I couldn t put my weight on my foot. This was very painful. I have noticed that my foot doesn t bother me like it did and the callus is softening. I feel that by taking Vitacel 7 those problems will soon be a thing of the past. I am so pleased with what has happened to us since we started taking Vitacel 7 that I have been sharing our results with everyone I can. I just thank God for having found this new lease of life. It has been a real blessing. My prayer is that everyone has the same good effects we have had since starting Vitacel 7. I wouldn t be without it. 

    117 Baker Ave., NW 
    Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548

    HEARING LOSS      Ear problems and hearing loss runs in my family. Thousands of dollars have been spent on medications, hearing aids and doctor visits. As a youngster, I had to place the radio on my lap in order to hear it. I was institutionalized as a young adult, and while there, developed an ear infection that bled for a week. The nurses saw the bloody towels and reported it to the doctors. No one ever came to examine me. After I was discharged from the institution, my ear drained often and my hearing became distorted. This was indeed dangerous, particularly when crossing the street and not hearing a car coming or 15 having it sound like it was far away only to find it was almost on top of me. My friends encouraged me to have a hearing test. Yes, I did need a hearing aid. The doctor said it would help, but I couldn t afford it. The phone company had a program where they funded the money and then would let me pay them back in installments. After wearing one in each ear, I found that there were strange noises and adjustments were frequent. Because I lost one of the hearing aids, my hearing was not balanced so I removed the one I was wearing, hoping some day to be able to replace the one I lost. People again had to shout and I still missed most of what they said. Then Vitacel 7 came into by life. Within one month, I could hear! People don t have to shout anymore. I can even hear what is being said over the noise of the vacuum cleaner, and to hear the telephone ring is music to my ears. My hearing now is what it should have been after I was born - Perfect! 

    5336 Nicolett Ave. #4
    Minneapolis, MN 55419


         My daughter, Margaret, whom I love dearly, was born with Down s Syndrome. She had a hearing impairment and a nasal drip that ran both down her throat and below her nose. Speaking wasn t easy and swallowing was difficult for her because her tongue was larger than her mouth. I drive a cab in the city of Chicago, and if you live here or ever have had the experience of driving in our downtown area, you must know that stress is almost part of the job description. While tied up in traffic one afternoon, my passenger commented on the abundance to stress connected with my job and asked if I had heard of Vitacel 7. Although I practice good nutrition and believe in vitamins, I had never heard of Vitacel 7. She gave me some literature and an order form. What I read was good and I ordered. After taking the tablets for a few weeks, my stress disappeared and I found a new energy level. My vision improved as time went on and I decided to give Margaret some of the Vitacel 7. One week later, I noticed some excellent results. She started putting words together to form sentences. There was no longer a need for me to crush and dissolve the tablets. Margaret could now swallow them. I examined her mouth and found that her tongue was getting smaller. I m happy to report that it is now normal in size. We are so proud to see and hear her play the piano by ear. I feel she has come a long way, thanks to Vitacel 7. 

    Rt-2 Box 146
    Moundville, Al 35474


         I am a very excited to share this with you. We ve been taking the Vitacel products and supplements for about three months. I have my six-year-old son on Vitacel 5 for a swollen tonsil. About three months ago, the school called stating that one of my son s ears showed signs of a hearing impairment, and they recommended I take him to the doctor for possible ear infection. I told her I was already giving him "something." A month later, I received another call stating the same and that an appointment would be set up by them with an ear, nose and throat specialist, and that I would hear from them in a couple of weeks. I never did hear from the specialist, but I did hear from the school today, a month later, stating that his hearing tested NORMAL! I knew this hearing impairment was related to his swollen tonsil, because they were on the same side. He developed this swollen tonsil when he came down with a case of strep. Antibiotics proved to be ineffective on the swollen tonsil. A sand-papery rash around his mouth has also cleared up and I have read that it goes hand-in-hand with strep throat. So I know I am on the right track. Also, he began getting a deep, raspy cough a couple of days ago. I gave him a Vitacel 5 and a hot lemon juice and honey. The next day, the cough was gone. He s usually our sickly one. I also have my eight-year-old on Vitacel 5 for stress headaches, and it has helped. I m a thirty-year-old mother of four boys. Pain has been alleviated in the following: lower back pain, previously injured knee, strained wrist and shoulder, and a sprained knuckle has finally responded. A bladder-yeast infection has cleared up. I sleep sounder and need less sleep; have improved muscle tone and flexibility. I read faster-especially aloud; hair grows faster, wounds heal faster, clearer lungs; and some laugh-line wrinkles have lifted. My husband is thirty-six. His bad knees hurt so bad after a hard day s work that he couldn t sleep. He took a couple Vitacel 7. By the next evening the pain was gone, never to return. (Old football injury and surgery.) He s the assistant wrestling coach, and gets right in there with the best of them. He strained his shoulder, took his Vitacel 7 that night, and the next day the pain was gone. His hemorrhoids are also gone. We also seem to play a lot more "catch," he chases me around and I let him "catch" me. The statements I have made may sound extravagant, but they are true. I sometimes have a hard time believing it. It is important to know that Vitacel works on the cause and not the symptom. 

    Box 924
    Beach,ND 58621


         I'm 64 years old. A few months ago, I started taking Vitacel 7, an improved version of GH3. After a few days, I started feeling tired and had some occasional, mild headaches. But by the start of the second week, I was feeling much better than normal; and after another week passed, I noticed that my usual morning back pains from spinal arthritis were almost totally gone. I have a lot more drive and I don t tire as easily as I used to. I also notice that frustrating or unpleasant experiences, which usually had a depressing effect, now seem unimportant and easier to deal with. I have more ambition and I get a lot more done in a day than I did before. In short, I feel much better, both physically and mentally, than I have in many years. It s like starting a new chapter in my life. If you are wondering why I m spreading the word about GH3, I think it s one of the greatest medical discoveries of the century, and if enough people learn about it, maybe some day we will be able to buy it over the counter like millions of people in other countries have been doing for years. I am so pleased with the results I have had with Vitacel 7 and get much satisfaction from telling others about it. That s all I have to say. No hype, no big claims, not high pressure. I use Vitacel 7 regularly now and it works! Read about it and make your own decision. Better yet, why wait? Wouldn t it be worth it if it does for you what is has done for me and thousand of others? 
    1691 Vine Ave.
    Niceville, FL 32578


         Oh, my goodness! I had forgotten what a wonderful world this can be if you are feeling well, and I was not feeling well at all. My wrist started to ache and my hand also. The doctor said I needed surgery to correct what he diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Unfortunately, surgery was not the answer and the pain still persisted. Sometime later, the other wrist started to pain me. Foolish, I consented to the surgery hoping this time that it would be successful. It was wishful thinking on my part because the outcome of the surgery was the same the second time. Now I had two painful wrists. Sleep was difficult as swelling and pain occurred nightly. In the morning I would have to soak both wrists for 20 minutes before relief was felt. I happened to hear someone tell about the good results with Vitacel 7 and I ordered it. After using it for two weeks, all pain and swelling disappeared, as did the depression. My memory has improved, and with it came a general feeling of well-being. I operate a calculator at work and find my speed accuracy has improved. Try Vitacel 7 before you consent to surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It might work for you, too!



         In April 1988, a friend introduced me to Vitacel 7. He had stomach problems and a little finger that was giving him lots of pain. He convinced me that I had nothing to worry about as the product was harmless. In 8 months, to my surprise, my gums that had been bleeding for over a year had completely stopped. The dentist had told me my teeth were in good shape but my gum problem would cause me to lose my teeth if I didn t do something about it. Also without changing my eating habits, I lost over 30 pounds. In January of 1989, I had a blood test whereby the doctor was amazed at one of the most perfect blood profiles he had ever seen. I have hundreds of people all over the country on Vitacel 7. I m thanked weekly for introducing them to the product. I too thank my friend in New York, Joe Miosi, for telling me about Vitacel 7 thus giving me the opportunity to help others. My mother, who had been in constant pain, is now able to walk and move about pain-free. Dr. Ana Aslan, who formulated Vitacel 7, deserves a special place in heaven for all she helped during her lifetime, and for allowing us the same opportunity to help others. 

    3194 W. Danville, CR-2
    Memphis, TN 38118


         I cannot sing enough praise for what Vitacel 3 (GH3) did for my dog. My vet and I both had come to the end of our ropes in trying to find a cure for her. She is thirteen years old and had developed a skin condition that did not respond to over $100.00 worth of medication and shampoo that we tried on her. I was rather skeptical, but knew I had to try something as my dog was daily losing more and more hair and the eruptions were getting worse. After only three weeks on Vitacel 3, my dog was completely cured and a full coat of hair was back and real glossy. My vet was astounded! I told a friend of mine about this, as he had a dog who was eleven and had gone through similar conditions. I decided that, if it was that good, I would have to try it for myself. I can only tell you that for THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I do not have insomnia and I have a sense of wellbeing. I started feeling better about myself and have opened my own business in the health and fitness industry. I have learned what has been taught for many, many years -you must take care of you body if it is going to take care of you. You only have one chance with this life so you must learn to make the most of it. I have met so many interesting people and have been able to share my experience. It does my heart good when I see that I have helped even one person - or dog! 

    12112 Timberlake Road
    Riverview, IL 33569


         I am Austin Clift of Yakima, Washington. I was introduced to Vitacel 3(GH3) and Vitacel 5 (Zell) by my son. At first I was very skeptical and could not believe the miraculous results he stated, as I have tried everything myself and everyone else could think of. At his insistence, I agreed to try Vitacel 3 and Vitacel 5 for three months. For his insistence and perseverance I shall be eternally grateful! As the loss of over six feet of small intestine has left me with almost constant diarrhea and subsequent poor absorption, my son counselled starting with four Vitacel 5 and four Vitacel 3 for a least a week. In less than a week, I became aware that the tinnitus of some 30 years had subsided and was almost gone. For many years the two Rhynosyn capsules daily had barely made life tolerable. Gradually the swelling and soreness around my temples was reduced and the sinus drainage stopped. A condition my doctor said would haunt me the rest of my life was gone! 

    A.E. CLIFT
    603 North 58th Avenue
    Yakima, Washington 98108 

    P.S. I feel great and I am getting better all the time. Long live GH3!!! 
    10-5-84 P.P.S. As a postscript to my earlier testimony, I can now state that I have never felt better in my life. I am physicall strong nd confident. After 29 years of non-flying, due to lack of confidence in my reactions and eyesight, I have recently passed the flight physical and checked out in three aircraft with complete confidence in my ability. I am currently building an experimental aircraft and hope to fly for many years. I am now 69 years old, work all day, snowmobile in difficult terrain, and do almost anything. 



         Four years ago I had a mastectomy. Recently I found a lymph node located below the clavicle bone. It was suggested that I apply black salve to the area and that it might help. I tried it and found after applying it to the node that it left a large hole. It became very painful and was horrible to look at as it was approximately 4 by 3 inches in size. I became quite concerned because it wasn t healing. I started to inquire about homeopathic remedies that might help to close the hole. Someone gave me some information to read about a nutriment called Vitacel. I was impressed with the results others with skin problems had by taking these tablets. I felt that I too might benefit and ordered some. I started taking 2 a day and then increased it to 7 a day. In just a few days I noticed a dramatic change, the hole was closing! I never anticipated seeing an improvement so quickly. 

    Jeannine Siemon
    2250 Monarch Dr.
    Park City, Utah 84060


         On December 30, 1988 I started taking Vitacel 7. I was having lots of pain in my lower back, knees, ankles, elbows, wrists and shoulders. I would only sleep about 2 hours at night because of the pain in my lower back, hip and knee. The rest of the night I tossed and turned trying to relieve the pain, but it persisted. Within the first 2 weeks of taking Vitacel 7,1 was much relieved and sleeping much better. Now I sleep all night with no pain (May 1989). I also used to be plagued with hayfever every spring. This year I didn t have it. I also have more energy and just feel better generally and the constipation which had bothered me all my life is much improved. I am 56 years old and feel much younger since Vitacel 7. My husband, Ken, started taking Vitacel 7 about 2 weeks after I did. He had a knee and hip that was giving him lots of pain and was stiffening up on him after exercising. He is much improved and is sleeping better at night also. We would both recommend this wonderful supplement to anyone. We ll be happy to talk to anyone about it. 

    HCR 77 Box 44707
    Pahrump, NV 89041

    December 17, 1985 

         At this time, I would like to express my high recommendation of your product. My daughter, Tricia, who is 18 year old, is a juvenile diabetic. She has to take two needles a day. In the past, Tricia has gone to naturopaths which have really helped, but the number of vitamins she had to swallow daily were frustrating and often difficult for her to swallow. She quit out of rebellion and the awkwardness of having to carry and count out so many different pills. 

    Your product contains all the combinations of minerals and vitamins that I used to buy separately and at a much greater expense. Because Tricia is fed up with her mother trying to "fix her up," I just left the Nutri-Zell in her room and said try these if you like. Nothing more was said. After one month I noticed she was far more lively in the morning and she seemed more cheerful and very much less tired. It is very painful to watch your child "drag" herself around every day. After two months, she had really noticed a difference. I see it in her eyes, her hair, and her disposition. Thank you. 

    You may use this letter as a recommendation. 

    691 Florence St.
    Coquitlam, B.C. V3J 4C7 Canada

    December, 1987 

    To Whomever This Might Help: Crohn's Disease 
         My son, Daniel, was diagnosed with Crohn s disease at the age of 10. He is now 14 years old. In August 1987, he had a very serious flare-up of the disease. He spent seven and a half weeks in the hospital on complete bowel rest. His doctor put him on heavy doses of anti-inflammatory drugs. When he left the hospital, the doctors were not sure how well Daniel would do. They said that, if things did not improve, he would have to go into intestinal surgery. Even after all of this treatment, he still could not eat without a lot of sharp pain. Then, I got in contact with Millie Allen of Chicago concerning the benefits of Vitacel 3 to my son. He started using Vitacel 3 in October of 1987. After a three-week program of two tablets a day, my wife and I started noticing some major improvements in our son s condition. Every day he seemed to be getting better and feeling stronger. All of Daniel s pain is gone now. He has normal bowel functions. He has also gained a lot of his weight back. Now he takes NEL s Vita-Mins and C-Doplilus and, of course, Vitacel 3 (2 per day) for proper nutrition. I am convinced that because of Vitacel 3 we have turned this very serious illness around. Daniel is back in school now and is doing very well. I am happy to say that my son has had one of the best Thanksgiving dinners he has had in a long time. He ate two big helpings of turkey and all the trimmings and five pieces of pie with absolutely no pain afterwards. "Praise the Lord!" If anyone wishes to verify this testimony, please feel free to call me. 

    Sincerely yours, 
    Youngstown, NY 

    PS. My whole family is now on Vitacel products to maintain good health and vitality. 
    3-19-88 Update: My son Daniel has been on Vitacel 3 for five months. Now he has so much energy. He has gained about 15 lbs. and two inches in height since leaving the hospital. The doctors who have been treating him are very impressed with his recovery and have taken him off all medications now. 
    11-20-95 Seven years later Daniel is doing very well he hasn t had any recurrence of Update: Crohns disease. He has been taking the Vitacel 7 for the last few years

    March, 1988 

    Dear Friends: 
         May I tell you a story about me that started back in the best years of my life when I was in my middle fifties. I was very happy at that time. The world seemed good to me and then I lost my mate. My experience from a heart attack and suffering from kidney stones then forced me to sell our family business. Some months after that, the medical profession determined that I needed spinal surgery for osteoporosis (soft bones), which I refused. I already had considerable reduction in heath, vitality and ease of movement. The anxiety and strain from my daily life was destroying me mentally and physically. Arthritis and diabetes set in and the glandular system was breaking down from stress. Later on, other things happened to me in my life, but I was too confused in my thinking to know what it was, and I didn t care. For someone who was once a dignified human being, I was now too sick to work or to drive my car. For me to walk without lifting my feet was a shambling gait of shuffling. I was so ashamed that I stayed behind closed doors for a long time, just waiting to let my body die. I cried and prayed. I wanted to go home to God, I really did. Several friends were concerned and came into my home to take care of me. One day, a very close friend called to check on me. I told her that when I looked out of my window that day, the grass and trees looked gray. I said, "There s not much time left for me to be on this great earth." "Oh, please!" she said to me, "I ll find a way for both of us. For I, too, am very ill." One week later, she called back to give me a physician s telephone number. She said that he had a different approach than most doctors and he may be able to help me. The call was made and a lovely voice answered, but this doctor was away on a trip. Hearing the panic in my voice, she then referred me to one who handled emergencies. I was taken to his office and he saw that I had no energy left. For two weeks he cared for me, but I did not improve. By that time, the regular physician was back and I was placed at the head of a waiting list. When I entered the office, he seemed to know exactly what had taken place. His words were, "I will ask our God for your healing. I now have a new treatment from the old country and it seems that they are far ahead of us here in America. You are going to start taking v, plus some other nutrients. It will take several years for you to get well and you will require much rest. Body repair begins in the cell, and healing takes place whether we know it or not." I did need much rest. Five years have passed and today I am walking and driving my car. I do my own housecleaning and lead a normal life. I forgot to tell you that this product is stopping the aging process and, yes, it is even reversing it. It also keeps the arthritis and my other problems in check. My thoughts are that this is a miracle tablet that will not hurt me in any way. It is not habit forming, and it works. However, each one must find out for themselves what it can do for them. Remember that there are no two body chemistries exactly alike. 

    Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Sincerely, 
    Starroute, Box 156
    Bluebell, UT 84007 

    PS. I now take GH7 (Vitacel 7) for it has many vitamins included in the tablets.

    To Whom it May Concern: 

         I started using v for relief of asthma in 1984. It has tempered the severity of the attacks and they are less frequent. I have had a hernia disappear; hemorrhoids are gone; and a fungus in my bloodstream has quit breaking out on my foot. 

    For the last two years, I have been using the Vitacel 7 (GH7) developed by the biochemist Robert Koch and have had improved results. 

    888 Orchard Sp. 10
    Canon City, CO 81212


    Mr. Hakanson introduced Vitacel 7 to Brother Bernard, who has Paget s disease (Osteitis Deformans), a rarefying osteitis leading to bowing of the long bones and deformation of the flat bones. Brother Bernard s height has been reduced by approximately six inches since the onset of this disease. (following a letter from Father Bernard to Carlton) 

    Dear Carlton: I want to write this to you and you may use it however you wish. Thanks to you, I have been using Vitacel 7 for six months. As you know, I was not able to walk without crutches. Now I can walk without them and I feel very good. There is no known cure for Paget s disease. For four years I have had to use crutches. Of course I have been having hands layed on with prayer, but I believe that God uses normal man to work His cures. I believe both have done this. 

    Thanks again, Brother Bernard Best, O.S.B. Holy Cross Abbey P.O. Box 1510 Canon City, CO 81215-1510 

    Brother Bernard as of March 1993 has gained back 4 inches of height.

    February 26, 1988 

    My experience with GH7 (Vitacel 7) 
         VARICOSE VEINS disfigured the calf of my right leg. Bulging blue streaks were the senior years result of an ankle injury sixty-five years ago. Rather unsightly, but not debilitating. A year ago, my doctor said, "They will bear watching." At that time, I had been nursing a nagging BURSITIS in my right shoulder. He recommended therapy. I found relief after many treatments, but still had enough residually to disturb sleep. Overlooking three of four other minor physical problems, I have always rated myself in good health. Approaching eighty, what should one expect but a few physical infirmities. GONE: Today the VARICOSE VEINS have all but disappeared. For me, this is nothing short of a miracle. All residual of the BURSITIS has disappeared completely. Neither required a prescription or therapy. The other minor physical problems seem to be heading in that direction. I can say truthfully that not a single joint in by body is subject to restriction or physical pain. No, I never have been what you call a "Health Nut." I have, over the years, tried vitamin combinations and food supplements without noticeable benefits. Fortunately, my wife is a good cook and we eat well. I try to keep active and get adequate exercise. Seven months ago, a friend of mine, with a background in biochemistry, asked if I had heard of vv. I responded, "You are speaking of the Youth Shots the affluent of the world have been flying to Bucharest, Romania, to have administered? I ve heard about it for over twenty years." I associated GH3 with a Witches Brew, a placebo or Snake Oil. If it is any good, why don t we have it in our country? I said I would give the formula a six-months trial, because: of the confidence I had in my biochemist friend; I was informed the GH3 (now GH7) is simply a VITAMIN B COMPOUND linked together to form a different molecule; GH7 has now been formulated, through a breakthrough, so that it can be taken effectively in tablet form instead of injection; it was evident it couldn t hurt me; it is so inexpensive. Now, because of my unchanged mode of living, the above results can only be from taking GH7. My wife, Doris, has been medically treated for over ten years to control a gradual developing arthritis of the lower spine. Four months ago, I suggested she try GH7. Her fingers were crossed for sure. Two months later, I said, "Honey, this is the first time in years I have seen you walk upstairs like you used to." Her response, "I feel better." Her arthritic condition is improving slowly. I do not look upon GH7 as a panacea, a cure-all. But one thing seems sure, we noticeably feel better. Like some other long-term users I have talked to, we are developing a sense of mission. 

    3252 N.E. Flanders
    Portland, OR 97232


         My first symptom occurred in 1980. I was assisting with a music program for the Boy Scout chapter of which my son belonged. I bent my head down to adjust the record player, and a sharp tingle was felt from my waist to my toes. This was alarming and certainly not normal. I made an appointment with a doctor and tests were ordered. The worst one being a myelogram. If you ever had one you know how bad they can be. The neurologist informed me that he couldn t help me until my condition got worse. I went through six doctors before I found one that knew what I had. He tested my reflexes with an instrument and reviewed my myelogram and spinal tap reports. He said I had Multiple Sclerosis. What a relief I felt to at least know what I had. Prednisone was prescribed. I was told to eat bananas for the potassium. Although they are nutritious and tasty, I soon tired of them. One of the side effects to Prednisone is bloating. I bloated so much that my clothes didn t fit. I started wearing maternity clothes. It was at this time that I discontinued taking it. It has been two years since I have seen my neurologist. A visit was $45.00. For what, to chat? There is no cure for M.S. A friend, who was aware of my discomforts associated with my disease, asked if I had heard of Vitacel 7. She saw letters written by others who had M.S. Although it didn t cure their disease, it helped them find relief in many areas. 

         I have been using Vitacel 7 for two months and have been experiencing some very good benefits. My eyes no longer tire. Having 4 children requires much reading in order to help them with their homework. Before Vitacel, I could only help them for 20 minutes without tiring. Now I can read for an unlimited time. My walk has improved. A relative who hadn t seen me since I started taking Vitacel commented on how well I was walking. I have a great abundance of energy that was put to good use when we recently moved. I breeze through chores that would tire anyone. Hot weather would take it s toll on me. Like most that have M.S., I would escape the heat by staying indoors. I spent many hours weeding in my garden when it was recently up in the high nineties. My disposition has improved because I am free of stress and depression. 

    1518 W. Concord
    Arlington Hts., IL 60004


         I was introduced to Vitacel 7 in May of 1988. In 1970, the automobile I was driving was rear-ended by a school bus. I began receiving outpatient therapy treatments for neck and back pain. After four years, and periodic visits, I discontinued treatments as the relief of pain was so short-lived. I consulted a chiropractic physician in 1976, and began spinal manipulation treatments twice weekly, along with nutritional guidance. For twelve years, I continued these treatments, experiencing greater relief between visits. In addition to my neck and back pain, I have suffered widespread allergies accompanied by a sinusitis condition which has prevented a clear airflow through the nasal passages. I have tried most of the drugs related and over the counter products available, with little or no success. 

         Six months prior to my using Vitacel 7, I had experienced sharp intermittent pains in my knees, which led me to believe the possibility of the onset of an arthritic condition. I took my first Vitacel 7 tablet before bedtime. The next morning, I awoke, laid there for a few moments, and realized that for the first time in some 25 years I was actually breathing clearly through my nose instead of my mouth. Was this a dream? I was ecstatic. I jumped out of bed and raced to the cupboard to take my morning tablet. 

         In the days to come, I began noticing an increased surge of energy, along with a "real" sense of well-being within my body. I no longer need those afternoon naps due to sleepless nights. I increased my daily dosage hoping for quicker results with the neck and back pain. After about three weeks, and let God be my witness, I no longer experienced any neck or back pain and knee pain. I have not had a chiropractic treatment since starting the Vitacel program. I will indeed share my good fortune with my chiropractor in the very near future. 

         In addition to my dietary program, I now include Cal-Mag, Vit-Mins and C-Dolphilus and I am feeling terrific. How wonderful it is to feel healthy again. Thank you, Dr.Aslan, Robert Koch, and NEL for formulating and providing me with these wonderful products. 

         As of this writing, I have returned to a maintenance dosage of two Vitacel 7 tablets daily. 

    5901 - 46th Avenue North
    Minneapolis, MN 55422


    March 4, 1988 To Anyone Hoping to Improve His or Her Health: 

         After thirty years as a hairdresser, I suffered severe pains in my lower back when I was working on my customers. Fifteen years ago, it became so severe I was forced to leave my profession. It was necessary to seek other means - real estate, marketing or anything -for income as sole support for a maturing family. Pain was a constant companion. Standing or walking on a hard surface, for instance shopping, had to be done in short spurts. Sound sleep escaped me. Waking in the morning exhausted was a common experience. Two months ago, a friend suggested that I try GH7 (Vitacel 7). He explained some of the benefits he had experienced. He hoped it would help. However, he was conservative and made no prediction as to what it might do for me. Within a week I was aware of an improved sleep pattern. It made me feel better. After a month or so,I was also aware that the pain in my back had almost disappeared. As a great-grandmother, I expect to be careful and not overdo. But the improvement I have experienced already is thrilling and beyond anything I had anticipated. 

    Portland, Oregon


         In October 1988, my sister introduced me to a product whe was taking. I started it not thinking it would do anything for me. In other words, I was skeptical. I knew since she was on it, I felt there was no harm. Also my mother was taking it. Several months later I noticed a complete change in my physical condition. I had been retaining fluids, which I am no longer doing, my sinus problem had lessened, and my cholesterol was lower than it had been in years. My mother who had been in constant pain now was doing great. The only thing we were doing different was the vv product we are still using. Every one wants good health. Vitacel 3(GH3) is inexpensive, harmless, and been around since 1947. Sixty Minutes did a complete segment on it. You will look and feel younger because v penetrates the cell membrane. When our cells die this causes many major diseases. 

    6401 Camberley Court E.
    Memphis, TN 38119


    Dear Sirs: 

         This is my testimony. My daughter has sickel cell anemia, and I had to take her to the hospital s emergency room four and five times a week. She was in very bad condition, but since I started her taking GH3 I haven t had to take her to the hospital since. 

    726 South Beaver
    Orville, Ohio 44667

    To Whom It May Concern: 

         I am writing this in hopes that others may get the satisfaction that I have enjoyed from using Vitacel 3 (v) products for the last 4 year. When I started using v, I was suffering from arthritis and worn out cartilage in my knees to the point that the doctor wanted to replace the knees with artificial joints and it was necessary to wear braces on both legs. 

         Now, after taking GH3vGH3 products, the arthritic pain is not bothering me, the braces are things of the past. My health is very good. I swim, dance, hunt, fish, and do anything I like to do. Oh yes, my age might help me some too. I am almost 83 years of age and maintain an active life in real estate. 

    Long live Vitacel Products, GH3. Hoping that it helps you as it has me. 

    1322 Main, P.O. Box 1331
    Canon City, CO 81212


         October 6, 1983 My first introduction to GH3 was in March 1983. A good friend of mine, who knew my past history of heart problems, came to my house one evening with a bottle of pills and a convincing story. I had been having a steady pain in my left shoulder which prevented me from lifting my left hand above my shoulder, such as in combing my hair or scratching my head. I could accomplish these tasks, but with difficulty associated with pain. In addition, I had been advised by my heart doctor that my heart probems would probably become worse since arteriosclerosis was a major factor. In reading the claims for GH3, it appeared that both of my problems could be helped by taking the product, at least on a three-month trial basis. The first month while taking the pills, it was obvious that the pain in my left shoulder was being affected, but for the worse! the pain became almost unbearable, and I almost decided to stop taking the pills. Since I was close to the first five day rest period, I kept taking the pills until that period. The constant pain started to subside during the rest period and gave me confidence to start the second month. Again, the process was repeated, but not as much pain as the first month. It took about three months of taking the pill until the pain went away completely and has never returned! In addition, since my by-pass operation on my heart in December 1979,1 have been religiously taking my pulse every day to be conscious of the strain on my heart muscle while exercising (a three-mile walk under 45 minutes each day). After three (3) months on GH3, a noticeable effect was evident on my pulse rate. My normal resting pulse rate had been approximately 78 counts/minute. After being on GH3, for three months, my resting rate was coming down. I have now been on the product for seven months and my resting pulse rate has stabilized at 60 counts/minute! For a heart condition, this has to be very good news! My body is getting the proper oxygen to the blood stream while my heart is working at a much lower rate in accomplishing it. The claims that GH3 actually reverses arteriosclerosis has made a believer of me, since the effect on my pulse rate illustrates this fact vividly. In conclusion, besides the benefits mentioned above, I have also noticed benefits of the anti-depressant qualities of v. I have been under mental strain at my office position, that in my mind would have not been bearable if I were not taking the pill. It is one quality of the pill that I would recommend to anyone who has mental depression or anxieties that prey on their mind. Taking this pill has helped my capability to sleep well, without anxieties, which in turn helps my ability to face the hectic routines of normal twentieth century living. After a month s trial I became a firm believer in the efficacy of this product. I have noticed that the benefits of this pill are increased if a person takes the pill on a stomach that has been very empty. By this I mean, take the pill at about six o clock in the morning, and approximately 4 or 5 p.m. in the evening, at least one hour before you eat your evening meal. In normal activities this should ensure an empty stomach while taking the pill. This has to be done religiously by the person taking the pill for maximum benefits. 

    Idaho Falls, Idaho


    This is a true story! 

         It was a surprise coming and it was surprise going. Having lived with good health for so many wonderful years, it was difficult to handle this change that overwhelmed me. The tired feeling and lack of energy was noticed by people that I worked with as well as friends and family. I attributed it to nerves. Lunch time at work meant rest time or perhaps a short nap. Eating became difficult. I couldn t hold a spoon or cup and had to drink through a straw, or risk spilling liquids. Someone had to tie a scarf under my chin to the top of my head because my teeth and facial bones were sore from the chattering. 

         Parkinson became evident and was confirmed by a brain scan and two other tests. My physician prescribed Eldopa for the tremors and Librium for the depression. The Eldopa did quiet the tremors at first but with continued use, the tremors increased. I still had the depression and walked around in a daze. I had other incapacities. My memory was impaired and I had to write notes to remind myself to take my medication. Unfortunately, my hand shook so bad that I coundn t read my notes. I suffered other embarrassing problems. My speech was slurred and I would lose my balance, falling occassionally. Sleeping was difficult as well as rising from bed and preparing my food. It was decided that I would have to move to a nursing home. One evening my son took me for a ride thinking that a change of scenery would be enjoyable. We stopped at a store to make a purchase. The clerk noticed tremors and asked what was wrong. I told him what I had and he asked me if I knew of GH3. I listened and agreed to order. I took my medication and GH3 but not together. After three months I discontinued the Eldopa and Librium. I had no need for either. Good health returned at last! I have been using GH3 for two years and Vitacel 7 for the last three years. I find the Vitacel 7 makes me feel stronger and I have more energy. 

         Just nine months ago, I went to the doctor for a physical. He was surprised to see me looking so well. After the examination, he told me to stop taking Eldopa. Parkinson s appeared to be gone or in a remission. Would nt he be surprised to know that I had been off the medication for the past five years! 

    Age 72
    8570 W. Lawrence
    Norridge, IL 60656

    31 November 15, 1985

    Dear Millie,
         About eight years ago, after numerous doctors and tests, I was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic as having a Blephema Spasm in my right eye. The condition produces a droopy lid and excessive blinking. I was told there was no cure for it and it would either go away or become increasingly worse! The droopy lid did improve after six mouths, to the point where my eye wasn t closed but still a bit lower then the right eye that.... I would live with. But the exessive blinking was madening. I started on GH3, and cannot give you a time frame, but the blinking was decreasing. Then, being a skeptic, I decided to discontinue the GH3 to see if that was really what was doing it or if it just was time for this condition to improve. No doubt about it... .it was the GH3! As soon as I started taking the GH3 again, the blinking decreased. I have to admit, with my harried schedule within a week I noticed the difference. 

    Thank you Millie for introducing me to GH3. 

    Dottie May Miller
    7222 Biermann Avenue
    Villa Park, IL 60181


         Dear Friend: If your health means as much to you as mine means to me, then I have good news for you! I have been introduced to a product that is a must for me. Dr. Ana Aslan, Director of Bucharest Institute of Geriatrics in Romania says that if you anticipate growing older and developing degenerate diseases that are associated with growing older, such as senility, arthritis, hair loss or loss of hair color, angina pectoris, heart disease, loss of hearing, eyesight,memory, high blood pressure, lack of energy and vitality, cholesterol, ulcers, depression, stress, sleep and many other, by all means, please check out this marvelous product. I will never be without it, if at all possible. The product has not been approved by the F.D.A., and we can only give our personal testimonies. In just a short while, the product really helped a very sensitive ear, and has given me much needed energy and vitality. 

    Thank You, 

    Anna Richardson
    6201 Rime Village Drive #103
    Huntsville, AL 35806


         November 25, 1985 In early October of 1984, my wife, Laura, brought home a brochure describing GH 3. She had been to lunch with her aunt (78 years old) who had been taking GH3 with excellent results. Knowing that Laura had some physical problems, she suggested Laura study the brochure and consider trying GH3. We read the literature describing GH3 as a product that had benefited people suffering from many ailments, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, hearing loss and diverticulitis. We were skeptical. Nothing could be that good and not be approved by the F.D.A. I was going to be 70 years of age on November 25, 1984, and I was controlling high blood pressure using 4 different drugs daily. I had hemorrhoids that were annoying to say the least, and I had just spent a relatively large sum for hearing aids. I also had arthritic pain intermittently for which I knew that there was no help. Within two weeks after learning that GH3 existed, Laura developed severe pains in her arms and shoulders (diagnosed as tendinitis), making it impossible to raise her arms above her shoulders. We looked at the brochure again and decided to try GH3. Our order arrived sooner that we expected and we began taking GH3 as directed. Within one week, the arthritic pain in my hands and arms was gone. And within two weeks, Laura s arm problem was gone. We were less skeptical. We have taken GH3 every day for over a year. I hear better now without my hearing aids than with them; my hemorrhoids have disappeared; there has been no reoccurrence of diverticulitis; and there s more. Starting in November 1974, I had blood in my urine for a two to three-day period at intervals of three to four months. At the first occurrence, my doctor sent me to a specialist for various tests and a bladder examination. The tests showed there was no cancer in the tract, but they were inconclusive as to the cause of the bleeding. Four months later, the same occurrence, same doctor, same specialist, same tests, new laboratory, results - no cancer Possibly the bleeding was caused by prostate disorder. In the year that followed I learned to live with the almost clock-like occurrences, but never without a feeling of apprehension. The occurrences were less frequent, and as I saw no reason to spend a lot of money on a condition that apparently was going to be with me the rest of my life. Since October of 1984, there has been no blood in my urine! For at least the last ten years prior to taking GH3, my golf game was limited to nine holes of walking; any more required a power riding cart and even then, my feet really hurt. This summer and fall I ve played 18 holes many times without a cart and no aching feet. The feeling of well-being has progressed constantly since taking GH3. I am no longer skeptical. 

    Frank & Laura Miller
    2122 N.W. 190 St.
    Seattle, WA


         I'm writing this testimony for the benefit of all those wonderful people who suffer from Parkinson s Disease. This is the story of my bout with the disease and my partial victory. It is my hope that I can be of help to someone. Just knowing there are people who are and have found some measure of relief from the disease may be all the spark that is needed to try one more time and succeed. I also know that just because something that worked for one person does not mean that it will work for another. But how do we know unless we try? I encourage you, "DON T GIVE UP, KEEP TRYING." The date was early spring 1982. My occupation? Clothing retailer. I had been arm wrestling with my sons. A few weeks later, my right arm went totally limp, and required several minutes of massage to get some feeling back into it. From that point on, I had a great deal of difficulty writing. I just passed this off as a pinched nerve resulting from the arm wrestling. Over the next few months, my condition worsened. My whole body seemed to be stiffening up. My wife was constantly reminding me to pick up my feet. I just seemed to stumble over the least little things. I enjoyed golf, but I was finding it most difficult to swing a club, and I eventually had to give up the sport. At this time, I was 53 years of age and had been active all my life. I would golf, canoe and hike during the summer. In the winter, I would cross country ski. I found myself spending more time on our rebounder each morning trying to counter my stiffness, but to no avail. By July, I was walking with a slight stoop. It was difficult to carry on a conversation because my speech was becoming slurred and I would forget what the conversation was about. It became apparent even to me that there was something more serious than a pinched nerve. It took my wife, Jean, until the end of July to persuade me to see a doctor. It took the doctor about 15 minutes to diagnose the symptoms as Parkinson s Disease. I was told the medical profession knew very little about the disease and there was no known cure. I was sent home with the latest drug called Sinemet and was told to take one a day. The first pill I took put me on my back for 2 1/2 hours at which time I was convinced that the cure was worse that the disease. I was then told by my doctor to start off with a 1/4 or a 1/2 pill at a time until my system became accustomed to the drug. My condition continued to worsen. By mid-September, my memory had gone to the point that if a customer would ask me for a white shirt, I would take three or four steps and forget what he had asked me for. It was almost impossible to write out an invoice or sign my name. I was then referred to a specialist who did little more that confirm my family doctor s diagnosis. I was told that as my condition worsened to increase the Sinemet to a maximum of 8 per day and from that point on, I would be on a down-hill run. By January of 1983, I was using the maximum of 8 per day and was unable to maintain my level of health. Because of my worsening condition, mainly memory, speech and my inability to even write out a simple invoice, the decision was made to close our retail store. It was in this same time period that a friend suggested that I contact a herbalist. I knew very little about herbalists and was quite negative to the suggestion but at this point what did I have to loose? The herbalist also told me there was no cure for Parkinson s Disease, but if I was willing to change my life style there was a chance that I might bring it under control. I had nothing to lose. My new way of life was to consist of: 1. A new nutritional diet (NO JUNK FOODS); 2. Several herbs as a supplement to the diet; 3. An exercise program; and 4. My nutritionist suggested that I take GH3 along with the herbs. This product was to 34 help the body help itself and make everything work that much better. GH3, I was told would help the body assimilate more of the vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat, and act as a catalyst in carrying vitamins and minerals directly into the cell membrane. I must point out that I was told by both my nutritionist and my herbalist that it would take time and that I must be patient and there was a chance I would get very little relief from Parkinson s and perhaps none at all. But with good nutrition, exercise and GH3, my body was bound to react in a positive way. I must admit that after 2 months, I could see absolutely no improvement. I contacted my nutritionist and informed her I was going to quit. She shook her finger at me and said, "Bill Meyer, your body didn' t get in this condition overnight and don t you expect it to be cured overnight." Well, I still had one more month s supply of GH3left, so I picked up some more herbs and gave it a try for one more month. At the very end of the third month, I had one slight, positive reaction. I had a very little vertical movement with my right hand, and to give it some kind of exercise, I would use both hands to brush my teeth. While performing this every day task, I let go with my left hand and to my great surprise (be it ever so slight) my right hand continued to move. Well, this was all it took to spur me on for another 3 months. At the end of this period, I noticed an improvement in my speech and handwriting. I didn t stoop quite as much. The improvements were not extensive, but they were there. So off I went for another 3 months. At the end of the 9 month period, things were looking so well, I could carry on a conversation without forgetting what I was talking about halfway through a sentence. I wasn t as stiff and my walk had a bounce one again. Friends would stop and comment on how well I looked. For the entire 9 month period, I remained taking the 8 Sinemet every day. The hour of truth was at hand, I decided to start reducing Sinemet. As not to rock the boat, I dropped a pill a month until I was at zero. But this was not to last for long. Over a period of a few weeks, the symptoms started to very slowly reappear so I decided to reinstate Sinemet into my program. I now take one Sinemet and on a very long day 1 and 1/2. But that s a far cry from the eight a day. Over the next two years, I have been able to cut back on a number of the herbs I was taking, but it should be noted that I take four GH3 a day. Two an hour before breakfast and two an hour before our evening meal. The only side effect I have ever noticed, or should I say side benefit was, "No more migraine headaches." Before I got on this program, I used to get several migraines a month. 1984 and especially 1985 were banner years for me. I was able to golf, hike, ski and once again, my canoe heads for the white water. Few people realize that I have the disease. Oh yes, I ll probably be on herbs and GH3 for the rest of my life, but I m grateful to have a quality life to look forward to. At this point in time, I would like to express my love and gratitude to the two most prominent persons responsible for my success. My nutritionist and our dear friend Margaret Kopi, for shaking her finger, and all her encouragements. To my dear wife, Jean, for those great nutritional meals. For the countless times she had to remind me, "Pick up your feet, straighten up, have you taken your pills? Bill, you shouldn' t eat that," and the list goes on. To the makers of GH3. Without this fine product, my success would have been uncertain. A.W. (Bill) Meyer


         On July 10, 1978, 6 1/2 long years ago, I became ill. It seemed to happen overnight. When I left my office on that day, I didn t realize that I would never return or that I was just starting two of the most frightening experiences of my life. My face was swollen, my extended fingers were so swollen that they touched the sides of each other - they looked like sausages. I ached all over. Within days, my feet and ankles swelled to the point that I could hardly walk, my eye-sight diminished almost immediately , no appetite, hair falling out, rapid heartbeats (I thought I was having a heart attack). Any exertion caused utter exhaustion - my days began to follow the same schedule - take a shower, take a nap; fix breakfast, take a nap; answer the phone, take a nap; visit with a friend, take a nap (sometimes while they were still visiting!). My doctor felt that I may have a collagen disease, but tests were inconclusive. My husband took me to Mayo Clinic twice, again, tests were inconclusive. No one seemed to have any answers - at least none that they were sharing with me. I started reading medical books and case histories, but had to stop as I was showing symptoms of everything in the book. I changed doctors on the local level, and finally (almost 18 months later) we had several diagnoses. "Lupus" - "Raynaud s Syndrom" - "Carpel Tunnelism". . . nothing I had ever heard of -couldn t be too bad, right? Wrong. I didn t feel any better, but at least I knew why. Auto-immune disease, my body was its own enemy. The swelling was from inflammation througout my body -don t forget, it had an 18 month head start and to counteract the swelling, my doctor administered Cortisone. It didn t help much and the side effects were horrendous. First side effect, which I had been warned would happen, was a rapid weight gain. Fifty two pounds in six months!! How s that for rapid? I was still exhausted and could barely walk. My life had been totally turned around. I went from an energeic, "on the go" individual mother of five, grandmother of one, to a near invalid. I had to retire from a job that I loved -Executive Secretary of the Chicago Marriott O Hare Hotel. 

         AND THAT MUST HAVE BEEN THE GOOD NEWS! Three years later, on March 28, 1982, my 18 year old daughter, Meg, was involved in an automobile accident. A backseat passenger, she had a head injury and lay in a coma for two months. At that point, my stress level went through the roof. It took me at least that long to scrape myself off the ceiling. We never left her. We were told that she would die. Then, when she didn t die, we were told that she would be a vegetable. It was then that I discovered the doctors didn t know any more about brain damage than I did. In fact, I had the advantage, I loved her! We talked to her - we helped to pattern her - we stimulated her. Our efforts paid off -she started the long slow process of coming out of the coma. We had to teach her how to eat, talk, brush her teeth, walk - it was like having a 125 lb. newborn. I don t need to tell you - THIS WAS THE BAD NEWS! 

         During all this time, I was barely making it. I seemed to be on a merry-go-round that wouldn t slow down, and I couldn t get off. I was trying to learn as much about Lupus and head injuries as I could. I ve always felt that if you re going to live with a killer, you should get to know him pretty well. It was about this time that I learned about GH3. I admit I was grasping at straws, but nothing seemed to be helping me. I went to a meeting/seminar, not expecting much. I listened and watched as a lot of people got up and gave testimonials of how GH3 had helped them. I heard about high blood pressure, depression, Parkinson s disease, multiple sclerosis, colon problems.. HARD TO BELIEVE THAT ONE SUPPLEMENT WOULD DO SOMETHING FOR SO MANY VARIED ILLNESSES. And yet, the people seemed to be sincere. I was assured that it wouldn t hurt me and that it might help. I m a skeptic, but felt that if GH3GH3 did just one quarter for me what it seemed to do for the people at the seminar, it was worth a try. I borrowed some tablets, placed an order and slowly began my health turn around. I was so busy with Meg that in the begining I didn t realize any difference. But, by the end of three months, I noticed I wasn t so tired. I wasn t taking naps each day. Sometimes I would go for two weeks without having to take a nap. It was so gradual, I didn t even know when it happened. I was sleeping soundly during the night after many years of restlessness. Some of my sense of humor was back, I wasn t so depressed. Within a year my eye-sight was better. I never used glasses prior to the Lupus flare, but couldn t read anything without them after my illness. My hair is thicker and fuller and I lost some the the gray (a bonus!). No more elevated temperatures, no more leg cramps, no more pain in the muscles and joints. I function very well in all areas. I very slowly weaned myself off Cortisone (an action I don t advocate for anyone). I was off cortisone for almost a year before I discussed it with my doctor. He didn t argue with success. The real kicker came when I realized that it had been almost a year since I had seen the doctor. I made an appointment and he went over me thoroughly - several days later he called with my test results. All tests were normal. I was elated. He was amazed! Meg also takes GH3 and it has helped her depression. She made three attempts to destroy her life prior to GH3 and has made none since. She was told that she would never walk without an aid (cane or crutches). She walks by herself. They said that what she didn t have back within a year, she would never get back. She is still progressing. She handles her own checkbook, does her own shopping, is starting to drive - and is alive and intelligent. I realize that we all take our daily life for granted. We always know when we were happy, and we alway know when we ~j~‡1 feel good. It s quite a shock when "feeling good and being happy" disappear! I still go to meetings and I still hear people tell how much GH3 had helped their arthritis, etc. GH3 works at the cellular level and seems to get the job done. THIS IS THE ONLY LIFE WE GET - AND THIS IS THE ONLY BODY WE GET TO LIVE IT IN. DO YOUR BODY A FAVOR, GIVE IT GH3. JOAN HALBERG
    112 Daksi Way
    Loudon, TN 37774

    January 1985 

         For 38 years I have fought arthritis, which started in my hands and then spread, at various times, to my neck, back, knees, and hips. Shots or injections, such as gold shots, Cortisone, or Novocaine were of no help or brought only temporary relief. Medications such as Indocin, Prednisone, Motrin, and most recently Naproxyn caused gastric distress resulting in three (3) gastric hemorrhages that required blood transfusions. The last hemorrhage put me in intensive care. After that, I was told to take only Ecotrin in conjunction with food. This gave no relief to the painful left thigh muscles and hip even though I was taking at least eight (8) tablets in a 24 hour period. Heat and cold therapy, plus ultrasound, brought no relief. Only Tylenol with Codeine gave some lessening of distress. Pain developed in any sitting or lying position. Walking was painful, even with the use of a cane. Doctors ruled out hip surgery, saying I was a poor surgical risk since I had vascular problems in the past. However, in March 1984, my orthopedist injected PABA and DEAE into my left hip. Then, while in the X-ray department under a fluoroscope, PABA and DEAE was injected directly into the hip socket. The pain immediately lessened and I could walk without a cane. However, these injections did not have a lasting effect. A neighbor, Lorraine Phelps, noted my improvement and introduced me to GH3, which I started taking in May, 1984. I also take Vitacel 4 for high cholesterol. It required three months for the hip and thigh pain to disappear and somewhat longer for the other ailments. The effect on high cholesterol is still in a trial period. Now, I have ceased the use of all medications for arthritis as well as Tagamet for stomach distress and anti-histamines (taken for seven (7) years). The eczema on my fingers has disappeared plus I do not suffer muscular cramps on my legs of soles of my feet. I feel great! In October and November of 1984,1 spent a month in Australia and New Zealand without problems. Thanks to all of those involved in producing and telling everyone of GH3. I, for one, will be forever grateful for the boost to a comfortable life, free of pain and health problems and without all the side effects of other treatments. 

    16539 4th Ave Street
    Seattle, Washington

    March 27, 1985

    Dear Ron and Marcie:
         Just want you to know the goodlexciting news about John. Two weeks after he began taking GH3 (2-24-85), he started having facial movement return in his right side that had been paralyzed since last Thanksgiving. Even the test that the doctors ran in Wenatchee, showed that there would be no return! This is really a testimony for GH3, since John was a bit skeptical (to say the least) about the validity of it s healing capabilities. In addition to this skepticism, he is not a "pill-taker" at all. But, he had become very discouraged with his facial paralysis and depressed about his condition, so he agreed to take two tablets a day. The only thing that the doctors had offered him was surgery that had no guarantees, only substantial risks, like permanent hearing impairment with questionable results. They couldn t give us any hopeful alternatives, either. Bell s Palsy has so many unknowns. The doctors had not ruled out the possibility of a tumor within the nerve, either. We are ever-so-grateful to GH3! When John went back to the doctors last Friday, they were so excited with his improvement, they could hardly believe it was happening. John noticed improvement (slight) two weeks after he began taking two GH3 tablets per day. The first movement came in the corner of his mouth when he smiled with his mouth closed. Then a slight frown was evident, next his cheek. There has been no great big overnight healing, but a gradual day-by-day improvement. Last week he thought the healing had stopped, but this week we can both see more improvement. The right side of his upper lip had been so droopy that when I was on this right side I could hardly understand him. I would have to ask him to turn toward me and repeat what he had said. Well, there has been a marked improvement. His lip is coming back to a normal position. Also, the whole side of his face from the corner of his lip to his cheekbone shows more movement; and best of all, he can even almost close his eye shut! Another wonderful benefit has been with his gout. He has taken a pill every day for his gout for the last four or five years. He stopped taking this pill the very day he began taking the GH3 and he has not had even a twinge of pain; whereas before, if he missed two days with his medication the pain would begin to return. We are just waiting to see what other benefits John will experience!! Our oldest son, Joel, age 24, has started taking GH3 to see what it will do for his asthma/allergies. The eczema has been so bad on his hands since last summer that he has totally lost all the top layer of skin on them TWICE. He has tried every cream, lotion, vitamin and prescription there is with only with a questionable result. His hands are so rough, they look like they are scared with a third degree burn. We talked to him last weekend and he said he had a slight improvement. He has been taking GH3 for about two weeks. It certainly can t hurt him! Actually, if nothing else, I know it will benefit his general health. College seems to be quite stressful and taxing on one s physical health and nerves. We will keep you posted on our progress. I am looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting in April. 

    529 Castle Drive
    Moses Lake, WA 98837

    January 23, 1983 

         For the past 20 years, I have had arthritis in my hands. Fortunately, the arthritis is confined to my hands only. During this period, the pain was up and down. I took medication when the pain was somewhat unbearable. I always managed to type since my livelihood was that of an executive secretary. Typing kept my fingers nimble. I played the organ and this, too, helped. In January 1981, the arthritis flared up as it had never done before. As the months went by, the condition became progressively worse. I was taking medication, but no amount changed the status of the condition. I feared the next type of medication would be cortisone which I will not take because of the side effects. My fingers were so painful that I couldn t type or play the organ for over one year. Just touching the keys on the organ or the typewriter with the pinkie on my left hand was painful to tears. The pain would shoot up all the way to the shoulder. By June 1, 1982, the pinkie on my left had was almost stiff. On June 1, 1982, I started taking GH3. After two weeks, I noticed a tremendous difference in the pinkie, as well as the other fingers on both hands. After two (2) months on GH3, my fingers were very flexible. I continue to take GH3 and I have no pain in my hands whatsoever and no stiffness upon awakening in the morning. It s hard, at times, to believe that this is happening to me after some prolonged pain. I am most grateful to GH3 and want to tell the whole world about it. For two (2) years, I have been taking a small dosage of medication for a "borderline" thyroid condition. The last thyroid check was in January, 1982 and I was to continue with the medicine. 

    For the record, when I started taking GH3 on June 1, 1982, I stopped taking the medication for arthritis and thyroid. I wanted to fully test GH3. On December 1, 1982, I had a routine checkup. When the laboratory report came in, I received a call from my doctor s nurse to "stop taking the thyroid medication - the condition is normal." Another aspect of GH3 is that my energy level has never been higher - I m almost tireless! As you can see, I am using the typewriter again. I am also playing the organ once again. Another plus for GH3 and Zell H-3. After taking the products for seven months, I notice I don t have callouses! I had been plagued for years with this pain and inconvenience. 

    1521 Hwy 101W #212
    Sequim, Washington 98382

    August 2, 1983 

         I started taking GH3 last November, 1982. I had a goiter for seven years. The goiter was very noticeable, about the size of an egg. I quit going to doctors because they wanted to operate and take it out. After taking GH3 for a couple of months, I noticed one day that the goiter was gone. I couldn t believe it! I didn t have that huge bump on my neck anymore. I also have had trouble with migraine headaches and hypoglycemia. Both have subsided a lot. 

    8922 - 11th Place S.E.
    Everett, Washington 98205


         My son, Ashok, fell down the stairs when he was three years old and sustained serious head injuries. As a direct result of that fall, he suffered many grand mal seizures daily. This went on for nineteen years. Medication was of little value and we grew more concerned with each passing day, with hopes that somewhere, some day, someone had the answer to his problem. My brother, Yogsch, who lives in Buffalo, N.Y. had been taking Vitacel 7 with excellent results and was kind enough to send some to us. Shortly after my son started taking Vitacel 7, he had one small seizure. I am most happy to report that he has not had any more seizures since. Ashok is twenty years old and had been taking Vitacel 7 for one and a half years. If you care to write or call you may do so. Due to the time change in your country and cost factor involved in placing an overseas call, you might want to confirm this letter with my brother, Yogsch, in Buffalo.

    September 14, 1982 

         I started using GH3 on July 10, 1982, after I had seen how it had helped my wife s heart condition and a friend s arthritis. I did not know in what way it might help me as I had had Polio when I was 16. It had affected all my muscles and left me with only a fraction of the strength I should have. From the Polio and a bad case of Pneumonia years ago, my chest had been tight and I coughed a lot, especially when I laid down. At night when I went to bed, I would cough five to ten minutes before I could clear my chest. The third night after I started GH3, the coughing had stopped when I laid down. On the forth day of the five-day rest period, the cough returned, but left after I had taken the first tablet on my second month of use. At the end of the second month of use I went the full five days off GH3 without coughing. I am now on my third month of GH3. I have not felt any difference in the use of my muscles, but getting rid of that cough and having my chest free to breathe easier is sure worth the cost and, in time, I hope there will be other improvements. This testimony may be shown to others. 

    1211 E. Marrowstone Rd.
    Norlund, WA 98358

    September 8, 1983 

         I've been taking GH3 since April 2, 1983, and feel I m over-due in sharing my story. I was introduced to GH3 by my brother-in-law, Mr. Sam Jenkins. At first, I was the typical doubting "Tom." However, my health had gotten to the point I was willing to try anything I felt could truly be of help or relief. As a result, I tried GH3, following is my story: During September, 1976,1 had experienced either a severe nervous breakdown or a mild stroke. I was 37 hears of age at that time. From then until 1983, I have been on medication for high blood pressure, asthma, and allergies; and I have taken five drugs to control these problems. It seems as my doctor had stated all drugs may treat the immediate problem. However, each drug may have a side effect. Permit me to address each of the above problems individually. HYPERTENSION - Treatment for this problem has been to take Oretic or Hydrochlorothiazide, once daily. After a time, it was discovered potassium was leaving my system too fast. So I began taking Klorvess "liquid potassium one tablet daily." Follow-up visits to the doctor revealed my blood pressure remained up and down, ranging from a 42 high of 160/102 to a low of 130/88. Both medications were increased to twice daily, still the blood pressure was not controlled. Catapres, a heart pill, was added to slow the heart. This seemed to help for a time. However, the up and down problem reoccurred. After 5 days of taking GH3 I quit taking the heart pill but continued with the blood pressure medication, potassium, and GH3. My next visit to the doctor revealed my blood pressure had dropped to 130/88, then 120/70, 130/82, never above an acceptable level for my age group. Since using GH3, my blood pressure is now under control. I m convinced that in time I will be able to discontinue the blood pressure medication and the liquid potassium having replaced them with GH3, with is not a drug. ALLERGIES - Like most people suffering with allergy problems, I ve been through every known test and treatment. Treatment included various drugs, shots for 4 1/2 years, nose sprays, you name it. All medications worked until I d build a tolerance to them and then I d be switched to yet another drug. Due to sneezing, running/weeping eyes and "polyps" in my nose, most of the time I feel miserable and tired due to anxiety and loss of sleep. I had been taking two to four CTM tablets daily which caused extreme tension and added stress. The day I started taking GH3, I quit taking taking all allergy pills to see if the GH3 would help. Relying on GH3 alone, my allergies have remained under control and I sleep comfortably 6 to 8 hour every night. SINUSES - I have had sinus problems as long as I can remember and it seems over the years, the problem grew worse. Most nights, especially during the winter months, between allergies and sinuses, I could only sleep sitting up. I would go to bed and within an hour or so, I would be plugged-up in my nose and chest which would cause me to wake. I was using Dristan, Sine-Off, Cold-Ease, etc. to control the allergies and sinus, still, it would be necessary for me to sit up to sleep. I would sleep an hour or so, be awake two to three hours, sleep an hour, etc. This routine had gone on for so long, I was physically and mentally drained. The sinus headaches were frequent and severe. All of the drugs for this problem kept my blood pressure out of control. From the first day of using GH3, I have not taken drugs of any kind for sinus. The headaches are gone and my sinus problem is non-existent. What a relief! Again restful, effective sleep. STRESS/TENSION - I am employed as supervisor in the field of personnel management. I normally work 8 to 10 hours daily and occasionally 8 hours on Saturday. Being mental work within itself is stressful, however, my health problems compounded this situation. Since using GH3, I ve sensed a relaxed, calm feeling. The stress factors are still there but I am now able to deal with the situation in a calm, matter-of-fact way. ABSORPTION - The necessity of using all the drugs had upset my ability to absorb and utilize the needed nutrients from food and vitamins I was taking in. I had been defecating four and five times daily. It was suggested that I try ZELL H-3. After five days, the defecating decreased to twice daily and my energy level was much improved. After two weeks using Zell H-3, my absorption was back to normal. BURSITIS-FUNGUS-MOLES - After using GH3 for five months, I have noticed some secondary benefits. In January and June of each year I suffered from severe Bursitis in my back, shoulder and arms. The pain in my back was so severe at times I would walk bent over and with a shuffle. I could raise my arms no higher than straight out. My doctor said Cortisone shots would help but the thought of a shot directly into the bones convinced me I d live with the pain. Well, praise the Lord, since using GH3, June has come and gone and no sign of Bursitis. Two years ago, I sought treatment to determine why all the toe nails on my left foot were rotting. I was told this was a fungus and I would need to take an internal medicine for at least one year to kill the fungus. The side effect of this medicine would be upset stomach. Since I was feeling so poorly, it was recommended I not try this. The problem progressed to where the toe nails on the right foot began rotting also. Two weeks ago, I noticed one toe nail on my left foot had grown back to normal, and all the toe nails on the right foot had cleared up to normal. So apparently GH3 is solving this problem. I have noticed too the brown moles on my body seem to be drying up and are shedding. These benefits are all without drugs which cause side effects. AMAZING! In summary, thanks to GH3 and Zell H-3, I feel like a new me. I now am ridding myself of drugs, stress, allergies and I have my sinus problems under control. I enjoy the benefit of restful, effective sleep. THANK GOD for Dr. Ana Aslan and her discovery GH3. 

    5905 68th Ave East
    Puyallup, Washington 98371

    November 23, 1984 

         I had a coronary thrombosis eleven years ago and I have had angina pectoris ever since. After eating a meal, I would have to wait from two to three hours before doing any activity, like walking, or I would get pain in my chest. When I watched ball games on TV and would get excited, I would get pains in my chest. I started taking GH-4 (Vitacel 4) on March 15, 1984. After the first four months, I noticed much change, but in the last four months, I have noticed even a greater change. I have been able to engage in activities and watch the ball games after eating without getting any pain in my chest. I have had arthritis for several years in my back, and last winter, it went into my feet. If I stood very long, my feet would get so sore that I could hardly walk. 

    Now about 90% of the arthritis is gone and I feel like I have a new lease on life. 

    2436 South 144th
    Seattle, Washington 98168


         My story stared in about 1980. I hurt my back at work and landed in the hospital, and through the pain and stress in by back, I broke out in psoriasis. Over a period of time, my body was completely covered, except for my face. So naturally, I went to a dermatologist and he gave me this and that to take. A lot of tar ointments, things like that, and light. It didn t work so he gave me Methotrexate, which is mild chemotherapy pill, that I took. You take it for a month and let it go. I took that six times, I think, and then my doctor told me "Don t take it anymore. It will kill you." It did clear the psoriasis up, but in the meantime it was killing me, eh? My memory s not come back yet with the GH3 and I kind of - my wife s not here to prompt me so you ll have to bear with me. But anyway, I eventually ended up - my doctor said, "I can cure that in about five days. I ll put you in the hospital and I ll put you on light and this stuff." And I did that. He put me in the hospital and then he went on holidays. The nurses burned my skin quite badly. I guess I had a third-degree burn on my body. I couldn t take light and that anymore, so I went back to the specialist and he put me on the Methotrexate again, for the last time, eh? So I took another shot at this Methotrexate, but it didn t seem to do the job this time. So then I heard about the Psoriasis Clinic in Shaughnessy Hospital. I went in there for a month, every day, and when I finished there, the doctor wrote a letter to my doctor -the specialist said, "I recommend that Mr. Nicholson go back on Methotrexate. We can t help him in here." So this was in the fall of 1982 when I heard about Dr. Fleming - somebody referred him to me. He put me on a vitamin program, but they didn t seem to do too much, and he said, "Well, I have something else here that I ve been trying to get for years and I m just able to get it." So he introduced me to GH3 in October and I got my first supply the 1st of November in 1982. By the middle of November, my wife could see my skin was healing, eh? I ll tell you how bad it was. It was in Penticton and I was in a motel room; and when I changed my clothes, my wife would sweep up two dustpans full of skin; and every time I walked across the room I would leave a trail of white skin behind me. Anyway, by the middle of December, I was completely clear. I go along with Dr. Robert Koch. I was taking vitamins and I was taking other things, eh? But they didn t seem to work until I took the GH3, and I feel that the vitamins with the GH3 cleared my psoriasis. So I m very happy about GH3 and I m going to continue to take it. Oh, by the way, I was just checking my big toe today - I mean the callous on it, and it s gone. 

    Note: This is a transcription of a recorded testimony from Jack on March 14, 1984 at:
    11917 Pinyon Drive
    PittMeadows, B.C.
    Canada VOM 1FO Surry, B.C.

    August 6, 1983 

         My name is Alvin Trautman and I m 72 years old. I had arthritis and was so terribly crippled up pain-wise that I couldn t do anything. I could hardly move, sit for over a half-hour or dress myself. If I got down on the floor, I couldn t get up without pulling myself up on something. I couldn t sit down - my knees would let me fall. I couldn t raise my hands up, couldn t even wash my face with both hands at one time. My hands were swollen up like boxing gloves and I couldn t close my fingers. I was in constant pain. The last medication I took was Zomax and it wasn t helping me one bit as far as pain was concerned. It just kind of doped me up. Just the other day, I read an article in the AARP magazine for senior citizens telling that five people died taking Zomax. I ve still got some tablets left and I wrapped them up in that little notice, and when I take them back to my doctor, I ll tell him I m taking GH3. The thing is, Zomax has so many bad side effects. What I like about GH3 is there are no side effects to it. It was around the latter part of November, 1982, when I went to a GH3meeting held by Ron and Marcie Abraham and heard of what the GH3 vitamin had done for Marcie. At first, I told my wife to go and I d stay home, but she persuaded me to go. I heard the testimonies, but I couldn t stay for the whole meeting because I was in so much pain. So my wife and I decided then that we d try it for three months. I put aside all my medication and started on two a day. It didn t do me a bit of good. In fact, I thought I was getting worse. Then I read in Bailey s book on GH3 that you could raise the dosage to six a day and it would work faster and longer - similar to a shot. So I went on six a day. I would wake up about four in the morning and take two and then space them about seven hours apart, all day and every day. In a few days, I noticed the swelling had gone down in my hands, and after about two weeks, I could really see a difference. By the time I was on GH3 for three months, I was really happy! The GH3 had really started working! After about three months, I cut it down to four a day. Then I went on a ten-day rest and started to feel bad again, so I went back on it again and took four a day for about a month and a half. I then went on a rest to see how long I could be off of it, to show that it wasn t addictive. I just came off of a twelve-day rest and I never did have a desire for it. Yesterday morning, I took two GH3 and one Zell and in the afternoon I could just feel it working at the top of my head. I ve been on GH3 for about seven months now, and I can do anything that I ever did before I quit working - I quit two years ago. I ve got energy to give away. Even the first year I retired I didn t have the energy I have now. I sleep better and I need less sleep time. I can get up in the morning, work all day, and never get tired. I m so free! I have not one joint that aches. In fact, on August 1st, I felt something on my wrist bones that was just like gravel. Then yesterday I felt again and it was all gone, soit must have been calcium or something that was dissolving. Anyone who has any problems should try it. It does more than just help arthritis. What it did for me also - I didn t notice it at first, I didn t pay any attention to it, but I have a hiatal hernia. I had to take Maalox and I couldn t eat after five o clock in the evening. If I did, I couldn t sleep. I had to prop my bed up. I took Maalox every night and sometimes I d have to get up in the middle of the night and take more. Then I started taking GH3 and pretty soon I realized I didn t have to take Maalox anymore. Always before I had to 46 take that Maalox every night and sometimes during the day for that hiatal hernia, and now I don t have to do that anymore and I sleep fine. I m thankful that I heard about GH3 and I m going to continue to use it. We have recommended it to several people. It really has worked. We just came back from Brandon, Manitoba, where my brother-in-law and sister-in-law live, and they are taking it, too. They really see a change and a difference. Everyone we ve recommended it to, after telling them what it did for me, had results. I wouldn t be without it! In fact, I just shared with some people today about what it s done for me. GH3 has been a real blessing to me. I ll tell you, I m just so excited about it, I d like to tell everybody I see walking down the road about GH3 and what it has done for me! I ll never be without it! 

    1725 - 242nd Street S.E., Space 220
    Bothell, Washington 98011


    1. Arthritis in elbows much improved.
    2. Head jerking has slowed down.
    3. Feet and hands are warm.., much to husband s delight!
    4. General well-being.
    5. Muscles improved.
    6. Relaxing at night easier.., sleep better.
    7. Skin much improved.
    8. Sore (in nose) of 20+ years has stopped bleeding.
    9. Equilibrium much improved.
    10. Shooting pains in knuckles gone. This to end of 2nd bottle.
    11. Tooth has stopped hurting.., can bit down on corn, etc. hard.
    12. Writing comes easier.., not so jerky.
    13. Hips do not hurt as much.., and so on and so on. 

    Lacombe, Alberta Canada


         I was first introduced to GH3 in the fall of 1982. Ron and Marcie Abraham of Seattle sent us information about GH3 and told of all the wonderful things it had done for Marcie. I read the information (I thought with an open mind). "Baloney" I said, and filed the material in "File 13." I felt that there wasn t a product in the entire world that could do that much for that many different ailments without it being a drug. In the fall of 1983, we traveled to Seattle to visit Ron and Marcie, and I became a believer! It had been three years since our last visit, and I could not believe the change in Marcie! GH3 had given Marcie a new lease on life, and I felt it was worth a try. I wanted to see if GH3 would do anything for my bursitis. The pain from the bursitis was so bad, it was very difficult to lift my arms in the morning to brush my hair. I feel very strongly against drugs, so I resigned myself to the fact that the pain was something that I would just have to live with. Sleeping was difficult because there wasn t a painless position to be found. I would sometimes awaken with a terrible pain, and my right shoulder would be locked. I couldn t move. My husband would have to grasp my wrist and jerk my arm to unlock my shoulder. If my shoulder would lock when my husband was working (he works nights), I would have to grit my teeth, slide to the edge of the bed, fall to the floor and fling my shoulder into the unlocked position. Five days into GH3 therapy, I enjoyed the first night of restful sleep in years! The pain was bearable! It was into the second month of GH3 that the pain of the bursitis disappeared and has not returned. It s beautiful! I began GH3 because of my bursitis, but other wonderful things have happened too. When I was about five years old, I ran my arm through a wringer of a washing machine. The arm went through the wringer completely to my shoulder until my mother rescued me. There were no broken bones, but the muscles in my lower arm were severely damaged, leaving me with a lumpy arm. As I got older, the arm would ache when the humidity rose, and it would sometimes go numb, causing me to drop whatever I was holding. Thank God, it was never a cup of hot coffee! There has been no numbness or ache in the arminthepastyear. For the past 19 years, I have been allergic to the sun. I had to cover all exposed skin before venturing outdoors. The allergy would cause bumps that would itch, break open and leave scars. It was really miserable. I read a GH3 testimony where relief from allergies was experienced and I decided to test myself. I ventured out into the hot Montana summer sun with a lot of skin exposed, worked in the yard all day, and nothing happened! No bumps! Later that evening, some bumps did appear, but they didn t itch and they left no scars! Maybe in the summer of 1985 the bumps won t even appear. I can hardly wait! The entire summer of 1984 was a repeat of my first attempt to see if GH3 helped my allergy. It was great! I can t say enough for GH3. I ll never be without it. We figure that the cost of GH3 is about the price of a dinner out a month. So we ve decided that feeling great is worth the price of one less dinner out during the month. 

    22-09 Central Avenue West
    Great Fall, Montana 59404


         I was introduced to GH3 in September of 1983 by the Abrahams. I took GH3 for about a month, and hadn t notice anything until we were asked by Ron and Marcie how we were doing. Lo and behold, my shoulder had quit hurting. I have had a sore right shoulder for years. I had just dismissed it as arthritis and figured I had to live with it. I also noticed that my left thumb, which had been bent back, but not broken, years before was no longer stiff and unbendable. My knees, which had a tendency to lock while standing and felt dry when climbing stairs, were no longer doing either of these things. These were subtle changes and took place slowly, so that I didn t notice there was a change until Ron and Marcie asked. After about two months on GH3 therapy, my left elbow (in which I had "tennis elbow") stopped hurting. My elbow was so bad that on my day off from work, I would rub Icy Hot, Ben Gay or Absorbine Jr. on it, wrap it with a heating pad turned on high and just sit. That way, I was able to go back to work. Now, the only time my elbow bothers me is when I fbrget to take my GH3. This summer, I was able to pick rock, and I jack-hammered and cleared a cement sidewalk and patio. When I finished with the jack-hammer, I was tired, dirty, had some blisters, but my elbow didn t hurt! In my position as superintendent of the mail room, I am in charge of 20 young people who range in age from 16 to 30. Prior to GH3, the problems my employees presented and the situations they would draw me into would often send me home with a sick headache and upset stomach. Since GH3, I find that I can deal with these kids and their problems very effectively, and not drive myself crazy. My job is one that involves a very tight time schedule, precise organization and quick decision making. Since taking GH3, I ve found that I can handle the stress of my job better, and I do a better job. GH3 seems to give me a feeling of calmness and a sense of well-being that makes all this possible. Another thing I have noticed is that I get fewer colds during our cold winter months, and they are less severe since GH3 has become a part of my life. 

    2209 Central Avenue West
    Great Falls, Montana 59404


         If only I had found out about GH3 ten years ago! This thought is in my mind constantly. Ten years ago my problems began. While working at my job, I tripped on some steel plating and hurt my back. After a year of annoying pain, I decided to have something done. After receiving six oppinions, all feeling that I should have the problem surgically repaired, the operation done was a success. But a staph infection set in. After four weeks of having bottles and bottles of penicillin pumped into my veins, I was released from the hospital. About six months after returning to work, my back muscles began to ache and sores started forming all over my face, shoulder and back. These sores never seemed to heal. My family s concern and my pain sent me to a dermatologist. He performed a biopsy. This revealed that I had a rare disease know as Lupus. After my wife read the literature the doctor had given me on this disease, she was horrified to discover that it can be fatal and there is no known cure. The pressures of knowing this and the unbearable pain I was feeling began to be too much. I became suicidal. Once again, with my family s support and concern, I began to see a psychiatrist. He prescribed a drug called Ativan and bio-feed-back. I became dependent on the drug and the pain still persisted. Six months later I returned to work again, in the same position as before. A couple of co-workers at work informed me of a new product that had just become available about this time. With nothing to lose, I informed them that I would like to try it. To me, it was a miracle! After using the product for about a week, the sores started to dry up and flake off. The pains I had been feeling were barely noticeable after a month. After two months, almost all signs of the Lupus and all of the pain in my back muscles were gone. This caused me to want to share my experience and excitement of the effectiveness of GH3. If any of you have had an experience such as I, please share this with me. As GH3 has changed my whole life, I would like everyone to be aware of its amazing success. 

    18255 Seaddie St.
    Milwaukee, OR 97267


         In October 1983, my doctors diagnosed my condition as Parkinson s Disease. I trembled considerably, mostly on my right side. My stride was uneven and I had trouble doing even the most simple things such as brushing my teeth or mixing or stirring food or knocking on the door. I was especially distressed when I was no longer able to write with my right hand. I was very depressed. I slept poorly and my disposition left something to be desired. I had been taking medication for arthritis and thyroid and now for Parkinson~s. In March 1984, my daughter and a friend heard about GH3. They got some for me and insisted I give it a try. I was totally cynical, but agreed to try it for a few months. Within a week, I was sleeping better at night and my spirits were lighter. Within two months, I realized the arthritis in my hips and back was almost totally relieved. I occasionally have a twinge in my back when the weather changes radically. My gums have always bled. That too stopped. I had more energy. I felt serene and able to cope with the stressful situations surrounding me. It was over four months when I was able to have less trouble walking and trembled less but I still couldn t write. By six months, I started to write again. Now, after a year, I write fairly well, feel great, and I m working part time. I have, during this time, eased off on all my medications. I still take my vitamins (and will continue to do so) and also take minerals as well as GH3. I feel good, energetic and enthused about life again. I ve had a "reprieve" and I m very thankful to GH3. 

    13625 81st Street SE 
    Snonomish, Washington 98290


         Three years ago I was diagnosed as having Tic Douloureux, a painful nerve condition of the face. Irritation of this nerve causes severe pain that may last a moment, but sometimes keeps coming back many times a day. The doctor put me on Legretol. I only took them for about two weeks as they made me groggy and I couldn t concentrate at my job. I decided to live with this. Then we heard about Vitacel 7 last August. I had been taking them only about one month, when I noticed the pain had disappeared and I haven t had it since. So I guess I will be taking them the rest of my life. 

    15849 Falcon Ave.
    Glencoe, MN 55336


         I have been using GH3 consistently since June of 1982. My complaints at that time were bursitis, joint pains, headaches and a few other problems. The effects of using GH3 have not been as dramatic as with other individuals. The most noticeable within a month or so was that my frequent headaches were gone. I had used "bottles" of Ascriptin, but realized one day that I had not taken any Ascriptin for several weeks. Now, almost two years later, I think I have used less that 3 dozen. My bouts of bursitis have subsided and joint pains are less, but some of these have been due to structural changes following 2 herniated discs in my back in 1974. I have refused to have back surgery, so I will continue to have some discomfort, but it is tolerable. In general, I do feel better. 

         My vision has changed and it is not due to age! I have worn glasses for 47 years for astigmatism and my vision in one eye when reading the eye chart for distant vision was 20/ 40 and 20/70 for the other eye. Recently, when visiting a nurse friend in the eye clinic, I discovered that I could read the eye chart without glasses and my vision was 20/20 in one eye and 20/20 minus 1 with the other. I do need reading glasses, but perhaps in time, my accommodation for near vision may also improve. After taking thyroid preparation for about 15 years, and being told several years ago that I would probably have to take it the rest of my life, I am no longer taking it! Last year after developing a cardiac irregularity (rapid andlor irregular heart rate), the doctor cut my dosage in half. My heart rate became regular after a week or two. Then I started back on the former dose of thyroid to prove to myself that it was the thyroid which had made the irregular heart rate, etc. It did recur, so I remained on the half-dose until last fall when I again began to experience cardiac irregularities. I stopped all thyroid, then had a date with the doctor 8 weeks after stopping the medication. He had blood work done to evaluate tyroid function and other chemistries. He later notified me that it appeared my thyroid ~ (or is) functioning. Also, all other blood work, cholesterol, triglycerides, sugar and others were normal. Some have been elevated in the past. My blood pressure is normal which used to be quite low. Heart sounds excellent. My hair, which was almost white, has more than white in it now. My nails were soft and broke easily, but now they are hard. My callouses are gone from my heels and I am thankful. They used to be very thick and would crack both vertically and horizontally and required much treatment with creams and use of a pumice block. I ve not used anything on them for over a year. (No corns or bunions either). My skin, overall, has not been this nice since I was a teenager. All in all, GH3 has made so many positive changes physically that I do not want to be without it. It also has given me a more positive mental attitude and that is a big plus! 

    ESTER L. OSBORNE, R.N. (Retired Nursing Supervisor)
    10430 - 55th Avenue South
    Seattle, Washington 98178

    April 10, 1984 

         As I bear this testimony, it is my prayer that it will reach and touch the hearts and minds of those people whom God will direct to the benefits of Gerovital as a help in controlling their afflictions. In March, 1967, I was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis. My symptoms were; stumbling (attaxic gait), dragging my feet, (more on the left side than the right), double vision, speech difficulties (phrases came out turned around), dropping objects involuntarily, complete mental and physical exhaustion, depression, lack of bowel and bladder control and spasms. I literally had to hang onto walls, furniture andlor people to get around in my home. I was unable to do my own housework, which made me even more depressed. I had always been extremely active and took joy in caring for my family and home. In 1965, I was hospitalized 8 times in a four-month period and was diagnosed as having I.T.P. (Idio-pathic Tromboscenic Purpia Peticia) a rare blood disorder. The symptoms of this problem were; complete exhaustion, hemorrhaging of the tiny capillaries and blood vessels under the skin and internally. As an example, if a child would sit on my lap, there would be an imprint of his body where the pressure from his weight would cause me to hemorrhage. It was very frightening, but with care and medication, plus much rest, the problem was brought under control. I very seldom have any peticia at all now. Until I started on GH3, I would average 3 to 4 slight attacks per year, but I haven t had any since 1982, when I was first introduced to Gerovital. Other of my health problems, since my teens, were anemia, hypo-glycemia, and thyroid deficiency for which I had been on medication since age 19. About 3 years ago, I developed high blood pressure and was put on medication for it also. As I alluded to previously, in 1981, in the month of July, I went to Las Vegas to a health clinic and was introduced to GH3, or should I say KH-3, which is a PABA and DEAE -hydrochloride product produced in Nevada after the pattern of Doctor Anna Aslans Gerovital formula. The clinic I attended was adding GH3 to my intravenous drip and jokingly proclaimed they were giving me a "youth serum." I always want to know what is going into my body and asked to see my doctor. He told me about the controversy and history of GH3 and that there was a possibility that it might help my body to regenerate new cell growth. There were no promises, but I thought the concept made sense, so I asked him if I might have a prescription for when I went home so that I could really test it. He agreed and gave me a prescription to be filled at the clinic in Nevada. I used the KH-3 for about six months, in tablet form, but didn t see much improvement. I contacted the clinic and they said I could try the injections, if I could give myself intramuscular shots. I could and did! After a couple of weeks, I was out of bed a lot more and was able to walk more steadily. I noticed a definite marked improvement. There was, however, one problem. The prescribed dosage was 5 cc s every other day for two weeks and off one week. Each time I went off, I would begin to exacerbate within a day or two and would be back down again. Not always right in bed, but too weak to do anything productive. I did not give up, but continued on with the injections until June 1983, hoping to give this new substance a fair trial (approximately 18 months).. 53 At that time, I met and talked with Doctor Robert Koch, a bio-chemist who was doing extensive research into the effectiveness of GH3. In questioning him, I found there was no danger in my staying on the injections or GH3 therapy permanently. The wheels began to turn and I began to pray and soon came up with the idea that a combination of both injections and tablets taken on alternate days might help. After continuing on the injections through June and July, I then added the tablets on alternate days through November 1983. By then, I was doing so well, improving slowly, but consistently, that I began to wean myself off of the injections. I began to maintain on two GH3 tablets twice a day beginning about the middle of December and continued that program until April 1, 1984. Then I alternated 4 tablets one day and 2 tablets the next. I do not take the prescribed rest period. I am convinced the GH3 is a substance that my body needs to help me to stay well!! As many M.S. patients will attest, severe stress, heat and viruses will trigger an exacerbating, or worsening of the disease and this last 9 months have been the first time in 18 years that this has NOT been the case with me. It s great! I learned through studying, how important good nutrition is in conjunction with GH3. In order for any of us to benefit from Gerovital, we must supply our bodies with the proper nutrients with which the DEAE and PABA can do the job they are meant to do. I believe the combination works more effectively than when I don t eat properly. The most important factor is exercise. This is the most difficult for M.S. victims, but even if it means rolling your eyes, moving your toes and fingers and whatever else you can move, do it! I had my yearly physical the first of April and for the first time since I was a teenager, all of my blood profile report was normal! I am now 49, I am no longer anemic, no more thyroid problem, my blood pressure is a high normal (I quit taking the medication for high blood pressure and thyroid last September, 1983). I now have reflexes in my legs and feet, although there is only a slight reflex in my left ankle, at least it is coming. The right side isn t completely normal, perhaps it never will be, but I believe I will continue to get stronger as I continue the program I have set out for myself. I was one of the small percentage of Multiple Sclerosis patients, who never had had a complete remission. It is so great to be able to teach dancing again, ride a bike, ride horse-back and swim. Most of all ... I do my own housework and cooking. I hop in and out of a tub without help, turn over in bed by myself, and only since I have been using GH3. Doctors often told me I should be using a wheel chair or at least a walker. Even as late as one year ago last March but I was afraid if I did, I d never get out of it. I began to try to read my body and experimented (under a doctor s care) with vitamins, diets, massage, and under the doctor s prescription, prednizone and ACTH (both of which exacerbated me considerably). Last, but not least, GH3. Now after 17 years since I had been diagnosed, I AM IN REMISSION! And I love it! I wish I could come right out and tell you it is all due to GH3, but even though I believe it was for ME, I can t stress how important it is for you to read your body signals. Use good nutrition and exercise, and as my doctor said at my last physical, "It can t hurt you and as it seems to be helping you, keep it up." Meaning of course, the GH3 therapy. It is such an awesome responsibility for anyone to say... "Try GH3. It may be just the answer for you !" But I say it gladly and joyfully! It just could be, you know! 54 Yours to you in good health and wishing the very best for you! 

    3740 Brookfield Ln
    Idaho Falls, ID 83406

    November 14, 1982 

         On October 15, 1978, I had a heart attack and on October 16, I had a second one. I have a 25% blockage in my heart. I only have three cylinders, so if you ve ever seen anybody operate on three cylinders, that s me. From the time I got out of the hospital, which was about a month later, until I started taking GH3, I had chest pains daily. I would have them so bad sometimes that my arms would get numb all the way down into my hand. I was in San Diego last winter and a lady down there had been to Romania for the shot treatments. I thought she was in ~er late 40 s or early 50 s and found out she was 65. She said I should get on these GH3pills. Being a doubting Thomas like I am, I didn t do it right away. We came to Spokane in April and my wife and I finally decided to try it. I swear from the first pill that I took, I knew that I was taking it. I had a flushed feeling. I do still occasionally get a very small chest pain, but it s nothing like I used to get. I m not having any numbness in my arms at all since I ve been taking it and I ve been taking it since the latter part of May. I also have another disease known as Narcolepsy. That means I can go to sleep anytime, anywhere, standing up, sitting down or lying down. I had it when I was in the Air force, and I told the doctors about it from 1968 until I retired; and the Flight Surgeon would just slap me on the back and say, "Get out of here, Fox. There s nothing wrong with you." When I got out of the service, my wife was reading a magazine and there was an article in it on Narcolepsy; and she said, "I think this is what you ve got." So I took it out to the base to the doctor and said, "Hey, this is what I ve got." He read it and said, "Mmhm. You might have it. Tell me about it." So I gave him all the symptoms. They sent me to the neurosurgeon and put me through tests that probably cost the government $5,000 or $6,000. The neurosurgeon said, "Yes, you re a textbook case. You ve got it." So they put me on 40 milligrams a day of Ritalin, which is speed, legalized speed. At the time, my wife told me, "If you re going to take that stuff, I m going to leave." So we gradually reduced that and we got it down to about 20 milligrams a day. Now, I filled my last prescription on April 24th, which is a month s supply, that s all they will give you. I ve still got enough for about 15 days. So that s how much I ve taken since then. So those are the two things it s worked for with me. 

    I have a 78 year old mother-in-law that we put on it at the same time. I brought her to Spokane in August, 1980, and she d been here nearly two years and had no knowledge of it. She was totally and completely senile. She didn t know what day it was or what time it was. The only thing she could remember was her birthday. She s now very alert mentally. She can tell you what day it is, where she is, what month it is and so forth. She knows exactly what s going on. She knows what s going on to the point now that she s like a little child in that she vies for attention like a child does; and she plans different things so that they ll come out and she ll get her way. My wife went on it at the same time. She was involved in a very bad automobile accident in 1978 and had her right leg pushed up in her hip area. She was taking therapy from a physical therapist, and had been for a long time, for what they call muscular knots. She had injections to relax the muscles in that area. Since she s been GH3, she hasn t been back to the doctor at all; and she hasn t had any problems with muscular knotting whatsoever. In conjunction with taking the GH3, we belong to a family fitness center and she s been taking physical exercises. They have you take aquatic exercises when you have this kind of muscular problem, and she s doing exercises now that she was not able to do before. 

    9909 East 9th
    Spokane, Washington 99206


         It was not long after receiving my order that the subtle improvements in vitality were beginning to be noticed. During this past month, I have noticed a continued increase in physical energy and endurance. In general, my physical and mental well being has improved. This is important to me since my lifestyle has a good deal of continuing stress in it which has the tendency to leave me fatigued and run-down at times. One thing that I ve noticed is the requirement for less food. My guess is that the Vitacel is improving the absorption of nutrients from my food intake and my body simply requires less to sustain itself. I was initially introduced to Vitacel 7 by my daughter Edith Ann Entingh, and I ordered my first bottle of Vitacel from Mr. Lamont Parkin. I plan to continue using Vitacel products and I am currently taking two Vitacel 7 s each day. 

    1791 Edgefield Ln
    Encinitas, CA 92024


         I'm eighty years of age. All of my adult life I ve had a circulatory condition resulting in bad leg problems. Even to the point where a doctor told me I d probably need an amputation some day. My left leg in the ankle area was very discolored and I was never without pain. Our son introduced us to Vitacel 7. After taking the product for several weeks, a terrible inward itching developed in the effected area. It was awful, but I d always been told that itching is a healing sign, so I continued taking Vitacel 7. Then one day the pain lessened but the itching continued. The pain then let up and the leg was getting a better color. Now a year later, my leg is almost normal color and there is absolutely no pain. May God and Vitacel be praised. 

    1105 E. 12th St. S. Apt. 314
    Newton, Iowa 50208


         My name is Martha Jo. I'm 52 years old. I ve been chronically ill for 12 years. Debilitating PMS symptoms 3 weeks of each month. Depression, digestive problems, chronic lower back problems, sciatica pain down my left leg and athritis-like flare ups. Some of this I now know was allergy. There were nutritional deficiency signs. My whole system was out of balance. I suffered from chronic fatigue. These problems were getting worse. Five years ago, I developed environmental illness, a universal reactor (total allergy syndrome) with exquisite sensitivities. The allergic reactions involved swelling in the brain, blood vessels, irritation of mucus membr8nes from eyeballs, problems with intestinal tract and joints and muscles. I ve had to live V(i2~ isolated and make many changes in everything as well as my husband. If he is in a meeting with cigarette smoke, he has to shower and shampoo immediately after getting home. He had to enclose our TV and VCR in a plexiglass box vented to the outside. He has washed lots of dishes because I haven t found a dish detergent that I can tolerate and I can only use unscented soap. All my clothing and bed clothes had to be changed for white non-perma pressed cotton. I am just beginning to tolerate some light pastel colors near my face. I won t elaborate further, you get the picture. My weight dropped from 146 to 106 over 4 years. I was deteriorating and aged 10 years in 3. I had worked steadfastly with my diet and eating a highly nutritious diet, rotating foods to keep down allergy reactions. Doctors had not helped me. Allergy treatment had helped little. I had dental fillings removed and replaced which was expensive and I still grew worse. I tried H202 and after a few weeks my stomach wouldn t tolerate it. I was all ~rgic to vitamins, minerals were okay. I want to insert here that I had reached the end of my resources and completely surrendered to Christ. I experienced a healing of my soul and my mind that involved deep hurt from my childhood and a glorious joyful fullness of spirit. 57 The following week, I went to Dr. Donsbach s Hospital Santa Monico in Rosarita, Mexico. The detoxification and nutritional infusions gave my body a big boost, they use GH3 in the treatment there. Machell Moore sent me 2 cassette tapes in February. One was Millie Allan s testimonial and the other Dr. Koch s. At first I said I m not trying anything else. After listening to the tapes a second time, I decided to at least try it. I started taking Vitacel 7 in mid-April. Very soon I could tell a difference in my tolerance level and could eat more foods. I did really great all spring. I had lots of energy and no pain. I m tolerating Vitacel 7 well with no problems. My husband is also taking Vitacel 7 now. 

    My hair and nails have also improved since starting Vitacel. 

    Gatlinburg, TN 37738


         I was waiting for my typewriter to be fixed, as I have writer s cramp so bad in my left that I couldn t hold a pen for more than this much already. After taking the Vitacel-7 for one month, the cramping is ever so much better and I find I can write this. I am 40 years old and have suffered horribly from very intense hay-fever every summer, spring and fall since 3rd grade. Often times having days when I was too overcome to even move off the couch much on high pollen days. I d be exhausted in the mornings after tossing fitfully at nights, my eyes and nose running constantly and many times a day sneezing 50 times in one bout. Any drug I ever used for relief from this suffering both over-the-counter and prescription (I must have tried a dozen and a half different ones over the years) made me too drowsy to stay awake, and dried my sinuses up like a desert. When I heard about Vitacel-7 from a friend, I was ready to try anything, especially something that was not a drug and promised no side effects. I ordered it the very first day I heard about it and eagerly waited the two weeks in early May, suffering horribly already. On Mother s Day I was still waiting and I was suffering in a closed-up house, unable even to find it worthwhile to face more misery and go to my own Mother s Day picnic or move around too much without going into paroxysms of sneezing. I mostly lay on the couch that day. The product came on Tuesday, May 12. I ll never forget that day. I ve marked it on my calendar. I took one tablet. This was at 2:30 p.m. Within 1 hour all of my symptoms stopped! Did you read that? As I read it my own self I think it sounds unbelievable. Within 1 hour my symptoms were all gone, never to return to this present hour! Praise the Lord! It s like being released from a living nightmare of a lifetime all in one hour. I can breathe, I don t sneeze. The horrible itching of my eyeballs, inner ears, mouth and lungs is gone. My eyes don t water. And this dry, dry hot year in Minneapolis has been so bad the 58 pollen count is sky-high. A lot of people who are only slightly bothered usually are really bothered this year and I don t suffer at all! I m sitting here in front of an open door, with a good pollen-laden breeze blowing on me. My hand is just now beginning to bother me, but that improvement is great. I ll cut this off soon, but before, I d have had to lay the pen down after one sentence. That s why I normally type everything. I have a couple of other s people s testimonies I ll send as soon as I get my typewriter back, but I want to use my hand to tell the rest of mine. My ankles are no longer puffy in this heat. I have much more energy. I m no longer exhausted when I get up in the morning. I feel like getting up. The skin on my face is much smoother and my complexion is much clearer and finer. I have a scar here and there on my body and they are about half what they were. My digestion is much improved. No more terrible gas pains. Had NO monthly cramps last month! Hooray for that! And I wasn t crabby either, come to think of it. I had quite a network of spider veins at each knee and they are about half. 



         On December 30, 1988,1 started taking Vitacel 7. I was having lots of pain in my lower back, knees, ankles, elbows, wrists and shoulders. I could only sleep about 2 hours at night because of the pain. The rest of the night I tossed and turned trying to relieve the pain, but it persisted. Within the first 2 weeks of taking Vitacel 7,1 was much relieved and sleeping much better. Now I sleep all night with no pain. (May 1989) I also used to be plagued with hay-fever every spring. This year I didn t have it. I also have more energy and just feel better generally and the constipation which had bothered me all my life is much improved. I am 56 and feel much younger since Vitacel 7. My husband, Ken, started taking Vitacel 7 about 2 weeks after I did. He had a knee and a hip that were giving him lots of pain and was stiffening up on him after exercising. He is much improved and sleeping better at night also. 

    We would both recommend this wonderful supplement to anyone. We d be happy to talk to anyone about it. 

    HCR66 Box 444707
    Pahrump, Nevada 89041


         I was feeling miserable with a sore throat and a cold that had lasted 30 days and didn t seem to be getting any better. I ordered Vitacel 7 and when it arrived, immediately started to use it. In 2 days, the sore throat and cold were gone and I was feeling much better. Pleasantly surprised with the general feeling of well being that I was now experiencing, I asked my husband to try Vitacel 7. He had bleeding ulcerative colitis and it was not getting any better, plus it was costing him $78.00 per week for medication. He had sustained a sports injury which stretched and damaged the cartilage in his knees and they had to be operated on. There was some nerve damage to his elbow which added to his discomfort. While in the hospital, his knee was suspended in the air for 7 days as the doctor went away. He was now left with a stiff leg. With much force and pain he could bend it slightly. Today he is not bothered with any more pain and is able to bend and use the leg that once was stiff. The ulcerative colitis is gone and we continue to enjoy good health and use Vitacel 7 faithfully. 

    2330 Pinto Rd.
    Anderson, Nevada 89015


         Although I didn t realize it at the time, my introduction to Vitacel 7 was the luckiest day of my life. Little did I know or anticipate the results that were in store for me. Six months ago I ordered Vitacel 7 after reading and hearing about others experiencing an improved quality of health after using this special vitamin. No one had anything negative to say after using it and I hoped to find benefits also. I waited for the good results, but to my amazement, instead of feeling better, I felt worse and almost discontinued using Vitacel. I knew that sometimes you feel worse before getting better and I hoped that was what was happening to me. This feeling lasted for almost two months and then gradually I started to see an improvement. My knees that had pained me for years and made going up and down the stairs almost unbearable were not giving me any discomfort. The Arthritic pain was gone. Indigestion was a problem and kept me awake most of the night. Sleep would have been impossible without Tums. One day my wife brought to my attention that the drawer still contained plenty of Tums and that I wasn t using them anymore. I hadn t noticed! The real shocker came when people noticed hair growing in the bald spot that I had had for years. I couldn t see it, but after more people noticed I looked and yes, they were right, it was growing in. Today it is completely filled in and all this in just 6 months. 

    1809 Barrow Way
    Duluth, GA 30136

    60 August 25, 1989 Aloha! 

         It has been about 3 weeks since my family has started taking Vitacel 7. There are so many things I want to share with you about how this vitamin nutrient has worked for us. Having had active, healthy grandparents for as long as I can remember, I guess I sort of took it for granted that they would always be that way. Well, in the past 4 years, things just started to go downhill for them. I ve been taking care of them since February of this year and these are the improvements they ve made so far: ENDURANCE - Grandma has a hard time walking even with a walker so we put her on a treadmill so she ll get some exercise instead of sitting or riding around all day. Before Vitacel 7, after 2 minutes, she d want to get off saying that she was sore and she was going to cry, etc, etc. After 1 day on Vitacel 7, she was able to go for 10 minutes without any complaints. She even walked down the hallway without her walker, singing! ]\IUSCLE STRENGTH - Grandma s back and stomach muscles were really shot. Things like getting her out of bed, putting her in or out of the car and even taking a bath on a special chair was quite difficult as she would always say, "I cannot" or "I'm falling." Now she s able to hold herself enough so she can get out of bed by herself, get into the car and take a bath with less help. DISPOSITION - Her attitude is happier now. She smiles more and laughs more. When she does have pain at night, she's very apologetic whereas before, she d be screaming or yelling to no end accusing me of awful things. FEELING WARMTH - For the first time since I ve been taking care of her, she can feel warmth. She used to always be cold, always wearing long sleeves and a long jacket even in tropical weather while everyone else is perspiring! Now she says that she's warm, she wears short sleeves and she perspires. The other night when my mom felt chilly because of the cool night air and asked her to roll the car window up, she replied, "I'm not cold." GRAY HAIR TURNING DARK - Both Grandma and Grandpa have dark hair now where I know wasn t there prior to Vitacel 7. Grandma s eyebrows are all dark now when they used to be all gray and Grandpa s bush eyebrows are half dark when they too used to be all gray. DISCOLORING OF FEET & CALVES - Both their feet and half of their calves had become a black purplish color. Doctors had said there was nothing that could be done. Their fcc t and calves are slowly becoming their natural color, the back purplish color has left and v o a can see shades of pink coming through. ARTHRITIS - Grandma can open and close her hands without difficulty now making it easy to play the ukulele! MORE ENERGY - Having four children under eight years of age and now two grandpa cuts to care for, I need all the energy I can get. Thanks to Vitacel 7 I can get through the day without dragging through it. I even feel good after exercising whereas before I would exercise for one hour and then sleep for three to recuperate! WEIGHT LOSS - So far I ve lost 7 pounds. My appetite has decreased and I exercise more because I feel more energetic. Believe me I'm not complaining! LIGHTER MENSTRUAL FLOW - My periods were very heavy before, so much so that I was anemic because of all the blood I'd lose. Now it's as if time has turned back to when I was a teenager. Although the pain was still there, I felt that in time my body will be free of that also since I never experienced pain with my periods until after the birth of my fourth child three years ago. TICKS & FLEAS - Not me, my dog! Every time I'd wash him, being an outside dog, he'd have ticks and fleas galore! Well, after only one tablet, I washed him and found maybe 5 ticks and 4 fleas all dead! Now I've also been giving him brewers yeast which someone told me would keep the ticks and fleas away. Although it had not worked on him, I just kept giving it to him hoping one day it might. So whether it was Vitacel 7 alone or Vitacel 7 opening up the cells so it could now take in the brewers yeast, I don't know. But I do know this could never havehappened without Vitacel 7! Are we excited about it? You bet. Things that our family lived with for years began to reverse itself within a few weeks. Even if it took a few months, it would still be worth every cent a hundred times over! You'll never know unless you try it for yourself and see what it can do for you and your loved ones. I'd be happy to talk to anyone concerning my experiences as I'd only be too happy to help. Here's to your great health!!!!

    827 Kainui Drive
    Kaulua, HI 96734


         Having enjoyed good health most of my life, I was totally surprised one day to realize all was not well. I first recognized that something was wrong one day when I tried to pour coffee into my cup. My hand shook and it spilled. I thought perhaps I was just tired and hoped that it wouldn t happen again. One day while having dinner with family members, I raised my wine glass to drink and again, the spilling occurred. It was decided then that a doctor s examination was necessary. Upon examination, the doctor said it appeared to Parkinson s Disease. To be sure, he recommended testing. The tests confirmed his diagnosis, it was Parkinson s. No need to tell you how I felt upon hearing the bad news. The doctor tried to cheer me up by saying other diseases are worse and with proper drugs I could live with it. I tried and the side effects weren t pleasant. I attended a lecture on nutrition and how it relates to aging. Vitacel 7 was mentioned and I heard others tell of the excellent benefits they received after using this vitamin product and I decided to order. The first week I didn t do too well. Perhaps because I failed to take it on an empty stomach. I increased it from 2 a day to 4 a day. Eight weeks later I was able to shave without cutting myself. The tremors stopped. Today, I am a new person thanks to Vitacel 7. I am 70 years old and a romance has blossomed in my life. By the way, one of the nicest benefits was the restoration of my libido. 

    955 E Twain #B6
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89109


         A very exciting thing has happened to me, and I am so pleased that I want to share it with others..., hence this letter. Like everyone else that is "getting older," I (at age 63) had begun to experience those signs of aging..., mostly little things. But during the past year, my blood pressure had shot up and for a number of months, my arms felt like they were weighted down with lead and I was extremely tired by late afternoon. I started having headaches daily and my head seemed to be "under pressure." I guess this was related to the high blood pressure. I saw my doctor and he started me on medication. A few weeks later, while I was still having all these symptoms, a friend told me about GH3 (discovered by a doctor in Romania 40 years ago, well-researched, tested, and harmless to the body) that brought about a rejuvenation at the cellular level. And because of that benefit, many people experienced unexpected relief from other ailments. I care about the quality of my health, so I decided to try it. WOW!! In the first 24 hours, I noticed a marked decrease in my "tired feeling." In a few days, it had disappeared completely. My headaches immediately ceased, and in about two weeks, the "leaden feeling" in my arms was gone. In the following weeks, I noticed other improvements, too. My fingernails, which had been brittle and split easily, were smooth, flexible and strong. The cuticles, too, had improved. My skin was smoother. When I now try t lie "5 second pinch test" on the back of my hand, the resulting ridge is gone in about 3 seconds! I no longer have occasional mouth ulcers and I sleep soundly. My blood pressure is almost back to normal and I have not been on the medication for the past four weeks. Even though I have been taking GH3 and GH7 for less than 3 months, overall feeling and outlook is remarkable. I have written down every single "irregularity" that I have (fro i age spots to athletes foot) to see if they disappear over months to come. Recently, I had read a best seller "Life Extension" (Warner Books) that makes mention of Gil -2, and states that aside from accidents, there is no reason why we should not live at le~ t 120 years in good health. Our bodies are made to do that. But due to our eating habits, toxins, air and water contaminants, our body cells suffer from a slow poisoning that 1 ads to cell deterioration and early "old age." This invites a host of serious aliment, cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart attacks, arthritis, etc. because our cells and immune systems are "too sick" to fight off invaders. This surely "fits" with what I have learned about GE -2! All of my parents and aunts, uncles and grandparents died of cancer (my mother at ~re 49). That leaves a gloom on my own future, but now after taking GH3 and living sei. ely, I have no worries about it. 

    1523 Brou cside Drive
    Germantown, TN 38138


         January 16, 1984 I became very ill in November of 1982. I went to the doctor and he did not find anything wrong with me. In December, I went to the hospital after going to the doctor one or more times. They gave me a CAT scan and found nothing. I had lots of medication in the hospital. I guess they thought I was going to die, so they must have given me lots. On the 29th of December, a doctor who was called in on the case found a carcinoma. I had cardiac arrest twice on December 29th, plus an operation with an incision 7 inches deep and 5 inches long. I wound up in the cardiac care unit with a temperature of 109.6, no blood pressure, and no pulse. I don t remember anything from the 19th of December until the middle of January, 1983. I came home and I knew that I was living on borrowed time. I took the drugs they gave me and felt that at anytime I could be gone. In February, 1983, Weston Robinson, a friend of ours, came to visit and saw how sick I was, and he gave me some GH3 and Zell H-3. I took it, but all hope was gone by now. After three days on the GH3 and Zell H-3, I had quit taking the drugs, and in 11 days, I had improved 100%. Thank God for Margaret and Weston Robinson and GH3. I know a miracle happened because of their belief in GH3 and bringing it to me. I m getting better every day. I also had a very high cholesterol level and now I do not have it. 

    Thanks so very much! 

    P.O. Box 1795
    Everett, Washington 98206


         As a health-conscious person and someone who practices life extension techniques through large doses of vitamins and minerals, I had to try Vitacel 7 as a preventative, rather than a cure. It sounded too good to be true, but at the same time it made sense. Well, I am happy to report that the most noticeable effect is the complete disappearance of two warts on my left hand which I have had for about five years. The first week of taking Vitacel 7 (two tablets in the morning, and two before dinner), I noticed that the pain to touch in these warts had receded. By the third week no pain at all, and the warts were getting smaller. By the fifth week, both were completely vanished. I didn t expect any noticeable results so soon, but was I surprised! I am continuing to take the Vitacel 7 because I believe it works! Even though I am in good shape at 36, I feel I can always be better. 

    12831 Holloway Road
    Tampa, FL 33625


    Dear Vita cel Friends: 

         We thank God for Vitacel and pray that the medical profession (in our country) will urgently come to acknowledge and utilize the enormous benefits of this product. Ou: 2 month old baby was diagnosed as anemic with an extremely low hemoglobin count. He was rushed to a specialist hospital where he was examined extensively. The director of pediatrics and 3 other physicians were admittingly perplexed by their findings. They advised that our baby s heart was enlarged and other organs including the liver & kidneys were abnormal in shape and size and were not positioned in the normal locations. There was also a hard swollen area in his abdomen, (considered a possible hernia), and he had a considerably increased heart rate. Since our baby s blood count was only 6 (11 being normal), the doctor s felt an emergency tra isfusion would be needed and kept him monitored with an I.V. syringe already inserted i a his arm in case the situation worsened. We were told that heart failure might occur if hi ~ blood count did not improve and that a transfusion, the only form of treatment recommended, would offer no guarantees and could further complicate matters as well. My wife and I had mixed feelings about the transfusion. However, we conceded, on the condition that if it became necessary, my wife or I would be the sole donors. It later turned out that neither of us could donate. My wife s medical history and the difference in my blood type were not suitable. On the first day, having learned of the proposal for a transfusi )fl, we began giving our baby Vitacel 7 twice daily (1/4 tablet dissolved in 1 ounce of a catal: st altered water solution). I L we studied health and nutrition and specifically food and body chemistry relationships md therefore felt that the vitamin content would be effective in stimulating blood cell levelopment. In particular, a folic acid deficiency was suspected in the milk that we were f eding our baby. Likewise, based on several testimonials I had read, it seemed that Vita ol might equally normalize the condition of the cells in the blood and various organs. Oti r baby s color, which was pale, improved almost immediately on the first day after givi ig the Vitacel 7 and by the second day we had reports that his heart rate had slowed do vn to normal and although his blood count did not increase, it stopped declining. This was enough improvement for us to have him released on the fourth day, after which at home we c )ntinued the Vitacel 7. Today, (a month later) he has totally recovered, is 5 lbs. heavier a~ .4 everything appears to be normal. 

    Lawrence & Iluminada Rumph
    122 Reo Blvd., N.W.
    Warren, Ohio 44483


         Two years ago, my leg started to ache and walking became difficult. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed my problem as Sciatica and treatments were started. The pain not only persisted but became worse. Not knowing what to do, I went to the Texas Back Center. X-rays were taken and showed that my right hip had collapsed. I was referred to Frank Gottschalk, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at the Texas Medical Center. He examined me and looked at my x-rays. It was determined that a hip replacement was necessary, but he also took a biopsy of the leg bone and the results showed that the bone cells were dead. Amputation was necessary. A hip replacement was necessary. The surgery was scheduled in a month. A hip replacement I could live with, but I could not accept the fact that I was going to loose a leg. A dear friend told me about Vitacel 7 and I ordered some hoping that it might help. I started out the first and second day with just one tablet and then increased it to eight a day, four in the morning and four in the evening. A month passed and it was time for surgery. That day another bone biopsy was taken and much to the doctor s surprise, there was complete bone regrowth. What good news! Dr. Gottschalk wanted to know everything that I had taken since the first biopsy and I told him about Vitacel 7. I mentioned that it got it s start in Europe over 40 years ago, known in Europe as GH3. To my surprise, he knew of it as a special vitamin that had been proven effective for many diseases but never knew it could regrow bone cells. 

    The post operative check-up looked good. The scar was fading fast and there was little discomfort left from the extensive hip drilling. I don t want to loose my leg nor do I want any further surgery. I feel great! 

    3408 Lynbrook
    Plano, Texas 75075


         I should have written this three years ago while Ramsey was alive. This is his testimony. Ramsey was our beloved dog. He was a wonderful old Malamute and weighted 85 pounds. He lived to be 17 and was in good shape until the end. Three years ago, I noticed a swelling in his throat, his whole neck was swollen. I rushed him to the veterinarian and upon examination he told me Ramsey had a large growth that was blocking the air passage and surgery was necessary to remove it. I did not consent to the operation as I felt Ramsey was too old and I did not want to subject him to any unnecessary discomfort. Plus, he might not survive the operation. Ramsey and I went home and I decided to do the best I could to make him comfortable. 

         My mother and I had been using Vitacel 7 for some time. Other than arthritis in my hands, we were both healthy. However, we wanted the added protection that this 66 vitaminic compound could give us. A lady I knew had a dog that had developed a tumor and the doctors told her it required surgery. She gave the dog the tablets every day and in a week it \ as gone. So, I gave Ramsey Vitacel 7. The swelling went down and the vet was surprised. After examining him, he told me he never saw or heard of anything like that before. Ramsey was in a great deal of pain from arthritis also at the time. He had trouble getting up, and when he did, he cried. He was starting to slow down. After giving Ramsey Vitacel 7, the arthritis was arrested immediately. He seemed to continue a much fuller life, taking long walks through the park up until a week before he died. He still had his hearing and he could spot a rabbit a block away. The veterinarian said he acted like a dog half his age. He to k his pill disguised in a piece of liver sausage every day. In March, he stopped eating. Hi stem just started to shut down in a normal way. I knew his time was limited now. The last day of his life he stared at the light and died peacefully at 4:00 a.m. A wonderful end at home for a noble animal. No tubes, operations or doctors, thanks to Vitacel 7. Seventeen years for such a big dog is remarkable, almost unheard of. I really don t believe the quality of his life would have been what it was without Vitacel 7. Oh, by the way, he wn s missing only two teeth in his whole mouth, the back ones. 

    3454 W. 6441 Place
    Chicago, IL 60629


         "I was born in a small town, and as far back as I can remember, I suffered from Psoriasis. I vaguely remembered being given a bath one day by my mother. This was long before Kindergarten days. I was in a big round galvanized tub in the middle of the kitchen floor, when my mother screamed at my father to come and have a look in my hair and my scalp. My dad s first reaction was... "He has ringworm." He probably got it from the cattle. It was not long after that small round patches started to appear on my legs just between my ankles and my knees. When I went to public school, my legs were always covered in long pants and in those days all athletic sports were held in the playground. The public school health nurse started examining all of the kids and when it was my turn, she discovered my skin problem. The public school health nurse did not know what I was suffering from, but she made the arrangements for me to visit with her doctor. Well, it was getting very, very scary and hard on my nerves plus trying to study in class with all this on my mind. At the doctor s office we went into an ultra-violet light room. In there, the doctor started picking samples of scales from off of my scalp until my head was very sore. 67 After my first of many treatments, I was told not to play with any of the other kids at school or in my neighborhood because the school officials thought that I was very contagious. I remember being sent home with all my belongings out of my school locker. I watched them spray the locker with disinfectant. I was bewildered the day the nurse sent me home. They had stripped be naked, examined me, then gave me a salve and a liquid solution to rub on my sores. They told me that I would be out of school until further notice, but that I should report at the same time to the doctor s clinic every week. Except for the mental strain and the itching scabs on my legs and in my head, I felt physically very strong. When I went back to the clinic the next week, another situation had developed. The liquid solution they had given me had started to make the skin on my hands peel off. The doctor s explanation was to get someone to give me rubber gloves to put on when I was applying the lotion. The pattern never changed through public school and somehow I managed to pass into high school. With my new high school life, my skin problem appeared to take a rest from my legs, but remained in my hair and scalp. The rest was short lived. I had a new outbreak, not only on my legs, but on my arms and elbows. I had to get a note from home to get excused from gym exercises. All went well until a new gym instructor came to take over. He was young and demanded that I wear gym shorts and take gym classes. When I told him in confidence about my skin condition [WHICH AT THIS POINT WAS STILL NOT CLASSIFIED AS PSORIASES] he had me immediately expelled. At this shocking time, I once again saw my locker fumigated and gym clothing taken to the furnace room to be burned. At this point, I mentally and physically gave up. It was only one month away from the graduation date for grade twelve and I was expelled for something no one seemed to know anything about. The town was small, everybody knew each others business and health conditions. I could not get a job. It was due to ignorance back in those days. I often heard this told to me, "Sorry fella, but the whole plant may catch what you ve got!" The year was 1950. It was at this point in time that I left for the city. I was in bad shape. My toenails were thick and hard, my calves of both legs were plastered, my shins of my legs had large patch areas in dimensions of 7 inches long by 3 inches wide ofjust solid scab. My thighs had large round patches. My buttocks had eighteen to twenty patches. The pit in my back had one big sore which never changed. My stomach area had four or five small patches, my forearms had matching patches as well as by elbows. When I came to the city, I had given up on the doctor s prescribed medicines and salves because I had spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars with no relief in sight. And I read the ads and tried nearly everything on the market. And now that I was here in the big city of Toronto, I had to find a new doctor as well as a barber to cut my hair. The year is 1959. My new doctor, who was in his late sixties, told me I had PSORIASIS and wanted me to try some whitish-pink thick, gritty salve he had in big round can. The salve had a musty type of odor to it and it soiled my clothing as well as the bed linens. The smell was unbearable in my clothing. This salve was only effective in softening the large crusty scales, but only for a day or two. My doctor told me after a medical examination that I should watch my prostrate system closely and if there was any change, he advised me to have an operation. Now I had something else to worry about. My doctor passed away shortly after. The year is 1970. NOW NO MORE THICK SALVE AVAILABLE. 68 I now believed that I would be covered with scabs until it was my time to die. My worst months were usually January and February for new eruptions to appear and take over more of my body. If I placed my fingers behind my ears, there would be a secretion behind my ears that smelled the same as my thick toenails. Even the light weight of the bed linen on my body would cause me burning pain all through the night. My toenails would also pain me. I suffered with this up until 1988. I received a call from Sophia Perlick in the spring of 1988 about a product she thought I might be interested in sharing with people up in Canada. I asked her if it might be good for the prostrate. Her only answer was that it would not hurt to try it. The product was Vitacel 3. I received my Vitacel 3 in late April 1988, and after about a week I noticed a change in my complete physical condition such as follows: I was sleeping better, and when I awoke in the morning and got out of bed to go to the washroom I did not have the excruciating pains in my ankle joints that I would suffer with first thing every morning. I also found that I was walking about 50% faster and that my wife mentioned that my scalp was clearing up and she said in passing, "IF THIS KEEPS UP, I WON T HAVE ANYTHING TO PICK AT!" I have also had to wear a hair piece for as long as I can remember to cover the scales, as well as a full beard to cover the scales and massive scab that covered my left cheek and under my jaw and half of my chin. After three weeks of Vitacel 3, Cal-Mag, and Vita-Mins (of which I take 2 of each morning and night) my Psoriasis started to clear up. First the smell went away, and then the burning itching sensation and almost in no time at all the sores disappeared. The summer of 1988 was the first summer in my entire life that I could wear shorts, bathing suits, sleeveless shirts, etc. I have a very good physique. To be sure of my successful battle with Psoriasis, I had to wait until the January and February of 1989 to see if it would flare up again, but I am happy to announce that it did not! Right now my skin is healthy and my new family doctor has checked me out including my blood pressure and has told me the best advice he could give me is to stay away from my doctor.


    3065 Lenester Drive, #48
    Mississauga, ONTARIO L5C 2B8


         Approximately three months ago, I started my daughter on Vitacel 7. Charity was born with hydrocephalus. Her first surgery was performed at 3 1/2 months for a shunt implant. She has had a total of 17 surgeries, several which have caused irreversible nerve damage (doctors term, not mine) to the brain. Charity has been labeled Autistic and had many Autistic-like behaviors. She does well scholastically, but her social development has been slow, as so has her relationship to our world. The best way to describe Charity would be the same terms and behaviors used to describe a stroke victim. She has the knowledge and intelligence, but has problem articulating. Since she has been on Vitacel 7, there has been a definite improvement in her capabilities. She is beginning to initiate friendships and conversations with her peers. Her comprehension has improved and her frustrations are at a minimum. I was so pleased with the extra benefits we as a family have experienced. The asthma and PMS that Charity was afflicted with are gone. Verlet, my 11 year old, has no more allergies. My arthritis is gone. My husband s narcolepsy is improving steadily. What a remarkable product! Thank you sincerely for making it available. 

    2147 Live Oak Springs Road
    Campo, CA 92006


         Some time ago, my friend from work got me to try Vitacel 7 to help with my high blood pressure. I was also taking blood pressure medication. My blood pressure went down, but I gave credit to my medications, increased exercise by walking, diet change, etc., and I stopped taking Vitacel 7. Then about three weeks ago, I got a middle ear infection (virus?) called Labyrinthitis. I had this about 1 1/2 years ago and was very sick, to the point of being immobile on the floor, bed or wherever I happened to be when these attacks hit, till they eased. I spent 6 weeks feeling very sick and then it gradually eased off. Again, this was on the mend, only slightly bothering me, when I took Vitacel 7. This year during the holidays, I again got Labyrinthitis and had to be driven home. I couldn t drive and my daughter bussed to pick me up and drive my car and me home. My friend saw me 2 weeks later at work (I was trying to work when I felt not too bad) and said, "Why aren t you taking Vitacel 7 anymore?" My blood pressure was up (I was still taking my medications) so I took Vitacel 7 and noticed a difference right away (2 tablets a.m. before I went to bed as I came off the night shift). In 3 days, I had p~ symptoms at all and people said I "looked alive." At my doctor s appointment, my blood pressure was back to a good range of 142/80 from 160/100 the previous week! Then for 2 days, I did not take Vitacel 7 and was dizzy again! 70 This morning I m taking them again. I know the Labyrinthitis is still waiting to take over, and Vitacel 7 has made it possible for me to live a normal life and work. The doctors here and in Edmonton told me, "It s just something you have to live with and it will probably recur off and on the rest of your life." But now I know I can do something about it. The drug, Antivert that they prescribe for this is to control the nausea and dizziness, but I still feel very sick and have very bad spells even with Antivert. However, with Vitacel, I noticed 4 hours after my first 2 pills it was gone for all intents and purposes and I can function normally. One month s supply of Vitacel 7 costs about the same as 30 Bonamine 25 mg. tablets (similar to Antivert, but not as many medications), and the instructions are, Take 1 tablet 4 times daily as needed." One bottle doesn t go far and my doctor said when I needed more, just let him know. After 3 weeks, I still have Bonamine left! With Vitacel 7, I don t need them at all! 

    Thanks for the help. 

    504 - 100th Avenue
    Dawson Creek, B.C. V1G 1V7 Canada


         I started taking Vitacel 7 in September, 1988, for the arthritis I ve had real bad, and also, for the swelling in my legs, hands and face that I ve had real bad since December, 1987. Doctors, hospitals and a lumbar spine test showed arthritis real bad in my back as well as in the rest of my body. I couldn t get up out of a chair or in and out of my car without help. I started improving in a little over a week, so friends had me ordering Vitacel 7 for them. I ve referred 19 people to Vitacel 7 since I started taking it. I feel so good and get around so much better. People who know me have noticed the new me. The varicose veins in my legs have gone down and they don t hurt as bad. Also, I ve lost 10 pounds. Try it. It has worked great for me. I will be glad to talk to anyone about it. You may use my full name and mailing address if you wish to do so. Just keep my orders coming. It s great! 

    Thanks to N.E.L. for this good product and please keep my orders filled. 

    Route 3, Box 1014
    Rockwall, TX 75087


         My name is Patrick Logan. I am a therapist in Fort Worth, Texas. I do many types of therapies, but I try to be holistic in my approach to health care. I have been taking Vitacel 7 for several years, but as I have nothing or very little wrong with me, I have not seen any special changes. But with other people, that s a different story! 

         Two years ago, my youngest son, Steve, then 27 years old, was trying to start a fire in his back yard. It was starting to rain and the woodpile just would not catch fire. Steve then slowly poured 2 gallons of gas on the wood and it finally caught fire and blew up at the same time. The fire ball went completely around him. The fire took the skin off both of his legs. I took him to the hospital with second and third degree burns. The doctors said he would be in therapy for months and require plastic surgery. I started giving him eight Vitacel a day, the day of the burn. I took him to therapy every day in a wheelchair. He needed a pain shot going into therapy and coming out. 

         He walked out of therapy in three weeks and in a few months you could barely tell that he had ever been burned. He never needed surgery. 

         A more recent case around three months ago concerns a 61 year old lady with shingles (Herpes Zoster). When I first saw her, she had around one week to live. Shingles is not usually life threatening, but if it starts in the neck and comes up and around the face to the eyes, blindness will result followed by death. The hospital would not admit her. They as much as told her to go home and die. I did everything I knew to do including eight Vitacel a day. I needed the Vitacel 7 to heal the immune system, the nerves were eaten up in her face and neck and also to heal the skin itself As I said, I used other therapies in conjunction with the Vitacel 7, but I had one week to bring her back. She looked like a leper with huge running sores that would have taken many months to heal, even if her life were saved. She began to heal right away and she returned to work three weeks later. In two months, her skin looked normal. 

         I believe Vitacel 7 to be a miracle of the highest order. I am 52 years old and take eight Vitacel 7 a day myself. I don t have anything wrong with me and with my good eating habits, exercise, stress management and Vitacel 7,1 plan to not have anything wrong and live to a ripe old age with perfect health. 

    I have many more stories to tell about Vitacel 7 but I m sure you get the idea. 

    5824 Sandra Drive
    Forth Worth, TX 76133

    July 31, 1990 

    Hi there! 

    My name is Carmelo Baysa. I own a ballroom dance studio in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

         I've been taking Vitacel 7 for about ten months. At that time, my friend Greg told me about Vitacel 7, but I didn t expect to see results so soon. You see, I love my job but when you re in business for yourself, there are times when things can get stressful. I ve had ulcers before and I knew when she called in August of 1989 that I had it again. Well within 3 months, the pain I experienced from the ulcers was gone! Thank goodness. My smile was genuine once again and not an effort to cover up my pain. Also I realized that I was not experiencing the intense stress that I used to have when showcase time came around as I was extra busy with ticket sales, choreographing routines for my students, planning the decorations and designing and sewing the beautiful gowns and outfits for them, most of which took countless hours of hand sewing for the beads, sequins and fur trims. Needless to say, when you re not tied up in knots, life can be beautiful. Also I have so much energy now! And my vision has improved too! My right eye was so sensitive to light that I needed to wear dark glasses all the time or my vision would be blurry. But it s just fine now. As I started to share this with my students, I had one woman tell me that the flab under her arms disappeared. Another one almost cancelled all her dance lessons because she had undergone surgery for her varicose veins and her legs were so painful, she could hardly walk let alone dance. I told her about Vitacel 7 and she agreed to give it a try. In 2 weeks she was back in my dance studio dancing her heart out. No more pain! Several weeks ago, I was doing an exhibition with my student Amy and somehow damaged the ligament of my right leg. I was in pain from the hip down and what made it worse, I had to dance in 2 more competitions! The pain was so bad after that that I couldn t bend down to put on my socks and shoes or even walk on that leg. And then I thought, why not increase my Vitacel 7 from 2 to 6 a day. Well, wouldn t you know it? In about 5 days the pain just about disappeared. My arthritis in my left thigh is gone too. I have presently gone back to 2 Vitacel 7 s a day. We just had our second child in December and my wife is taking Vitacel 7 while breast feeding our baby who is so healthy! Currently there are 18 dance students who are seriously taking it. Would I recommend Vitacel to everyone? You bet I would and I do too! It s one of the best decisions I ve made. 
    All the very best. 

    1418 Kapiolani Blvd.
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96814


         Sometime back I was introduced to GH7 (Vitacel 7). As with so many products which promised to relieve the swelling and pain of arthritis, I was skeptical. Not any longer. After one month of using GH7, I have completely quit my prescribed dosage of four pain pills daily which were also having adverse effects. I am now having less pain and swelling in my joints than in years. I enjoy sewing and was pleased to find that the thimble now fits clear down to the first knuckle. Another plus, my nails are stronger than ever. I have no more stomach problems which came with my old medication for arthritis. Overall, I have more energy and an improved sense of well-being. This is all in the first month. Here is the bottom line, I was spending over sixty dollars a month on prescription medication to help with the discomfort of my arthritis. I now have more relief with no adverse effects for about one quarter of the cost. Can a person afford not to try GH7? That is entirely up to each individual. To me, there is no true price for good health. 

    Beaverville, IL


         I must say that after taking Vitacel 7, it cleared up the fungus that I had under my fingernails for over twenty years and nothing I did seemed to be of any help. I took Vitacel 7 for over a year, and all of a sudden, the fungus was gone. 

    517 - 16th Avenue North
    South St. Paul, MN 55075

    June 9, 1990 

    To Whom it May Concern: 

         I was introduced to a new product called "Vitacel 7" around August 1st in 1989. After reading the literature on the product, I found out that it was not new, but certainly new to me. I read the different testimonials, read about some of the famous people that use the product and I read about the product in general. I ordered a two month supply around the middle of February 1990. If Vitacel 7 was really effective, I wanted to see what it would do for my allergies. I need to interject something at this point. I have been a life-long hay fever victim, and I mean big time hay fever. It had gotten so bad in the last few years that our family doctor has prescribed cortisone tablets to take care of the problem. I started taking Vitacel 7 on or around March 1st, and I took the tablets within the guidelines of the instructions on the outside of the bottle. 74 In two weeks, I noticed something that has never happened before. For as long as I can remember, I have had sore gums, and gums that bleed when I flossed or brushed vigorously. Because of the soreness of my guns, I avoided flossing like the plague. Mound the middle of March it struck me that my gums were no longer sore and irritated! I was able to floss without any bleeding and without any pain, and I could work the floss aggressively between my teeth for a more thorough job. As impressed as I was, however, the real test of the effectiveness of the product would be the way it would combat my hay fever. To make a long story short. The period of March 15th to May 15th (which is the height of the hay fever season) was the most allergy free period of my entire life. Except for a three or four hour hay fever attack that occurred on April26 in St. Louis and a minor attack at my home on Sunday, April 8, the misery of hay fever was virtually non-existent this year. I will admit that the attack in St. Louis was a big one, and it happened as soon as we pulled into St. Louis. It went on for three or four hours and then it disappeared as mysteriously as it came. The runny nose, the itchy, watery eyes, that stuffed-up sinus condition that accompanies an allergy attack..., well, I kept waiting for a hay fever attack with those above-mentioned symptoms to explode, but it never happened, and I know why. I am convinced that my hay fever problems did not just suddenly disappear in 1990. Taking Vitacel 7 has made a big difference in my life, and I appreciate this opportunity to write this testimonial letter to let people know what it did for me. I have purposely avoided spreading the word about Vitacel 7 until I was thoroughly convinced that it really works, and I would spread the word once I was sure it had worked for me. I know Vitacel 7 has given me more energy to do more job-related and home related chores. As a school band director and professional musician, I am constantly on the go and I spend many hours (late hours) getting those things done which have to get done so deadlines can be met. Even though Vitacel 7 has not helped my sleep habits, I am now able to spend the necessary time it takes to complete these deadlines. I feel the extra energy that comes from taking Vitacel 7 has given me the ability to endure more. Stress is a big problem in my job and I firmly believe that taking Vitacel has a lot to do with the alleviation of a great deal of stress. I encourage you to read as much literature on this product as possible so you will learn more about it. I started off by taking Vitacel 3 (GH3), and on May 201 switched to Vitacel 7 since it was my understanding that the Vitacel 7 gets into your system a little quicker than the Vitacel 3. I experienced a minor headache for about 2 days when I first started taking the product, and to be honest I was kind of glad. The minor headache was an indication to me that something was happening as a result of my taking the tablets. I am also extremely impressed that something so helpful is so reasonably priced (between $14.00 and $16.00 for a months supply). Feel free to call or write if you have any questions. 

    1507 Rich Rd West
    Memphis, Arkansas 72301


         Poon, my 5 year old Chinese Shar Pei (the wrinkled puppy) has suffered from skin eruptions and allergies all of his life. His medical bills in one year were $2,000. His vet calls it an immune system problem. He had weekly shots, daily pills and ointment plus weekly baths. Last month, after reading about another pet using Vitacel 7,1 started Poon on Vitacel 7 morning and night. Within a week, his scratching was subsiding. Within two weeks, his skin lesions were drying up and by the end of the month, his coat was filling in. He is on his rest week now and starting to itch again, so I am counting the days until he is back again on our "miracle pill".

    6843 Anglebluff Circle
    Dallas, TX 75248


         I feel I had a pretty good vitamin program worked out for myself, but now with Vitacel 7 added in, I do feel much better. I had some arthritis starting to come into a finger in my left hand, even though I was taking fish oil. After only two and one half weeks, the arthritis was gone. My blood pressure has gone from 136 over 86 to 127 over 76. A pain in my right shoulder has lessened quite a bit. I get up early each morning and feel more refreshed. I have more energy all day long and I don t get hungry as often as I used to. Because of not getting hungry as much, I m losing weight without really trying. 

    319 Bershire Road
    Fairless Hills, PA 19030


         I have received great results from Vitacel 7 for the following conditions: 1 .Tic-Douloureux 2 .Bursitis 3.Tendonitis 

    I also feel so much better otherwise and would not be without this special nutrient. 

    3127 Linda Drive
    Memphis, TN


         What I have to share with you is nothing short of an awakening! My sister, who has a brain injury from birth; my roommate, who has severe cerebral palsy; and myself, who suffers from arthritis, phlebitis, colitis and severe dermatitis (that I feel has progressed to psoriasis), as well as having had several bad back injuries, all began taking Vitacel 7 in February of 1988. We all noted remarkable changes in our lives. We felt better in every way. We had more energy, needed less sleep, had no more bouts with depression, experienced no more pain from arthritis, and my phlebitis disappeared. I had no more bouts with colitis, and a bonus.., my hair started coming in black again! Friends noted how much brighter my sister was and how well she was progressing. Indeed! She progressed from February to December through two complete developmental stages and is continuing to progress. We felt so good that it was easy to forget how rotten we had felt before Vitacel 7. When money began to be short and we were scraping to be able to afford to move to a better location, we let ourselves off the Vitacel 7 and had been off it since December. Oh, what a mistake that was. Our move was the most horrible of all we could imagine. The stress was greater than it had ever been before. My roommate mentioned to me, "It s too bad we got off Vitacel 7!" Oh, how right she was. It was then that we realized how much we had given up when we let it go. We will never be without it again! My roommate s balance improves and she had no more cramping of her muscles and no more pain from her arthritis. My sister did not complain of hurts either. The memory problem that my sister and my roommate had was greatly improved, and so was mine! I also had people who had not seen me for ages tell me how much younger I looked. And they had remembered me from six or so year ago! I know, now, that we will make sure we have Vii acel on hand, always. God really blessed us when my friend introduced me to Vitacel; tid we don t intend to be without those blessings again. We are sharing it with our neighbe s here in our new place, and we hope to see their success with Vitacel 7 too. 1 hank you for marketing such a fine and wonderful product. I was sorry to learn that Dr. kna Aslan, the discoverer of Gerovital H3 (GH3), the forerunner of Vitacel 7, had passed on. It would have been nice if she could have lived to see GH3 acclaimed, as well as learned what Dr. Robert Koch had developed by expanding on her formula. I believe that its true value should be known world-wide. I am very happy, however, that the demise of Dr. Ask has not inhibited our access to Vitacel 7. Thank you again. 

    P.O. Box 387
    Onalaska, WA 98570


         Hi! My name is Mary Lou Clark. Something fantastic has happened to me and I wish to share the experience. On June 10, 1990, I was introduced to Vitacel 7. After taking it for only two short days, my life was changed forever for the better. 

         In that length of time, my hearing in my left ear was restored to me. It had been almost 10 years since I had heard anything very well due to a severe sinus condition. Oh, yes, the sinus condition is gone also. Even my energy level is extraordinary. By the way, my daughter tells me I m much easier to get along with now that my stress level has been reduced. 

         Thanks for taking time to read this. It could be the beginning of a new and better life for you. Write or call me and let me know. 

    Rt. 10 Box 430
    Lenoir, North Carolina


         My husband and I started taking Vitacel 7 two years ago upon the recommendation of a friend. At that time, I weighed 191 pounds and my husband weighed 225 pounds. I now weigh 167 and my husband weighs 180 pounds. This was done without dieting or any medication. Yes, we were a bit overweight but both of us look and feel great now. 

         Before taking Vitacel, my husband had a problem. There was a blood streaked discharge coming from his eye. I became worried and thought he should see a doctor, he didn t want to. With the continued use of Vitacel 7, the discharge stopped. 

    We both enjoy telling folks about this wonderful vitamin and what it has done for us. 

    7250 So. Washtenaw
    Chicago, IL 60629


         I would like to tell others about my family s experience with Vitacel 7. I have been suffering from ch mAc back pain for many years from an injury sustained while training in the Armed Forces. I don t use any drugs at all. It wasn t till last November (1989) that I heard from my wife s fri~nd, Pam Simms, about GH7 (Vitacel 7). I was quite dubious about how it had helped others at first. I suffer from degenerative osteoarthritis, disc wear and nerve pressure. I have a lot of pain in i y neck, mid-back and lumbar area, which affects my left hip and leg. Only people who suffer this pain can appreciate how I feel! When a spasm occurs, I have to take to bed rest and/or walk around the home with crutches at times. This leads to some depression and anger on my part, an it is difficult for my wife and my son, Michael 4 years, and my daughter, Rachel 5 years. I am 52 ears old and have lived for years with the fear of being put in a wheelchair eventually. C wily a few days after I began using GH7, I noticed a tremendous difference that this started t put on my daily living. I know this may sound corny, but my crutches are now in the basemei. , unused. At first, I had a few spasms like a lightning bolt it would hit me. While feeling v in,it would eventually go away to the point that I could even weight-lift the same day. ft / daughter, Rachel has a problem with her immune system and gets colds quite often. Her upper lip and nose would flare up and get red and crusty. Like many others, I thought I would put her on Vitacel 7, one a day for a week or so. Well, to my surprise, not only has this problem leared up, but her personality has mellowed and she is more pleasant. She also sleeps better a longer. Whenever we notice the "sniffles" coming on, we give her GH7 and it clears it up. It a o is helping her hair thicken and grow, as she was born with very fine and short hair, which a live years of age is not much longer than her brother Michael s hair. We have really noticed ~e difference, as it is quickly becoming thicker and growing longer. "wife, Lesley, for many years has suffered from a 15-day menstrual period and has been quite an LfllC from this factor. As well as being very, very miserable! So I gave her a few GH7 for a week and her menstrual period stopped at six days! She is taking GH7 on a more regular basis and fed much better emotionally; and in time we can see improvement, as it is cleaning out her uterus. d overall she is feeling better. ave little if no pain now, as long as I take my GH- 7 regularly. I tell my people about Dr. Koch s )duct, as so many suffer from so many allergies, bad diet, pills and drugs. I just can t get Over ow much energy I have now and how it has helped our family. P the time of this letter, Rachel has chicken pox, with only a dozen spots. People can t get ovei r well she is doing, as we are giving her GH7 every day to help fight this. We took her to tl & )ctor yesterday and considering the minimal itching, she is doing well. I m sure GH7 is heli ig ~er. i clusing, I wish to thank Dr. Koch and all the people I ve met at the seminars in the Vancou r, B.C. area for sharing their experiences and the zeal they show for the benefits they ve had by i ing the Vitacel products of Nutritional Engineering, Ltd. 

    2279E. it%Ave.
    Vancou\ ,B.C. V5N2X1 Canada
    phone (604) 875-9810 

    P.S. N lick operation either! 


         PRAISE THE LORD FOR VITACEL 7. It has turned my life around. doctors labeled me a "pain patient," destined for life in a wheelchair. It was most discouraging when doctors, including specialists, told me for years, "Sorry, I cannot help you." Then came Vitacel 7. For years I had been taking arthritic medication, continually having to take stronger and stronger prescriptions. The latest one being Naprosyn 500 mg twice a day. After two weeks of Vitacel 7, I was able to completely eliminate that dreadful drug. I have not had to indulge in Naprosyn since. The true test came just recently, as we just returned from a lengthy trip to the East coast, where the humidity was nearly unbearable, and Vitacel 7 did its job - NO MORE NAPROSYN! My problem shoulders are much less painful now as well as the chronic bursitis in both hips. Neck pain from structural problems has improved along with the total hip replacement pain. I am able to walk better and with more comfort. One of the most astonishing developments is the absence of the burning pain in the damaged nerves in my legs that has plagued me since 1950, caused by extensive back surgery. The "Doners Spot" pain, in my pelvic, from spinal fusion, is much lessened, as well as the entire lower back. Even the chronically damaged nerve root between my shoulder blades is better. Now I ride a bicycle, which I have not done for decades. I am able to lead a much more active life. The healing of the damaged cells in all these areas is a result of taking Vitacel 7 twice daily. A miraculous breakthrough for pain relief and Vitacel 7 to enhance each other for natural healing. Nothing can eliminate all pain. There are no miracles in this world, but by taking Vitacel 7 daily, my world is less painful and I can now do more and live life more fully and comfortably. 

    5652 E. Cicero Rd.
    Mesa, AZ 85205


         I have noticed a lot of changes in my self since I have been taking Vitacel 7. I have had severe back pain for years and just of late one ear has been giving me problems along with blurred vision. What is it they say? Hit 40 and everything goes to hell? Well, all of these things have cleared up. The most important is the back pain which I have had since 17. That is a great relief, no more pain. The only thing that has not changed is my spelling, ha, ha. In that I will always be hopeless. 

    445 3rd Ave. West
    Dickinson, N.D. 58601


         Some years ago, I had surgery and it left me with nerve pain that radiated down the left side of my neck and left arm. I heard about Vitacel 7 at a health and wellness fair. I ordered Vitacel 7 and after using it for a few weeks all pain was gone. 

    Lake Forest, IL


         The medication that was prescribed for my hiatal hernia I soon learned was addicting. I st Ii had discomfort even though I continued to use the medication. I felt like I was walking around in a daze. I discontinued the drug and lived with the condition and pain. In 1975, I was in an accident and injured 2 vertebras and Darvon was prescribed. X-rays at the time showed Osteoporosis. I was told that there wasn t any cure, it was old age and I had to live with it. In 1982, I started what was then available and known as GH3. In two months, the pain from the hiatal hernia was gone. In 1983, I re-injured my back. The doctor wanted to prescribe medication but knowing the side effects I refused it. X-rays were taken and to my amazement, they did not show any osteoporosis. I was told that I had the back of a forty-year old woman. The ridges on my nails are also gone. 

    Evanston, IL


         I am in the fitness equipment business. I do a lot of trade shows and football clinics. This rep tired a lot of standing and walking on concrete floors. Over the years, my feet got so bad t iat I had to drive with my shoes off. Whenever I was sitting down, my shoes came off. 1 t t to the point that I limped whenever I walked. ~ tnally a friend gave me twenty tablets of GH7. Before I used all of the tablets, my pain warn gone and I was walking normal again. My toenails are growing straight and the color ha~ to turned. When I caught the flu, I went to the hospital because I thought I was having a a heart attack. I was having breathing problems. Testing revealed that I had the flu virus. I took four 0H7 tablets every eight hours. Five days later, I was still working, never h A a fever, and never lost my appetite. Whenever I felt weak, I would lie down for an hou r two. Then, back to work I would go. This product is the best I ve every had. 

    333 Belvue Ave
    Trentor 221 08618


         I've taken Vitacel for two months and I am very impressed so far. I have arthritis in my hips. This causes me to walk bent over in severe pain. I can walk almost straight at times. The pain is not as severe and my energy level is very high. Now I am able to do a little house work. I thank you for this product. 

    445 Montgomery St.
    Trenton, NJ 08618


         My name is Quincy Stingle and my husband s name was John. Two years ago, I was told that I had cancer of the breast and that it would have to be surgically removed. A date was set and I "steeled" myself for the dreadful ordeal. About a month before the operation, I heard a radio personality tell someone about Vitacel 7. Fortunately, she did not have cancer, but she told about the benefits that she received from this tablet. I felt that I too might find some benefits and I ordered some for myself. Operation day came and that wasn t too bad but I wasn t looking forward to the chemotherapy treatments. These treatments lasted five months and I had not had the balding that others had experienced. My hair just thinned a little in a small area that was not noticeable to anyone except my self. However, the medical staff was amazed at how well I did. The post operation exam went well and my doctor was surprised at how well and fast the scar was healing. Plus, I wondered why I didn t have the horrible side effects that others had from the chemotherapy. The great nausea and vomiting that I was told to expect, never happened. To say that I felt terrific would be an untruth, but the minor queasiness was worth the trade off for added years that I hope to have. John, my deceased husband, had a disabling stroke and was confined to bed for some time. After trying Vitacel 7 and feeling the new energy lift and lack of depression that I was experiencing, I decided to give Vitacel 7 to John. After a week, I noticed that he was more alert and seemed to be in a better mood. No need to say I was pleased! After a few weeks, I noticed brown fuzz on his head. I couldn t believe my eyes. Each week there was a little more and I soon could comb it. My son, who lives in California, came to visit and was quite amazed at his father s new hair growth. He had never seen his father with any hair. Truthfully, I wish we had heard of Vitacel 7 years ago. Perhaps John and I would have been spared the heartache that we both experienced when we were stricken with disease. I almost forgot to mention that my arthritis has also disappeared. 

    4034W. 21st P1
    Maywood,IL 60513


         hello, my name is Phillip Grimes. I am 4 1/2 months old. I have eczema all over my body. I mommy kept taking me to the doctor and the hospital. It didn t do any good. I got ~ o"-~o. My mommy gave me baths and put all kinds of creams on me. I just kept itching and wI W flakes kept falling from my head. I just looked a mess! Then one day this man came over and gave my mommy a bottle. She said, "Here goes! I ve tried everything!" She broke the one tablet into four pieces. She gave me one in the morning and one at night. Well, it worked! In just nine days my eczema was gone! If I could talk, I would thank the guy who gave me those pills. 

    224W ieAve.
    Trenton, NJ 08618


         After using my bottle of GH7, I was amazed to find out that the pain in my fingers, knees and my feet have gone. I have more energy. My well being is wonderful. This product oally works. 

    75Cai St.
    Trenton, NJ 08609


         For the past 15 years, I have suffered from migraine headaches. I was averaging about - ~r 3 a week. Occasionally, the headaches were so severe that it would affect my stomac md I would have to throw up. Needless to say, on these days I could not go to work. About 6 months ago, I was introduced to the Vitacel 7. I began taking 2 Vitacel 7 tablets p r day and within a week my headaches were greatly reduced. I then started taking ~ t tablets once a day and I have had only minor headaches and then only infrequent] V mn my first bottle ran out, I neglected to reorder the tablets and within a few week~ .y- headaches returned. im once again taking 2 Vitacel 7 tablets per day and I am happy to say that my heada~ ~s are a thing of the past. 

    c/o Next Way, Inc.
    2005 Amsterdam Ave.
    New York, NY 10032


         I have suffered from allergies and sinus problems for many years. My nose would become congested and I would experience sinus pain and headaches. 

         I have been taking Vitacel 7 twice a day for the past two months and my allergies and sinuses have cleared up. 

         In addition to curing my allergies, I find that I now sleep better and I no longer feel tired when I wake up in the morning. I have a higher energy level and my complexion is clearing up for the first time in many years.

    Thanks Vitacel 7. 

    c/o Next Way, Inc.
    2005 Amsterdam Ave.
    New York, NY 10032


         Dear Friends, 

         I have been taking Vitacel 7 since November 1989. I am 75 years "young". When I found that I had to have cataract surgery, I started taking 4 tablets per day 2 weeks prior to the surgery. My surgery was Tuesday, May 15, 1990. Wednesday morning, I went to my doctor s office for a post examination. He removed the patch, examined the eye and tested it. My eye had improved 10 points in less than 24 hours. I was reading 20/60 before the operation and then 20/50 the day after the operation. My doctor said it looked like I would be 20/20 in a very short time. He was quite impressed with my rapid improvement. I shared the Vitacel 7 information with him as I know it was a contributing factor to the success of my surgery. Also, the arthritic pain in my thumb joints has lessened. I no longer have to take anything for sleep. Vitacel 7 is affordable and definitely a necessity for me. I will never be without it for the rest of my life. 

    34145. Griffith Ave.
    Owensboro, KY 42301


    April 18, 1991 

         It is a distinct pleasure and privilege to write you with my testimony regarding my experience using the wonderful vitamins, Vitacel 7, and the wonders that I have received from its usage. [really get excited when I tell the story about my experience with something the medical field tat med as a disease called Lupus. In November 1990,1 was diagnosed as having Lupus. I was immediately prescribed two powerful medications to aid in the flexibility of the movement of my knee jo nts and joint-area throughout my body. At one point prior to my diagnosis, I had problems with tt movement of my knees, feet and hands. It was during that period that my uncle, Frederick Young, introduced me to Vitacel 7, the wonder vitamin. Shortly thereafter, my uncle suggested that I talk with you, Mrs. Allan. To this day, my uncle, you and Vitacel 7 continue to be such an inspiration to me. Although I was already taking medication, I continued to take Vitacel 7 without cease. After a brief period, I was taken off of one of the medications by my physician with only one medico don left to take. As time progressed (several months passed away), I noticed that there were sc me side effects with the medication that I was still taking. I consulted my physician about those & de effects (such as nervousness and shortness of breath periodically) and because my physician1 ad not heard of such side effects that would correspond with that particular medication and my diavnosis, I was informed to continue taking the medication for one year. I decided within myself that this is my body and I do not have to suffer with side effects and continue to experience misery. In March 1991, I made a decision to discontinue taking the second medication due to the side effects. I am now solely relying upon prayer and the wonder vitamin, Vitace] 7. I am currently taking eight Vitacel s per day. I feel great! I am excited, and enthusiastic about this whole experience. Thank you and God Bless! 

    7337 So. Shore Drive Unit 514
    Chicago, IL 60649


         Two years ago my husband lost interest in himself, the business and he just couldn t get going. He is 56 years old and I am 51 years old. His memory wasn t good and he felt tired all the time. On top of all that, he was in a bad mood. Now since we started taking Vitacel 7, we are no longer going to bed tired and waking up tired. I really feel that we have our healthy selves back again. We also take Vita-Mins and C-Doplilus. I can say thanks to God that we heard about Vitacel 7. 

    P.O. Box 69
    Lisbon, IA 52253

    November 21, 1990 


         Ms. Faye Bates has been a patient in this office since 1986. At that time she was diagnosed with horizontal bone loss associated with acute chronic periodontitis. Since she lived out-of state, I advised her to seek the care of a periodontist near her home. 

         In December of 1987 after surgery by a periodontist, her periodontal condition improved with only mild to moderate inflammation. She was seen in the office on a maintenance periodontal program since 1987. In her last two visits before October 19, 1990, her inflammation had increased with sensitivity of all her teeth and additional periodontal surgery a possibility. Peridex oral rinse was prescribed to help in inflammation reduction along with oral hygiene measures. 

         On her last visit, the gingival issues have responded to a normal health state. There is no sensitivity to any of the teeth. On examination of her X-rays, the interproximal bone is in a state of health. 

         The patient is extremely happy with the change in her oral health. On the October 19, 1990 appointment, she stated she had been taking Vitacel 7 and that this is the reason for her oral health to improve. 


    722 Harvard Drive
    Owensboro, Kentucky 42301

    August 1989 

         On or about April 1, 1989,1 was reluctantly introduced to Vitacel 7. I had numerous aches and pains and broken bones and sprains of yester-year. In August of 1980,1 rolled a truck loaded with oil north of Winnebago, Minnesota. My thumb and arm became tangled in the steering wheel in the spin out, and I later learned I had a dislocated thumb that I had suffered with all these past years with terrible pain and arthritis had set in to add to my discomfort. After 2 weeks on Vitacel 7, the pain was completely gone. In 1984, I was loading a hose in a storage tank and as I was climbing up the ladder, pulling a 2 inch 40 foot hose, it slipped out of my hand. As I grabbed for it, I missed the top rung of the ladder and fell about 18 feet. I was all alone. I laid there for about 2 hours before I was finally able to get up. My arm hung like a dead piece of meat. I drove the 120 86 120 miles home in my truck and was only able to use my left arm. The doctor told me it was injured so badly I probably wouldn t be able to ever use it again. I now have little or no pain. Lower back pain is something I had learned to live with for the past 35 years. Now it s gone, but it did come back once to haunt me. I also had an ulcer, hiatal hernia, and my arms and legs from my hips to my toes would go numb, after a long day s drive. All of these problems no longer bother me. Plus I can see better, think more clearly, I am more alert, and I no longer have any depression. I feel like a new swiss watch. So be careful, I may ask if you want to run a race. Call me. There is a good chance I can do the same for you. 

    P.O. Box 62
    Plymouth, IA 50464 

    P.S. Since this letter was printed, the ringing in my inner ear has stopped. After driving the truck all these years, the numbness in my hips, legs and feet is completely gone. Thank God for Vitacel 7.

    March 8, 1991 Dear Vitacel 7, 

         I have been using your product for 2 months and I ve really seen an improvement. This is how I was introduced to your product on January 5, 1991. I have eczema and a lady named Martha told me about this product. So the next day I took it, and took it and saw a wonderful improvement in my skin. I had eczema since I was four years old, so I ve had this for six years. Now that I use Vitacel 7, I have a better hope of getting away from eczema. As I close this letter, I want to say thank you very much for a wonderful product. 

    3194 Bronxwood Ave.
    Bronx, NY 10469

         Gerard had eczema from head to toe and was constantly scratching. After 10 days of one Vitacel 7 twice a day, the itching stopped. After one month his face and neck cleared up. Now after two months, the eczema is almost completely gone. 

    883 E. Gunhill Pd.
    Bronx, NY 10467


    Clair Schmidt and Leo Boyer 
    November 17, 1989 

         C.S. "Leo, what s been your problems in the past before you got on Vitacel 7?" 

         L.B. "Well, I ve had a lung infection that I ve had ever since I was an infant and in World War I - when I had the influenza, and it s bothered me all these years and I m 72 years old now and, you know, it hasn t gotten any better. I ve had a cough and infection and I ve taken a lot of antibiotics to control it and in recent years several times I ve had bleeding. 

         This year in September, I went into the hospital with hemorrhaging from my lungs. After intravenous antibiotics, while in the hospital, I went as an out-patient for a week taking the antibiotics intravenously and then another 15 days after I got out of the hospital. I told the doctor I had had all I could handle of these 750 mg antibiotics. 

         I was given a pamphlet by an old friend of mine and I read it over slightly. Then I came back to it - I d probably had it around 30 days before I went back to it. I finally said, I m going to call him up and get some of this product. So I ve been on it no, Vitacel 7, well, I ve taken two bottles and I ve noticed a radical change in my cough and in my breathing. It is real remarkable what it has done for me. I have so much more energy and I ve slept better and I am just elated over what it has done. I m anxious to continue with it and see what all it will do for me. I believe it s really on the track. This product is designed to rebuild these cells and we know that that s an important function of your bodies. I m just real happy over the results I ve had with The Vitacel 7. So, I m happy to give you this little testimony, Clair. I ve been telling few friends about it too. When you find something that helps you you re more than glad to share it with someone else. We know there s a lot of problems and a lot of need among us older people." 

         C.S. "I understand you ve already sold your house in Texas, and now you wish you had it back!" 

         L.B. "We ve been spending the winters in Texas the last seven winters and we sold out down there because I didn t think I was going to be able to make it back down, and here I am feeling better than I ve felt in a long time and I m going to go down there and kick up my heels! So many people tell me, Well, what are you taking that you re looking so good now? Well, I don t know about looking good, but I do know I have been feeling better. And so we re headed for Texas for the winter and we ll be happy to see what will happen!" 

    1119 West Charles St.
    Magnolia Park, Lot 52
    Oelwein, Iowa
    Donna, TX 78537

    November 7, 1991 

    Dear Vitacel 7 Friends: 

         Our whole family is so very thankful that we were introduced to Vitacel 7, and pray to God that it will soon be recognized by our medical profession for the phenomenal benefits of this product. 

         Our daughter was in a terrible accident two years ago and was burned over thirty-five percent of her body. She had to undergo many skin grafts and many reconstruction surgery s since the accident. She also had severe nerve damage to her right arm, and we were told that she may never have feeling in her arm. 

         After her third reconstruction surgery, the doctor told her that her appearance would not improve more than five percent a year if she was lucky. She was very upset because she was not satisfied with her appearance at all. She was still very scarred. It was about a week later that a very dear friend introduced us to Vitacel 7. We put our daughter on five to six pills daily along with Catalyst water which she took four ounces three times a day and also she sprayed it on her body. She recently started using Vitalize Cream. 

         In about a month, we noticed that the scar tissue she had on parts of her back surrounding the skin grafts, had totally disappeared and the skin tone on her back and arm were returning to normal. 

         Two months later, she had another surgery under local anesthesia. When the doctor gave her the first needle, she felt pain and told him. He stopped what he was doing and looked at her and said, "You can t feel that can you?" When she told him that she could, he said, "In all my years as a specialist, never has one of my patients regained feeling in such a short time after such a serious injury) He was shocked, the nurse verified it with the doctor and told him that our daughter squeezed her hand every time he gave her a needle. 

         Our daughwr knew then what Vitacel 7 had done for her. In four months she had nerve activity in her arm. She knew her cells were repairing. She is very thankful for Vitacel 7, and hoj~ s that her story will help others use this wonder pill so that those may be helped who ho ye been through a burn trauma and also anyone who might be burned in the In ture. She h us hope now, knowing that each day she will be getting a little better, with the help of God and Vitacel 7. 

    Dolores & Charles McNerney
    19 - 2 I{idgeview Iii
    Yorktown, NY 1t98


         This experience is about my son, Tray. He was getting ready to graduate from high school in May, 1988 with honors. I was so proud. He had worked hard not only at school, but sometimes 40 hours a week at a job. The stress was unbelievable. We had no idea what was happening inside his body. He mentioned to me that he had noticed some blood when he went to the bathroom. We discussed it and believed it to be from constipation. Tray went to visit his father and when he returned in July, 1988, the doctor started running tests because he was bleeding again. A diagnosis was made and in November, 1988 an all clear and healed was given by the doctor. Tray was a freshman in college, so as it goes, more excitement and stress. Christmas came around and Tray was thin, pale and just not himself, but he never complained. He told me in the spring, he was having some diarrhea but not to worry. He said it was a virus. He finished his finals and by the time he got home, May 16, 1989, he was coughing up a storm, dry skin and what the doctors called plagues on his elbows. I took him straight to his old stand by pediatrician. Tray had this cough since the fall on and off. The doctors at college and here at home had given him several rounds of antibiotics. The pediatrician prescribed more antibiotics. Tray weighed in at 156 pounds, which was a weight loss. May 19, 1989, Tray was having severe bloody diarrhea and abdominal pain. The colon specialist saw him and ordered an Upper G.I. By that evening, he was in more pain, fever, grossly bloody diarrhea and dizzy. He passed out from dehydration. May 26, 1989, Tray was finally admitted into the hospital. He had rectal bleeding, rectal ulcers, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, fever, sore throat, mouth ulcers, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, nausea, cough and congestion. May 30, 1989, Tray was released from the hospital and diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Ulcerative Colitis and borderline Bronchial Asthma. He was sent home with Azulfidine (sulfa drug), steroid enemas, antibiotics and steroid nasal spray. Thursday, July 13, 1989, Tray was having rapid heart beat, a 102 degree fever, cramping, abdominal pain, diarrhea - 10 times a day, chest pains, back pain, weakness, cough, anemia, vomiting, nausea, poor appetite, 20 pound weight loss from May 16, 1989 and psoriasis like plagues on both elbows. I took him to the Gastroenterologist, who recommended he drink over a gallon of laxative (Gloamx) and sit on the commode for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, so he could have a Sigmoidoscopy the following Monday morning at 6:00 a.m. I couldn t believe what I was hearing. I took Tray straight back to his pediatrician and he couldn t believe this story either. He referred Tray to the Arkansas Children s Hospital for immediate admission. Tray was in the hospital until July 17, 1989. He was diagnosed with Crohn s Disease, an incurable illness. Tray was prescribed Prednisone, sulfasalazine, folic acid and iron. We went back home, Tray didn t get any better. July 26, 1989, he was admitted back into the hospital where he stayed until August 26, 1989. They tried everything from I.V. steroids to immunosuppressants, tube feeding to hyperalimentation with a central venous line surgically implanted in the left subclavian vein to his heart. Tray s weight dropped to 117 pounds. He wasn t responding to the treatment. The doctors informed me what the inevitable fate would be. Removal of the large bowel and part of the small intestine. Tray said he would rather be dead; he was only 19.

         90 I kn \V I must find another answer for my son and quick. I started desperately researching nutrition, adding supplements to his diet behind their back. Still with not much response. Mlix ~culously, Tray started improving and went home with daily nurses monitoring. September 9, 1989, we got a call from the hospital instructing me to bring Tray for immediate admission. He lix ci an operating room staff infection in his CV line to his heart. He was transfused with 5 units of blood, J.V. antibiotics and released September 18, 1989. Tray got to feeling better over the fall and returned to college. School started January 10, 1990 and by January 20, 1990 he was having an active case of Crohn s. He was deU mined to stay in school but by February 27, 1990 he had to be driven to the hospital whee he stayed until March 22, 1990. He finally got out and was on hyperalimentation unti the middle of May. April 1990. rrrav~s father had sent me information about NEL and Vitacel 3 (GH3). He insisted I give hese to Tray. I was so exhausted and scared that I was afraid to give Tray anything, puitly because of what the doctors had told me. July, 1990, Tray started having another 11 ac of Crohn s, by August he was taking Vitacel and Vita-mins. He is also taki?ig a lot of oti "supplements. Previously, he was taking vitamins but he still ended up in ft a hospital wi $ every flare up. Tray is now 21 1/12 years old and has not been in the hospital for 19 months. In Ait ~t, 1991, he had a check up and they can t believe how well he is doing. They are following his case with baited excitement. Oh, by the way, Tray had stopped growing bec L1 ~1 se of main ii uition from Crohn s; he is growing again. This was not an overnight pro ~ss but a gra 1al one. He is still on medication but they are reducing the dosage and he is doing well. Vitacel is xv rking for Tray. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or v Ate. Than> u NEL, for your products. 

    1« ~1hitwood
    Hot S%rings,A1i 71913


         The acne problems that troubled me as an adolescent left me as an adult, except for my1 ick and an OC asional breakout on my face. This was very minor compared to what my skin was like as a boy. I would get cold sores during both the winter and the summer. I won RI even get suveral at a time. When one would heal on my upper lip, I would get ans: ier on my bottom lip. I applied many topical products which would dry them, but only tern orarily. They would soon crack open and bleed. These were problems I thought I won A have to deal with the rest of my life. Millie, my wife had other health problems and 91 found beneficial results by taking GH3 which at that time was unavailable where we live. She went to a doctor in Nevada who willingly prescribed GH3, assuring her that there weren t any side effects. Although Millie s problems were not like mine, she wanted me to use it to just stay healthy. After reading H3 in the Battle Against Old Age, I was impressed enough to try GH3. Though I don t have any health problems other than those that I have mentioned, I did notice that I felt less stress and I had more energy after taking GH3. I waited for new cold sores to appear, but they didn t. My wife also noticed that the acne on my back cleared up. Since my father and uncles all became bald at an early age, I expected the same. Happily I report that I still have a good head of hair with a slight thinning in the back that is only noticeable to me and my barber. About 4 years ago, Vitacel 7 became available. My wife and I began taking it instead of GH3. We both liked it better than GH3. After each meal we take Vita-mins, C-Dophilus and Cal-Mag. 

    5210 W. Belle Plaine
    Chicago, IL 60641


         The person in the accompanying photo is now in his mid-eighties. He will repeat the same pose for a valid witness request. He also will submit to a thorough physical examination to verify superior health. He no longer feels the need nor does he take one prescription-based medication. This was not always the case by any means. For the record, let us review, in condensed form, the record of his physical history from childhood to present. 

         A small town in Eastern Oregon was home in his youth. A community 85 miles from a mainline railroad. Except for a narrow gauge logging railroad, communication was by dirt roads. He was fortunate to have survived to his first birthday; the problem a near fatal case of whooping cough. Within the next several years he experienced mumps, German measles - or rubella - chicken pox and rheumatic fever. The country doctor diagnosed leakage of the heart. Parents were warned to not allow the boy vigorous play. A pronounced heart murmur and arrhythmia remained. This non-debilitating, but reason for concern, "glitch" disappeared seventy five years later. Refer to later years resume. 

         Tonsils and adenoids were removed surgically by the same country doctor. The operating facilities included the family kitchen table plus a little black satchel. A hospital was not part of the rural scene at that time. 

         92 During his twelfth year, he experienced the deadly virus known as the Spanish influenza. The one local undertaker was pressed to maintain his service. Followed by a relapse which proved worse than the original illness. Within the next ninety days, he survived the red measles and typhoid fever. His weight dropped to that of a seven year old. 

         Before his fifteenth birthday, an accident with a horse resulted in a broken ankle. The foot was positioned 90 degrees out from the leg calf. He was packed by friends a quarter mile to a waiting car. The same doctor on the same kitchen table, assisted by three strong men, managed to set the bones. Chloroform, yes; x-ray, no. It was necessary to interrupt the routine to apply cardiac resuscitation. The following two-plus years of exercise, exercise, exercise were required to regain a good measure of strength and flexibility. 

         He was plagued with hay fever~ or sinusitis during high school. At that time, it was referred to as catarrh. A risky radical operation involving the maxillary sinuses proved of little or no value. 

         He had a sincere desire to be a Medical Doctor but was forced to walk away from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1932 because of a deteriorating eye problem. The resulting trauma lasted for years. Got hooked on cigarettes and spent 38 years trying to quit. Experienced a bout with pneumonia. A back injury required spells of confinement in bed. Treated periodically for right shoulder bursitis-inflammation for several years professionally. 

         During the last two years of his 70 s, he learned about and studied the history of PABA and DEAE hydrochloride. He and his wife, Doris, have maintained a steady regimen of a special formula of PABA and DEAE hydrochloride known as Vitacel 7. For both, the physical benefits have proven to be outstanding. At the present, Vitacel 7 is ordered from the Grand Cayman Islands, British West Indies. 

         Within these last few years, the heart arrhythmia disappeared completely, totally. Blood pressure has dropped to normal, cholesterol is now that of a young man; not one joint in his body is subject to pain or restriction. Twenty years of semi-annual treatment for prostatitis now has been discontinued. He jogs ten miles each week slowly, of course, and spaced. 

         Without giving total credit to any one thing, here is a picture of him as he is today: In the company of a devoted wife of over fifty years, five wonderful daughters with their families of ten grandchildren and now starting with great-grandchildren. Each one worth more that than the rest of the world. Living has a golden hue. The writer is in robust health. He and Doris find their eighties to be the most enjoyable of any previous time. And this is the way it should be! 

    3252 NE Flanders
    Portland, Oregon 97232 

    The subject here is 84 year Phil Dale. He does not feel his age nor does his wife Doris think he acts his age. Three years ago this would not have been attempted. Much of the credit beyond question must be attributed to a long term regimen of Vitacel 7.


         I think it is so important to tell you the story of my dog, Little Boy. About three years ago, he began having seizures. One convulsion was so severe that he threw himself against the piano, permanently damaging one eye and knocking out teeth. Our veterinarian, Dr. Gerald Brown, put Little Boy on Phenobarbital (120 grams). He said the dog should have phenobarbital in his system at all times to prevent Epileptic seizures. Someone mentioned that Vitacel 7 might be beneficial in helping my dog. I myself had always enjoyed good health and as a preventative measure took Vitacel daily. I decided to give Little Boy one tablet in the morning and one half the Phenobarbital at night. I gradually reduced the Vet s medication but maintained his Vitacel 7 intake. Little Boy has not had the phenobarbital for two years. He is totally off of it. He has had no convulsions in that time and continues to receive one Vitacel tablet daily. He is a small dog, so this is a good dosage for him. At 15 years old, he is active, alert and so healthy. At 751 too any healthy, fatigue free and feel like 25. I take 2 tables a day. 

    I am so grateful that I found Vitacel 7, for both Little Boy and me. 



         I have had an allergy to petroleum products for 30 years. I couldn t be near the car when it was gassed. But the worst was the odors of things people wear like perfumes, lotions, deodorants and also the pesticide-type things. Last winter, I got terribly bad and realized I was going to have to do something. I prayed on the way back to Oregon for God to direct me as to what to do. I could think of only two options. One, to go back to the allergist (who is a physical surgeon), or two, go to a Chinese doctor and try their herb treatments. I had been under treatment by the allergist for 15 years and could really see no hope there. I received some information on Vitacel 7. I could not help but feel that it was God s answer. I ordered it immediately and have been taking it since last May. Along late in the summer, I began to notice the terrible pressure in my head was gone. Also, that occasionally I would get a whiff of someone s perfume and I didn t get the terrible excruciating painful allergy headaches that I had suffered before. Now people are asking what I ve done. I tell them about Vitacel 7. 

    35588 Oakview Dr.
    Brownsville, OR 97327

    DIABETES - MENTAL DISORDER (Letter to Phil Dale) 
    February 28, 1990 

    Dear Phil, 

         Thank you so much for sending your interesting letter to us, the testimonial information and the bulletin about Vitacel 7. 

         I do remember when Ginny introduced us at Dr. Koch s lecture last May and the phone conversation in July with you. Well, as for us we are doing fine. My wife Olga, going on 69 (and I am going on 70) is doing very satisfying. As you may know, she is a Diabeticmellitus Type 1 and has had to take the insulin injection twice a day (28 units in the morning and 16 at evening). A few months ago, she reduced it to a half without a doctor s advice, but we hope the Vitacel 7 and the proper diet will eliminate the insulin injection to zero. 

         I would like to also mention that about two years ago, Olga became very weak and developed a mental disorder. I had to bring her to the psychiatric clinic. After five days visiting her she became considerably worse so I took her out of the clinic. Two weeks later we arrived at Portland in hope that she would recover. I could not accept that fact that she would be a mental patient the rest of her life. We met Ginny at her office and later I told her about the problem that Olga had. Ginny told us about the V7 and invited us to Dr. Koch s lecture. Olga did not feel well and I was hesitant to go. 

         As I said above. Olga is well and she is interested and enjoys life as she did before. We both continue the Vitacel 7 and the supplement vitamins from the NEL. Thanks to GOD. the eternal guided us to Ginnv. Dr. Aslan and Dr. Koch for helping so many who have been the victim of past ignorance. 

    Very truly yours, 

    Richard & Olga Lieber
    Cbs du Doubs 2 2882 St.
    Ursanne Switzerland

    November 27, 1991 

    Dear Zephyr, 

         "I had the first good night s sleep last night for the first time in a bong time." This was my immediate benefit from using Vitaceb 7 and Vita-Mins. In time, more wonderful things developed. Poor circulation has plagued my begs for over twenty years. The whole calf and shin of my left beg along with it s toes were a deep purple - the color of a day old blood blister. The colored area was puffy and its upper layers of skin continually peeled off in patches the size of a 25 cent coin. Swelling pressure made standing difficult. Amputation was proposed more than once. The surface of my left foot had a rash and the skin oozed so much that the sock became wet and it smelled badly. The bottom of the foot had blisters and it bled. Wearing regular shoes was not possible. Thank God for Vitacel-7 and Vita-mins! After using them twice a day for two months, my leg has changed to a cinnamon color, although tiny bright red blood veins are visible on the surface of the upper calf. The puffiness is gone and the skin has stopped peeling. My foot is red around the toes and very little scaling remains. Oozing is insignificant. Blistering and bleeding has stopped. Previously, my feet fit snugly into Birkenstock shoes because of swelling. Now the swelling is down so much that the shoes slip off. Now I can stand longer and there isn t any pain. Walking is easier because there is no pain and there is freeness in my begs. I can get up and do things. I have more energy and I am not as tired because there is no pain. Amputation? Never! I am thrilled about these improvements and write this better to thank you for telling me about Nutritional Engineering Limited and to inform others about what this wonderful vitamin molecule has done for me. 

    Sincerely yours, 
    4010 NE Hancock
    Portland, Oregon 97212 

         I visited Paul in April of 1992. Paul had used Vitaceb 7 and Vita-Mins then for six months. Paul pulled down the support hose and proudly showed his beg. The change was dramatic! 1. Leg was normal color. 2. Swelling was completely gone. 3. Skin was smooth. 4. Varicose veins had disappeared. 5. Normal beg hair had regrown. I saw the change. My eyes and mouth gaped!! 

    2732 NE 15th
    Portland, Oregon 97212


         My husband who is 73 years old was diagnosed at Cook County Hospital and South Shore Osteopathic Hospital as having Abzheimers Disease. I was told that there was no hope or cure and that he would get worse and worse. No medication was prescribed, so I took him home with little hope but a strong belief in God and felt someone someday would do some good. The doctor wanted me to put him in a nursing home because he also had a bad heart. I refused and said I would do my best to care for him at home. I heard about Vitaceb 7 from a friend and decided to order it for him. On three tablets a day I noticed quite and improvement. He started to remember things and even started to dress himself properly. Prior to Vitaceb 7 he would put on two of the same garment, sometimes inside out and with both socks on one foot. I knew he was getting better when he started to converse and answer the phone. He is not nervous anymore and although he can t completely say prayers, he can say them partially now. Praise the Lord. 

    Auntire Tynes
    8239 So. Cobfax Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60617 11/20/91


         In 1988 I had cancer surgery on my right beg. The surgery was extensive and I had lots of nerve damage, so I lost the feeling in my beg and foot. I was introduced to Vitaceb 7 by a friend and took it faithfully. About two months later I began to notice a lot of pain in my beg and foot. It became almost unbearable and I almost decided to stop taking Vitaceb 7. I remembered reading somewhere that sometimes things get worse before you get feeling better, so I continued to take the Vitamin. After three months the pain left and now I have the feeling back in my beg and foot. I am so thankful for Vitaceb 7. It s a great product. Nancy Cole
    So. Lincoln Liberal, Kansas


         In 1982 I suffered frost bite in both feet. The left foot more than the right. The end result was that I was left with varying amounts of pain, which got worse as I got older. After taking Vitacel 7 for one month the pain subsided and four weeks later it was gone and has not returned. Situations that would stress me out causing anxieties and sleepless nights aren t happening anymore. I feel great. 

    Mary Abberts
    8000 So. Green
    Chicago, IL 60620


         Twenty six years ago I fell down the stairs and have had Migraines ever since. High blood pressure and arthritis didn t help the situation any. I was unable to work as the pains in my head were frequent. Along with the pain I had the halo of bight with nausea and vomiting. I moved from doctor to doctor and one drug to another. The only relief came from strong drugs that would knock me out. I became hooked on the medication. They were more damaging than relief for pain. The arthritis became worse and the doctor started shooting cortisone into my knees. I tried to commit suicide and asked the Lord to take me as I couldn t stand the pain any longer. My brother heard about Vitaceb 7 and asked me to attend a meeting in Indiana. It was a bong drive but I went. I ordered some Vitacel and started using it. Two days later I had to stop as I was detoxifying too fast. I resumed taking these vitamins and slowly increased it to 8 tablets a day. After I started to feel better I cut back to 6 tablets a day and then 4 tablets. The headaches and all pains are gone. I am taking fewer tablets now and I continue to feel great. I don t know how bong I will be enjoying good health but I will enjoy it while I can. Thank you God. 

    Marjorie Smith
    6358 E. Forest
    Detroit, MI 48207


         The city sprayed weekly for mosquitos with "Scourge Spray" from a fogger mounted on a truck. A statement in the Canon City Daily Record newspaper declared that there were no known reactions from it. City Hall told me that they sprayed on friday nights but instead it was on monday nights. My bedroom door was open and the fumes came in on me. I was very ill for two weeks but overcame it. The third week I was completely overcome by it. The terrible odor alerted me as to what was causing my problem. It has been a very very difficult time. This distressful illness affected my whole physical system. Medicines helped some, but since I was introduced to Vitaceb 7, I have gradually felt much stronger with better digestion and breathing. I am even driving my car now and this is a great accomplishment which makes me very happy! I am very thankful for Vitaceb 7. 

    Jean Fowber
    P.O. Box 24,230 E. Main St.
    Florence, CO 81226


         Being a skeptic, I decided to use Vitaceb 7 for six months, before mentioning the product to anyone. My back, knees and thumbs gave me so much pain that I consumed six to eight aspirins daily. In two months my arthritis simmered down considerably. No more aspirin. Varicose veins that plagued me for over forty years disappeared in four months. My wife and I gained a feeling of webb being and energy far greater than we anticipated at age seventy two. Vitaceb 7 is magic for us and we tell others of our sense of webb being. I must add that our patience is not short anymore and we flow along with the tides that come to us. 

    Joseph & Rose Ehbers
    1710 5. Gilbert Rd. #1188
    Mesa,AZ 85204


         I have been a diabetic for 15 years taking insulin twice a day, 40 units in the morning and 45 units in the evening. At that time my sugar count was 380 to 400. My energy bevel was low and I felt that I couldn t continue to work. I am a truck driver covering many miles of roads each trip. Getting to my destination on time was becoming difficult as I would have to stop driving periodically to rest. I couldn t wait to arrive home so that I could rest properly. When I did get to bed it was difficult to fall asleep. I would toss and turn much of the time and would wake up feeling just as tired. I heard about Vitaceb 7 and decided to order some hoping for renewed energy. It didn t take me bong to feel more energetic and to wake up feeling rested. I am most happy to say that I am no longer taking insulin. My sugar count is now 149 and I feel great. I attribute the remarkable change in my health to Vitaceb 7. 

    Ubysess Washington
    17584 Drummond Dr.
    Tinbey Park, IL 60477


         I am 68 years old and suffer from arthritis, high blood pressure and heart trouble. The arthritis is in my hands, shoulder and legs. I could barely sleep at night because of the pain and could not walk without a cane. A friend told me about Vitacel 7soI decided to try it. I began taking one tablet three times a day an hour before meals. I also, at my friends suggestion, complimented the Vitacel 7 with two ounces of Diamite s Moe Vera Plus juice twice a day. After one week, I was sleeping a lot better and seemed to have more energy. However, during the second week I began getting headaches and sharp pains up and down my arms and legs. I also had a nose bleed that lasted about 10 minutes. Now that really scared me, but I continued to take the Vitacel 7 because overall I was feeling better. In the third week the headaches and sharp pains disappeared and the normal pains that I was accustomed to lessened. For the first time in over two years I am able to walk without my cane. I can even lift my arms over my head Something that I could not do prior to taking Vitacel 7. I m only on my second bottle of Vitacel and it has already made a remarkable difference in my health. 

    Daisey Strother
    527 W. 143 St.
    New York, NY


         My name is Keith Davis. I m 27 years old, into body building, and I work out 3 to 4 times a week. I m generally healthy, except for the fact that I m a diabetic. I have been taking 20 cc of insulin injections every day for one and a half years. It was suggested to me that Vitacel 7 might help lower my blood sugar level. After noting that there was nothing harmful in the ingredients, I ordered the product and started taking two tablets a day and also two ounces of Aloe Vera juice from Diamite. After two weeks my blood sugar was down to 140 from 210, and there was an increase in energy, especially my libido. I went to my doctor the following week for a routine check-up for my diabetes Boy was I surprised when he took me off insulin. He cautioned me to continue to monitor my sugar level daily and to keep some insulin on hand just in case. It has been over a month since I ve seen the doctor and my sugar level is still down and of course I m still taking Vitacel 7 and feeling great. It s a lot better than insulin injections that I hated so much. 

    Keith Davis
    470 W. 165 St.
    New York, NY 10032


         I thank the Lord for directing me to Arlene Branch at the Oregon State Fair in 1988. It was from her I obtained information about VITACEL 7. I will try to tell you in the following paragraphs what VITACEL 7 has done for my wife and me. We started taking VITACEL 7 the middle of Nov. 1988. At the time I was having real problems with arthritis. The joint at the base of my left thumb throbbed and ached constantly and when I first arose in the A.M. I could not bend the thumb without the middle joint snapping with terrific pain. Because of this condition I could not really grip anything with my left hand. Also I would usually go to sleep on my right side and sometimes during the night I would wake up with my right shoulder and hip hurting. I would turn over on my left side and wake up later with the same problem on the left side. In the first week after starting on VITACEL 7 the pain in my left thumb was reduced by more than 50%. By Feb. of this year I was, and still am, totally free of arthritis pain and discomfort. I have full use of my left hand and can grip without any pain. I have also had a noticeable increase in energy and a real in-crease in a feeling of well being. The most dramatic story, however, is what happened with my wife. She has bone cancer and is taking Chemo-therapy. At the time we began taking VITACEL 7 she also had DIABETES and had taken as much as 70 units and more of insulin a day. Because of the Chemo she had a strong body odor that got into her clothes, the bed linen and even the chair she sat in. Within a month after starting with VITACEL 7 the odor was completely gone and there has been no trace of it since. By the first of this year my wife s blood sugar began to come down steadily and I had to keep cutting back on her insulin. By the first part of April she was only taking 5 units of insulin a day. After three weeks at this level, the doctor said to stop the insulin and see what happens. She is not only off insulin, but she is taking no oral medication nor is she following a diabetic diet. In other words she is no longer diabetic. My wife s bone cancer had been worsening steadily until a bone scan last July showed it had spread all through her system. She had a bone scan taken in April and it shows a definite improvement over the one last July. We will continue to take VITACEL 7 as long as we live and expect the best is yet to come. 

    Stanley W. Sipley
    785 Highland N. E.
    Salem, OR 97303 

    NOTE: Mrs. Sipley finally succumbed to bone cancer. It had advanced too far. However, Stan still is a witness if anyone wishes to make contact.


         I was ten years old when my pediatrician said the red blotches on my face, along with my runny eyes and a swollen nose that was also itchy, were due to allergies. It was the hayfever season and those were classic symptoms. Antihistamines were prescribed and I used them for two years with the typical side effects of dry mouth and drowziness. It was about that time I started wearing hard contact lenses. This became a problem as the antihistamines had a tendency to dry my eyes and there wasn t enough moisture for the contact lenses to float. Vanity took presidence and I stopped taking the antihistamines. Since I started taking Vitacel 3 (GH3) I can now wear contacts without getting eye abrasions because the moisture in my eyes has returned. I no longer have to wear glasses. 

         Hayfever came and went and each year my allergies became worse. Now as a young adult I went to an allergist who recommended the scratch test. The results of the test showed that I was not only allergic to pollen, but also to dust, dander and animal fur. So now I knew what I was allergic to and again medication was prescribed with the same side effects. I was now back to sneezing 2 or 3 dozen times a day. My whole head itched and again the red blotches were back along with runny eyes and a swollen nose. 

         About this time my mother was taking a nutrient called GH3 and wanted me to start taking it. I thought this was something that older people took and I did not want to try it. My allergies now seemed to be a problem all year. One day when I was having a full blown allergy attack, my mother insisted that I take some GH3. I took one immediately and took 2 tablets home with me. I took one that night and the other before breakfast the following day. That afternoon I went to visit my mother. We were both pleased and surprised to see the symptoms I described had disappeared. For the first time in many years I felt great. My sense of smell is better and my vision clearer. 

         When Vitacel 7 became available I started taking it instead of GH3. I found Vitacel 7 to be more efficacious. I decided to test the water and purchased a down pillow and was well able to tolerate it. I then purchased a down comforter and a kitten. Again, no problems. I adopted another cat and a few years later a dog. These pets never would have been a part of my life without the benefits of Vitacel 7. 

    Jill Allan
    2421 W. Pratt #1192
    Chicago, IL 60645


         Recently, a file cabinet drawer fell on my hand and within 2 weeks, a ganglion cyst, the size of a pea, appeared in the injured area. It gave me some discomfort, but I decided not to see a doctor unless it got worse. I had been using Vltacel 7 for a few years to maintain good health and decided to step-up my intake of Vitacel to 3 tablets in the morning and 3 tablets in the evening. About 3 weeks later, I noticed that the cyst was gone. 

    Lisa Allan
    2421 W. Pratt #1192
    Chicago, IL 60645


         I was allergic to all medications that were prescribed for my colitis with the exception of one, Prednisone. Unfortunately, that medication had a negative effect on my diabetes and I was unable to control the sugar. Plus, the Prednisone wasn t helping the colitis. I heard about Vitacel 7 and how some people with similar health problems had been helped by taking this dietary supplement. Within 5 months the colitis, which I had for 2 years, stopped. The diabetes was under control and it was no longer necessary to take medication. 

    Laurence Elliot
    1837 Jerauld Ave.
    Niagra falls, NY 14305


         I lived with acne for about 6 years. I tried lotions, ointments and all else the dermatologist recommended, but nothing helped. I tried hiding my problem with heavy makeup, only to realize I was making the acne worse. The dermatologist then recommended that I take birth control pills, which would enable me to take another medicine which might help to clear up my skin. Not wanting to try this, I decided to look for something with less or no side effects. My father was taking Vitacel 7 for some time. I took some of his tablets, ground them up with a little water, and made a paste. I applied this paste daily and after 2 1/2 weeks the acne had cleared up. 

    Joy Hogan
    333 Bellevue Ave.
    Trenton, NJ 08618


         I started taking Vitacel 7 about 4 years ago, hoping to just feel better. Twelve days after taking Vitacel 7 I experienced an energy boost. I felt so good and even realized that my asthma had not bothered me. 

    Joey Charles
    5914 S. Loomis
    Chicago, IL 60636 


         My name is Ms. Mew. I am a nine year old Russian Blue cat. Until recently, I had a terrible problem with allergies. I was always scratching at my ears, chin, etc. It was so bad that I would actually scratch away my fur, leaving little bald spots. My owner felt sorry for me and applied many different lotions and creams from the veterinarian. When the lotions and creams did not work, the veterinarian gave me special food. Nothing helped. Then, my owner gave me some Vital Pet. Since I am too little to take one big tablet, she ground the tablet and mixed some of it in my food. Since I started taking Vital Pet I have completely stopped scratching. Also, everyone is commenting that my fur seems thicker. I am now a happier, healthier cat! 

    Ms Mew (owner Lisa Allan) 2421 W. Pratt, STE 1192 Chicago, IL 60645 LOOKING AND FEELING BETTER PET TUMOR 

    Since taking Vitacel 7, people that haven t seen me for some time comment on how much younger I look. That is good to hear but it is better to enjoy good health and when you are feeling better, you look better. An unexpected thing happened. My dog is a Mm-Pin and he developed a tumor on his eyelid. I had him examined by the Vet and used his medication for one week and nothing happened. The Vet scheduled an operation but before that occurred, I read about a Doberman with a tumor on her lip. The owner used Vitacel 7 herself and decided to give it to her dog. The results were excellent. In a few days the tumor shrank in size and some days later it was gone. I tried the same with my dog and in one and half weeks the tumor was gone. I took my dog back to the Vet and he sure was surprised to see that the tumor was gone. Now we are both looking and feeling good and will continue to do so as we are going to take Vitacel 7 from now on. 

    Elmer R. Coombs
    15 Lakeside Dr. Ext.
    Ridgefield, CT 06877


         Bear, my beloved dog companion, is twelve years old. About five years ago I started to notice changes in his walk and abilities to jump. He went with me everywhere a dog is permitted to go. As his disability progressed, I found it necessary to lift Bear up and take him down when getting in and out of my car. I watched and waited hoping that he would get better. As time went on, Bear s condition became worse and I decided to take him to the veterinarian. He said that Bear had acute arthritis of the left hip. A shot of cortisone was injected and I sadly felt that this was going to be a way of life for my dog. Knowing of the side effects of this drug, I decided to look for something with less or no side effects. 

         My mother had been taking Vitacel 7 for the last eight years, prior to that GH3. Since I saw tremendous improvement in my mother s health, I decided to give Bear some. Within two weeks I noticed gradual changes. Within one month he had regained his ability to walk and stand unassisted. At last Bear was his old self again, only too happy to jump in the car when told to do so. By the way, Bear is not only feeling better but looking better also. He has a healthy, glossy coat of fur and one would never guess that he is going on thirteen years old. Bear is a small dog and now that he has regained his health, I switched him to Vital Pet, which is half the dose of Vitacel 7. 

    * *** * * * 


         Poncho was my dear late brother s dog. Poncho and Thom were inseparable. Poncho was devoted to my brother Thom, and in return, received the best of care and love. However, Thom had another love, flying planes. About a week before his final ride he asked my mother if she would take care of Poncho if something happened to him. Thom never made it back. Poncho must have sensed Thom wasn t ever going to return and it made him sad. He still misses Thom but Bear, my dog, is his best companion. When they are together Poncho appears to be grieving less. Like humans, he has learned to cope. 

         By the way, Poncho is eleven years old and has had epileptic seizures since he was a year old. Since my mother and I are the care givers we decided to give Poncho Vitacel 7 and later switched to Vital Pet. He hasn t had a seizure since starting on this nutriment. Do you love your dog or cat? Don t wait for health problems. Start your pet on Vitacel 7 or Vital Pet to keep them feeling and looking well. 

    Beth Heck


         We have a cute little Peekapoo dog that is a member of our family. Her name is Pooh Bear and she is seven years old. Pooh got cataracts on her eyes at the age of two and has been blind ever since, however, she gets around the house remarkably well. Late July, she got very sick and we carried her to the vet. He kept her for a couple of days, x-rayed her, fed her intravenously and then we brought her home and she did well until the middle of September. Then she got very sick again and we took her back to the vet. He did more blood tests on her and various other things aand again we brought her home. Then about four days later, she was very sick and running a temperature of 106 degrees. We took her back and the diagnosis was that he needed to do exploratory surgery. He had already used words like colitis, thickening of intestinal walls, enlarged heart and liver etc. We were leaving on a business trip to Ohio and Michigan and we decided not to have the surgery but that we would just take her with us and make her a bed in the back seat and make her as comfortable as possible and if she died, well we did the best we could. All these trips to the vet had already cost $366. Before we left on tuesday, we decided to give Pooh Vitacel 7. We started giving her one in the morning and one at night. Two days later, her temperature broke and now she is jumping around here and playing like a puppy. Also, with her cataracts, her eyes were gathering matter in the corners every day and one eye was especially red around the outside. Now that is all gone. It is our conviction that the Vitacel 7 was the total answer. She will get Vitacel 7 the rest of her life. 

    Julia Walker 
    P.O. Box 1163
    Dickinson, Tx 77539


         Seven months ago I started taking Vitacel 7 after I saw the benefits that a relative of mine received. He encouraged me to try it as I had asthma and even with medication I had difficulty breathing. I tried Vitacel 7 but found the Vitacel 5 more beneficial for my asthma. I am 30 years old and lost much of the hair on the top of my head. What was left wasn t of good quality so I decided to wear a long pony tail and shaved off what little I had left on the top. I also started to apply the Vitalize cream to the bare spot. Recently people wanted to know what I was doing or taking, as my hair was growing in thick in the area that was sparse. When I noticed this new growth, I stopped applying the cream and now take six Vitacels a day. I especially enjoy taking them before going to bed. It makes sleeping and breathing so much easier. 

    Lenny Romano
    195 Herricks Rd.
    Garden City Park, NY 11040
    phone (516) 747-2080

    May 15, 1992 

         I discovered Gerovital H3 (GH3) in Germany, where I owned and directed an import-export firm in the Frankfurt am Main area. At that time, it was estimated that over 20 thousand bottles were sold over the counter every month. An interesting fact indeed, considering that other drugs were readily available free of charge through the socialized medicine system. I learned that the German government dispensed GH3 to their national police to help combat stress and guard against related health problems. It was also learned from Professor Dr. Ana Aslan that GH3 was not freely distributed in the United States because of the FDA s complicated and costly new drug approval criteria. In all probability, aspirin, penicillin and its related compounds would not have passed this criteria. So, I decided to make GH3 available by mail to many thousands of Americans that made annual pilgrimages to Europe for GH3 therapy. Doctor Aslan anxiously agreed, and I was introduced to a Swiss pharmaceutical distributor. Yankee ingenuity, Swiss efficiency and Romanian cooperation developed a program for supplying huge quantities of GH3 to American mail order buyers at a very favorable price. However, it ws most unfortunate that too many GH3 mail packages were confiscated by the U.S. Customs service - a total disregard of the FDA s policy guideline 9-71-30 which allows importation of a three month supply for personal use. My anxious customers were advised that GH3 was not an approved drug and that their package would be returned to the sender. Not one package has been received by my Swiss partner to date. I compensated my customers accordingly and closed the business. It s interesting to note that a class-action lawsuit is being filed by The Life Extension Foundation on behalf of Americans being deprived of innovative medicines by the FDA s illegal and unconstitutional actions. It s no secret, the FDA, unduly influenced by the AMA and pharmaceutical lobbyists, have been working for years to have legislation passed declaring common nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, etc.) dangerous drugs making them available by prescription only. Refer to their current effort: H.R. 3642 and H.R. 1662. My unfavorable experience with GH3 and the U.S. Health Service in Atlanta, Georgia happened a decade ago - long before I learned about Dr. Robert Koch, an American biochemist from Utah, and his research resulting in Vitacel 7 (GH7) - the more effective form of GH3. And just in time, too, I hasten to add, because I was experiencing the most stubborn health problem in 50 years. My lower legs became swollen and developed ugly, weeping sores. I tried every over-the-counter medication recommended, but to no avail. The unsightly condition gave me cause to consider that, if I consulted a doctor, he would surely diagnose gangrene, and that amputation was my only option. It was scary! My trial order for Vitacel 7 arrived, and was I ever ecstatic that, after five weeks of hell, my problem began to clear up after only one week of Vitacel 7 therapy. That was three years ago. Side effects? You bet - all favorable. 


    Win. E. Powell
    International Marketing
    Lake Mary, FL 32795-2383


         It was thanksgiving of 1989 that I noticed a small bald spot on the top of my head. Before Christmas all of my hair was gone and I started to wear a wig. From time to time I noticed sparse fuzz in various places on my head. Later the fuzz came in somewhat thicker and white. That seemed strange as I wasn t a blond. I continued to wear a wig and had much stress in my life. In January of 1992 the fuzz that I had fell out in patches in the back. In May my hair started to grow in normally. Yet when I would run my fingers through it, strands would come out. Once again my hair was starting to fall out. I tried various nutrients hoping to find something that would stop the hair loss. I did feel better but nopthing worked as far as my hair was concerned. I dreaded going to the doctor. Medication is not without side effects, and also very costly. A friend told me about Vitacel 7. Although she didn t have alopecia she found remarkable changes in her health. In July of 1992 I ordered and started using Vitacel 7 twice a day. In about 3 weeks all my hair grew in and all the bald spots were covered. It is now 5 months since I started taking these great tablets and my hair is healthy and continues to get thicker and is curly again. I also take Cal-Mag and Vitamins aknd have good strong nails again. My psoriasis has just about cleared up. I am certain that with continued use of Vitacel 7 and applications of the Vitalize cream it will soon be gone. 

    Noreen Harris 


    On June 8, 1992 my life changed in just one fleeting second! I was in an automobile accident. My car was totalled and I laid on a rescue squad board waiting to go to the emergency room. It was not until the next day that I realized how much pain I was in. After a week in bed, feeling depressed and taking painkillers, a friend called me and told me about his own terrible back pain problems and how he found total relief through Vitacel 7. He arranged for me to start taking it and after only 3 months on the product I am feeling like a brand new person, even better than I was before! People that talk to me on the phone don t recognize my voice it is stress free. People that see me say that I never looked better ... my hair, my skin, my eyes are radiant! Sharing this product with others is my special gift. I also want to thank all of those people who not only shared with me, but provided my support system through those very difficult days. I love you. 

    Gail Noel Kee
    P.O. Box 1041
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451


         The following concerns immediate members of my family. My mother, my son and my wife. My name is Charles Still of Stephenville, Texas. My mother is 84, a widow and lives alone. My son is 13, and until recently was a vigorous and active young man. First, my mom. Hazel, two months ago began experiencing intense pain between her shoulders in her back. After thorough examinations by two orthopedic specialists, she was diagnosed as having osteoporosis. Fitted with a brace, she was sent home with "pain" pills to more or less live with it. Taking up to 15 extra strength Tylenols daily plus the pain pills offered little relief. This continued until June 9th. My son for the past two months has had difficulty swallowing due to stress/anxiety as diagnosed by his pediatrician. Upper GI barium x-rays and complete lab work showed no physical disfunction. We were sent home with valium and hoped for the best. Perhaps the cause was school and we would see improvement as summer vacation was here. He had lost 30 pounds to his present 120. June 9th, Vitacel 7 arrived. A friend told us of these vitamins. June 11th, 48 hours after starting my son on Vitacel 7, his symptoms began to vanish. His appetite returned, his fear of choking was gone, his overall demeanor was visibly improved. His sense of humor returned. This day, his weight loss stopped. Since the 9th, he has continued to return to normal. Now, he s fighting again with his little sister, into everything and is eating with no problem. Only a slight sinus problem remains. After beginning Vitacel 7, within 48 hours, we saw results. Now, my mom. Starting her Vitacel 7 on a tuesday, in bed, unable to function, by thursday she was out of her bed clothes, up and about. She was around town in her car, grocery shopping, going to her bank, taking care of business. Two days. Today is the 2 1st. It s been 12 days since Hazel began her 1st Vitacel 7. She now is taking 6 daily. She has had one Tylenol in four days. Yesterday, she was again visiting her friends, out in her car, living a pain free, drug free normal life. Her varicose veins have flattened and are fadding in color. A "hammer toe" which was curled up is now flat and the callous on top is gone. Age spots on both arms have completely vanished. Her legs have quit crainping at night as they have for years. Her eyes have quit tearing which they have done for 40 years. Several bumps on her forehead which would not go away, plus they itched, are gone. My wife Kati for the first time in 7 years has no lower back pain at night. As if this isn t enough, Tank, our 160 pound Bull Mastiff dog is starting to hear better. He s been getting one Vitacel 7 per day for 3 days now. Me? At 50 and a heavy smoker you d think there would be something I could comment on. Please excuse me, I must go now. I am going to chase my child bride, Kati around the house some more. It s kind of fun. She s getting easier to catch. 

    Charlie Still


         It s not possible to reach all of you quickly with the story of the miracle God has brought to me. Most of you know I was very ill. Only faith and the loving care of mu family and our church friends kept me together. Many grateful heartfelt thanks to al of you. The sharing of God s love means a lot to the suffering; more than is possible for the one hurting to know. I was tested and found to have toxicity and mineral imbalances due to toxic levels of copper, cadmium, and mercury in my tissues; hormonal imbalance, protein deficiency (due to improper absorption by my cells), many food intolerances, allergies (hayfever), candida yeast infection, and depression. My symptoms from all of these ills were: severe tireness, periodic dizziness, ringing in my ears, frequent headaches, forgetfulness, burning sensations running along certain nerve pathways, some involuntary twitching of muscles, joint aches, stiffness of fingers, stomach and colon gas, weight loss, and insomnia. Is that enough? I dreaded the Fall weed pollen and field harvest wishing for the first freeze to kill off the pollen and mold spores. Yet I dreaded the cold weather because I could not keep warm. All of this showed in my countenance, and no amount of makeup could hide it. What happened to get me on the road to recovery is some story! A friend knew, who was praying for me, that I had finally given up hope. She and another friend prayed with me that I would again receive a renewed hope. I did immediately sense that renewed hope even though I still was weak and still hurt. Restored hope is a must! Very shortly after this, my husband Dan was in the right place at the right time where he was working in Chicago. A client came in with a pet which had been very ill. This older dog had experienced a full recovery and was now in superb health. The client was an older lady, and she too had a lot of vitality. Dan questioned her as to what she had done for her dog. She had given the dog her own vitaininic nutient compound known as Vitacel 7. The client had herself been taking this compound for some time, and her own story concerning illness and recovery was itself impressive. Some Vitacel 7 was obtained, and I started taking it as directed. Over several months time my symptoms have improved, some are completely gone, and others are getting better each month. My vitality is back, and I am thrilled! Our own dog, who is thirteen years of age, was sleeping most of the time, she had difficulty going up and down our stairs, and she was losing weight. Dan started her on Vitacel 7 also. After a few weeks her energy level was up, and she began to go up and down the stairs with more ease. She has now regained much of the weight she had lost, and she does not sleep unusually long now either. After seeing our dog s response, Dan began to try Vitacel 7 on various patient s in his veterinary practice. Some of the conditions which have shown a positive response include arthritis, degenerative disc disease, Wobblers Syndrome, chronic skin infections, chronic hepatitis, feline leukemia, and bone infection. Vitacel 7 is not a snake oil. It is not even a cure for what ails you. What it does do is improve the permeability of cell membranes so that they can again receive nutrients within the cells. If a cell can receive the nutrients that it needs to function, it seems to be able to correct whatever is wrong. Results are not instantaneous; healing takes time. Neither is 111 Vitacel 7 a replacement for good nutrition. However, it will certainly facilitate the absorption and utilization of those nutrients. I want to encourage all my friends and all people who have any loss of vitality be it big or small to learn more about Vitacel 7. God has used it in my life to restore me to good health and vitality. 

    Thankfully, Susan King P.S. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.


         I felt that I must write to tell you how pleased and excited I am with Vitacel 7.1 have been taking two tablets twice a day for two months and have already experienced many positive results. After about one week I noticed that my eyes were much clearer and brighter and my skin looked better. At first I just noticed the changes on my face but now my whole body is much smoother and softer. I now use the wonderful Vitalize skin cream and the results are more noticeable now. I also sleep much better. Insomnia was a problem for almost two years. Every day now I feel very mentally alert and have lots of energy - both physical and mental. For sometime I have been under quite a bit of stress. I have been feeling very moody and feeling down. I just couldn t seem to snap out of it. Since I have started taking Vitacel 7 I have felt great every single day! I feel serene and confident and able to handle anything. It s wonderful to have a good attitude every day. If this product did nothing else~ I would continue to use it because of this great benefit to me. I had a wart on the tip of my finger for a year that resisted every possible treatment. After about one month I noticed that it had vanished! My whole family including my husband, three sons, my mother and sister are now using Vitacel 7. I am so excited to see what positive health benefits they will experience. My mother already notices that she is sleeping better and her restless leg syndrome has vanished. It s great to be able to share something so great with the ones you love and care about. We run the whole spectrum from young adults, middle aged and senior citizen. I m sure that all of our futures will be healthier and happier with Vitacel. I love it! thank you. 

    Patricia Ham
    1151 Pinesong Place
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

    P.S. My memory is much better. 112


         It was after I broke my back that tests revealed that I had osteoporosis. I was told that I had the bones of a centurion, yes a hundred year old woman. Yet, I was only 52 years old. Following my father s death I had 4 years of traumatic ordeals. I don t know which was worse, the physical pain or all the emotional feelings one experiences with traumatic occurrence s. Sleeping was difficult, especially when my husband was away traveling on business. I also had a considerable amount of pain in my thumb joints. I am a librarian and must thumb through hundreds of cards a day. This wasn t easy. Yet another problem was that one of my front teeth had been loose for 20 years. On March 17th, a caring dear friend gifted me with Vitacel 7. She had remarkable results from taking this dietary supplement and thought that I might benefit also. Yes, indeed, I sure did. I am feeling and sleeping better. The tooth that was loose has tightened. I now have a deep inner peace or sense of well being. The pains have lessened in my thumbs considerably and with continued use of Vitacel 7, I think all pain will diminish. What s truly amazing is that all of this has happened in just two months of taking Vitacel 7. My husband has rheumatoid arthritis and builds scaffolding for construction. Like other occupations that require repetitive motion, he developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Surgery was performed to correct this condition, yet after surgery the pain was still there. After I noticed how much better I felt, I suggested he try Vitacel 7. He takes 4 tablets a day and he no longer has pain. Our daughters ages 19 and 26 are very healthy. They also take Vitacel 7 to maintain and preserve their good health. 

    Mary Anne and Dean Stiles
    Rd-i, Box 258
    Homer City, PA 15748


         Surgery sometimes is a trade-off. For me it meant swelling and scar tissue, which was quite painful. I started taking Vitacel 7 to see if it could help ease the pain. To my great pleasure, it not only helped ease the pain but I have a lot more energy and sleep like a baby. Twelve years ago I had a total hysterectomy. Like most women, I experienced hot flashes. Estrogen replacement was out of the question because of already having cancer. What a delight, by using Vitacel 71 no longer have hot flashes. Gregory, my husband, is a very healthy man. He has worked in constructiion for 25 years. His only compaint was that his legs stiffened up after he had been sitting for awhile. After the first week on Vitacel 7 he didn t have the stiffness any longer. The strength he 113 experienced as a young man returned and he said he felt nineteen again. He has so much energy. It is difficult getting him to sit down. Our two teenagers are taking Vitacel 7 to protect their good health. Wouldn t it be nice if it helped teenagers who have low self esteem get through their teenage years feeling better about themselves? I might even help the parents cope with some of the problems they might experience because of difficulties in dealing with their teenage children. 

    Lenora and Gregory Lagoda
    Rd-2, Box 479
    Blairsville, PA 15717


         I had arterial venous malformation which is a serious degenerative disease causing primary structural defects in both arteries and veins causing capillary blood leakage. Monthly transfusions were necessary requiring 2 or 3 pints of blood a month. I started taking Vitacel 7 a few years ago and found relief in all of the above except the arterial venous malformation. I decided to take 6 Vitacel 7 a day starting April 1992. At the end of May my blood count was normal (12) no blood transfusions, June was normal (12.1) no blood transfusions, July normal (12.3) no blood transfusions. August was normal also, no transfusions. I just couldn t believe it. My blood count jumped from 6.3 in January to 11.5 in August. To date I still have a normal blood count and blood transfusions appear to be a thing of the past. It is nice to have warm pink hands and good nails again. Now my family and friends are taking Vitacel 7 and have had good results also. 

    Mary Olechna
    1049 Warwick Circle
    South Hoffman Estates, IL 60194 

    At this time April 1994, it has been two years since I needed a blood transfusion. My blood count is still normal and I am feeling great. Vitacel 7 has saved me a fortune in medical costs.


         My son Jonas is 17 years old. About 5 years ago I realized that he was experiencing problems that needed medical attention. Jonas was hyperkinetic and was having difficulty reading, among other things. He was drowsy at times and would fall asleep when he should be awake. 

         I took him to the University of North Carolina, which specializes in testing for dyslexia and other related disorders. Dyslexia was diagnosed and medication prescribed. 

         Nine months ago, Jonas was hit by a car and his condition became worse. We then took him to the Winston Salem Baptist Hospital and doctors there said he was epileptic. His mediction was then changed to ritalin and tegerall. After He started using these medications we found that they were doing the opposite of what they were supposed to do. His condition outgrew the medication. We then decided to take him off of these two drugs. 

         A dear friend and professional gave us some Vitacel 7 and made no claims as to what it would do. As long as Jonas was off of all medication we decided to start him on this dietary supplement. 

         I am happy to say we found beneficial results. He hasn t had any petite mal seizures, isn t sleeping as much, is more alert, reads better and is more calm and less hyper. No need to say how pleased we are with the changes in Jonas. This we credit to Vitacel 7. 

    Carl Isenhour
    2054 6th Ave. SE
    Hickory, NC 28602


         Having always been interested in maintaining good health and fitness, I was surprised to find a lump in my groin area. A test was taken and the diagnosis was cancer. Chemotherapy was prescribed, which is known for harsh side effects such as hair loss, weight loss, nausea, plus aggravated bowel problems. 

         I was devastated and wasn t looking forward to these uncomfortable conditions, nor the thought of loosing my hair. I had seen others who were taking chemo treatments, left with only patches of their hair. Most had to wear wigs or head coverings when going out. Not wanting to do that, I thought about shaving off my hair. 


         Someone told me about a dietary supplement called Vitacel 7 and I decided to start taking it, thus postponing shaving off my hair. I started taking Vitacel 7 three days before I was scheduled to take my first chemotherapy treatment. It was thought that this supplement might get me through chemo with lesser side effects. I started out with one tablet the first day and then increased to 3 tablets in the morning and 3 more in the evening. I felt that by raising the intake I might lessen my chances of side effects from the chemo treatments. 

         The first treatment wasn t all that great and I did become nauseated, etc. The doctor prescribed nausea medication in a large amount as he said I would require it thoughout all of the treatments. I took the second treatment and expected the same sick nausea. However, it never happened. I started examining my hair, looking for hair loss. That too never occurred. My color was excellent and I did not lose weight and was able to keep working. My prayers were answered! In fact, I ran for political office while all of this was going on. 

         My doctor is pleased and surprised at how well I came through the chemotherapy treatments. My outlook is positive and I know that Vitacel 7 can take credit for all of this. 

    William Powers
    615 N. Dee Road
    Park Ridge, IL 60068


         I was diagnosed as having sarcoidosis in 1986. I refused to take prednisone for six years until 1992 when I had pneumonia twice. I was hospitalized for one week, off of work and on disability for three months. 

         An old acquaintance introduced me to Vitacel 7. God is good, and he does work in mysterious ways. I said that this year I was going to find something to get rid of the cough, allergies and mucous. I knew of GH3years ago so I was glad to try it in the advanced product Vitacel 7. 

         After a few days on Vitacel I felt an energy boost and was starting to feel like I did before having sarcoidosis. Two weeks later I drove myself 300 miles to see my mother. The next day I pulled the rugs off my parents floor and remove the nails used to tack it down. I then moved furniture and cleaned the porch and basement. After visiting with my parents, I drove 300 miles back home in the dark. I wouldn t have attempted all of this two months earlier. I just didn t have any energy. Driving used to tire me out. Usually after I leave my parents house I am sick and unable to go to work the next day and it takes me two weeks 

         116 to get myself together. I went to work the next day and felt fine. I also found that much to my surprise, old scars from sarcoidosis are peeling and fading away. 

         I also use Vitalize cream for my face and hair. My hair is much softer and I don t have to wear rollers to bed each night. My hairdresser applies it to my hair before styling it each week. She said that it makes my hair more manageable. My son finds that since he started using Vitalize cream on his hair it has become curlier. I continue to take Vitacel 7, VitaMins, and C-dophilus, all of which are excellent products. 

    Mrs. Pat Churchill
    1615 Mayfair
    Westchester, IL 60154


         After seeing a friend with a wrist splint, she told me she had carpal tunnel syndrome. The symptoms were what I was experiencing and I made an appointment with a doctor. Upon examination he confirmed my suspicions. Indeed, this was what I had. Steroids and antiinflamatory drugs were prescribed and I did find some very minor relief. Knowing the side effects of these drugs, I was open to other remedies. Someone told me about Vitacel 7 and I ordered some hoping it might be beneficial. 

         After my Vitacel order arrived I decided to stop the medication and give Vitacel 7 a try. 

         I am happy to say that I am now free of discomfort. Thanks to these unique tablets the carpal tunnel syndrome is no longer a problem. 

         Seeing how efficacious it was for me, my husband started taking Vitacel 7. Although he didn t have carpal tunnel, his energy level was low. My 79 year old father hadn t been feeling well. He had gout, shingles, and prostate problems. He started taking Vitacel 7. After a short while he too had more energy and was up and about again, for which we are all happy. 

    Donna Harwig
    8508 Windsorgate
    Olive Branch, MS 38654


         I had been taking Vitacel 7 for many years and will continue doing so. When NEL introduced Vitalize cream I knew it had to be good and ordered a jar. After showering I apply a small amount to my body, paying particular attention to areas that need it the most. Then I take a smaller amount and apply it to my hair. As a result my skin is always soft and so is my hair. Plus, much more manageable. 

         My sister recently had a baby. From the first day after bringing the baby home she started applying Vitalize cream on her baby. As a result, no diaper rash. 

    Robert Foster
    881 St. Nicholas Ave.
    New York, NY 10032


         For the last six years I have had ringing in the ears (tinnitus). The doctors said there aren t any solutions for it and that I should learn to live with it. This is common in approximately five million people. I read all that I could about tinnitus and tried a variety of diets. Nothing helped. 

         It was suggested that I have my teeth realigned in case the ringing was caused by TMJ. I wore braces on my teeth for two years to see if the realignment could help, but there was no improvement. 

         Three months ago I started taking Vitacel 7. After the second month I noticed that the ringing was still there, but much quieter. I have experienced other benefits also. For two years I have had knee pain and after two weeks on Vitacel 7 the pain quietly went away. My memory has improved and I now have more clarity of thought. A general feeling of well being, an inner calmness with less moodiness has come over me. I have no depression and a lot more energy. 

    I am thankful for Vitacel 7 and will continue to take it and enjoy all the benefits. 

    Clayton Covington
    3522 Macon Rd.
    Memphis, TN


         My name is Mattie. I am a 13 year old Rottweiler. I have been bothered with hip diplegia since I was diagnosed when I was 2 years old. 

         My left hip is very arthritic and my foot has started turning in. In cold weather I can hardly move and it was impossible for me to get up stairs. My owner had taken me to a veterinarian who recommended that I be put to sleep. That news really upset my master and she refused to do what the veterinarian suggested. 

         In March of this year a friend told my owner about Vitacel 7. I have been taking 2 tablets twice daily. After the first week and a half of taking the pills my owner noticed my energy level has increased and I was moving better. 

         I have now been on Vitacel 7 for about 2 months and my owner loves the results that I am getting. I bounce around the yard like a year old pup and I can even climb stairs without assistance. 

         My two roommates are both Great Danes. The oldest is Shadow who is about 2 1/2 years old and her daughter is Sassy who is 16 weeks old. After our owner saw the good results that I have expeienced she put both of the Danes on Vitacel. 

         Shadow has experienced recurrent uterine infections that developed with her first heat cycle. She was unable to gain weight and looked malnourished. Since shadow has been on the Vitacel product she has gained roughly 15 pounds and her coat has a beautiful shine to it. She was rechecked for her uterine infection and it is gone. 

         Sassy was put on Vitacel as a precaution measure and when she visited the vet last week he told our owner that she has the tightest hip he s ever seen. 

         Everyone in my backyard looks and feels 100% better. All we want to do is play and our owner has a hard time keeping up our pace as we go on our daily walks through the neighborhood. Thanks Vitacel. 

    Mattie, Shadow and Sassy
    511 5. Prescott
    Memphis, TN 38118


         After reading about what others were saying regarding Vital Pet and their dogs and cats, I decided to give my sick dog Vital Pet in hopes that it would help keep Brandy alive and free from pain. 

         I found and excellent all natural dog food and coupled with Vital Pet I truly beleive it saved her life. 

    Jim McKenna
    RD-i, Box 1518
    Wells, VT 05774-9801


         When we talk about Maggie our nine year old beloved six-toed cat, we add with sadness her struggle with being feline leukemia positive. This was apparent approximately two years ago. After taking ill we received her re-vaccination for feline leukemia. The actual diagnosis came in March one year ago, when she showed blood in her stool and very small bleeding. This in turn showed severe bladder infection with blood and crystals in the urine. We had Maggie with an on and off bladder infection since that time. Maggie has been on Vital Pet tablets for all this time, only to be stopped while on antibiotics. 

         Animals can have stress symptoms. Not only in acute illness, but in their daily life. Stress is very hard on a healthy cat, so twice as concerning with a feline leukemia condition. I firmly believe through my crisis with Maggie we were able to hold on since she had a good support system by getting the Vital Pet tablets. Without Vital Pet I am sure I would have lost her by now. Vital Pet didn t cure her feline leukemia but we held on to Maggie and when she goes out to the patio and rolls herself on the concret and sniffs the flowers we had a good day with her. Or, when she wakes me up in the morning after six and rubs her head against my hand, the sun shines brighter in my heart. I truly believe in the product Vital Pet. 

    Anne Henninger
    3846 N. Oakley
    Chicago, IL 60618


         I have had skin problems on and off since I was in my early teens. A small amount of adult acne would flare up from time to time and I found that with continued use of Vitacel 7 I could control it. 

         However, I also have a skin condition called rosacea which is and adult skin disorder. Sometimes it would be a redness that looked like a blush or sunburn. Other times the pores of my nose enlarged and would slightly swell. Tiny red and purple lines would be visible due to enlarged blood vessels. 

         Happily, I have this skin disorder under control by applying Vitalize cream twice a day. With continued use my skin is back to normal. 

    John Allan
    242i W. Pratt Suite 1192
    Chicago, IL 60645


         Let me start by saying that I ll never be without Vitacel 7. I began taking Vitacel 7 in March i994 for the sole purpose of helping PMS. It seemed the older I got (I m 41 years old) the worse PMS became to me. I had strong feelings of depression, anxiety and just not feeling well. Because of Vitacel 7 my PMS symptoms have disappeared. I have a high stress job and Vitacel 7 has helped me cope with stress in ways that I ve never been able to. 

         In January 1994 I had surgery to have a cyst removed from the right side of my face which left a scar about one inch long. I heard there was Vitalize cream available and I decided to try it on my facial scar. I ve been using Vitalize cream only two months and the scar is totally disappearing. My plastic surgeon told me that it would take at least a year for the scar to heal. But with Vitacel 7 and Vitalize it s healing much quicker and totally disappearing. 

         I have a cocker spaniel dog that I give Vitacel 7 to as well. Her energy level has increased and she sleeps like a baby at night. We are looking forward to along happy life together. 

    Pam Short
    1222 Bristol
    Memphis, TN 38119


         Each morning I would awake with back pain and stiffness. A friend told me about Vitacel 7 and I decided to order some. After a short time on Vitacel 7 I found that the pain and stiffness disappeared. I also seemed to be more alert on arising. When traveling a long distance by car, I found that my nap time has been shortened and that I am alert and ready to continue my drive. 

    Larry Voga
    RR-2, Box 29B
    Plano, IL 60545


         My son who is 10 years old was diagnosed when he was 6 with Attention Deficit Disorder with hypeactivity (ADDH). He was put on 20 mgs of Ritalin once a day. He would experience headaches, be very depressed and cry for no reason. He wouldn t eat and could not sleep through the night. 

         A friend told me about Vitacel 7. I took Eric off the Ritalin and put him on the Vitacel 7. He takes one tablet twice a day. Eric only weighed 46 pounds when he started the Vitacel. After a two week trial period I contacted Eric s teacher and asked her how he was doing. She stated that she could see no difference in Eric s school work, meaning the Vitacel 7 was doing the same job as the Ritalin but with no side effects. He was able to sit in his seat and concentrate on his work. I have noticed that now Eric can recite the times tables without any problem, and math has never been his strong suit. 

         Eric has also started eating. It now takes 2 double cheeseburgers and a large order of french fries to fill him up. He has gained 6 pounds. Eric sleeps through the night and actually sings when he gets up. He has actually become very happy. 

         He has been on the Vitacel 7 now for about 2 months, as a matter of fact we all have! I have nothing but good things to say about Vitacel7. Please call if you would like more details. 

    Kay Dorsey
    511 5. Prescott
    Memphis, TN 38111
    phone (901) 327-3165

    This is a copy of a letter sent to Millie Allan from veterinary Dr. Daniel King who analyzed some x-rays that were sent to him of her dog Tasha (see page 7). Tasha died in 1995 of old age not of any sickness. She was thirteen years old. 

    Daniel King, D.V. M.
    Rt. 45,
    Tolono, IL 61880

    December 17, 1994 
    Millie Allan 

    Dear Millie, 

         Having reviewed Tasha s hip and spinal radiographs, the results look excellent. Both of Tasha s hip joints grade excellent. There are no signs of hip dysplasia, nor any degenerative changes whatsoever. Her spinal radiographs also look excellent. The intervertebral spaces are uniform; there is no spondylosis (which is often present at this age); and there are no degenerative changes at all. 

         These radiographs look uncommonly good for a 12 y.o. dog. Congratulations to you and to Vitalpet. I understand Tasha has been taking Vitacel or Vitalpet since she was 2 y.o. 

    Sincerely Daniel King, D. V. M.


         In september, I noticed my 7-6-83 DOB red Doberman favoring his left hind leg, and also showed great weakness in his hind quarters, which due to loss of strength caused him to collapse on the floor. I did not have Vitalpet so I have him on 3 of my Vitacel 7 and in 5 days he began using his left leg. In 4 weeks he exhibited stability and strength in his hind quarters. I do not give drugs, antibiotics or steroids to him at anytime. After I received the Vitalpet, I gave him 3 in 24 hours as maintenance and because of his age I will continue to do this. I also feel that I have benefited from using Vitacel 7. 

    Sally E. Bruegyeman, R.N.
    box 236, Highway 45
    Mundelein, Il 60060


         On Thursday October 27, 1994 during my afternoon work period, I chained our three year old Cocker Spaniel to the tree in front of our organic garden, while I picked up black walnuts in front of our house. Queenie slept on the ground during the time I was working. 

         It was a beautiful day. A blue sky, a few clouds, a chill in the air and the ground was cold. It took me a little over two hours to pick up the black walnuts. Finished, I unchained Queenie and we went into the house. Within an hour my wife mentioned that she thought that there was something wrong with the dog. She refused to play with her ball and would not eat. Through closer observation, we noticed that she had lost the ability to keep her rear legs upright. They went from side to side. 

         Friday morning, I called the local animal hospital and at 11:15 a.m. we were at the hospital for her exam. As I held her on the table and the doctor completed the examination, he mentioned that this was not uncommon for this type of dog and talked about an operation. I thought, a three year old dog, operation, no way! She stayed Friday for observation, blood work and x-rays. I could pick her up Saturday morning. 

         When I returned Saturday morning to pick her up, the Vet met me with the x-rays. Walking toward the room where he could read the x-rays we passed his desk on which were two bottles of prescription drugs and Queenie s work sheet. On the x-rays he pointed to grey areas between two vertebrae and one on the hip and told me this condition could be fatal. When he finished his talk, my response was, "doctor, I do not want the cortisone or the antibiotics, and there will be no operation!" I have a friend who is a biochemist and he has formulated a "vitamin nutriment" that I am going to try on our dog and if it does not work, we will put her to sleep. He said, "be my guest", and was a little red in the face. 

         Sunday morning, I was able to get Queenie to take a Vitacel 7 and within six hours she was strong enough in the rear legs that we walked a large area kof our seven acre estate. 

         That evening I called Dr. Robert Koch and he advised that we give her one half tablet morning and night. Queenie is now taking Vitapet morning and night. 

         Today Queenie is normal and twice a day, I take her for a walk in our empty horse barn. She runs through the open stalls and the area on the first floor trying to catch a sparrow. 

    George LeFrois
    P.O. Box 423
    Honeoye Falls, NY 14472


         Twelve years ago I was introduced to a very special health product called GH3. Hearing and reading about this tablet, I decided to order some. I noticed some positive minor changes in my health, and that encouraged me to continue taking it. When Vitacel 7 became available, I decided to use it instead of GH3 because of the added ingredients. Plus, it was complexed 100%. It wasn t long before I noticed dramatic changes. My bowel movement was regular and complete, without diarrhea or loose stools. My urine changed from dark to a light wheat color. I began to feel a new surge kof energy. Depression that was common suddenly disappeared, and I began to feel better than I ever felt in many years. Vitacel 7 and Vitacel 8 will be an ongoing part of my life. 

    Robert Kriegshauser
    11616 Cedar Walk St.
    St Louis, MO 63146


         I took Vitacel 7 for two years and because I felt so good, I didn t think that I needed it anymore. I stopped ordering it, and about six months later, my aches and pains returned. Each day I hoped I would feel better. The high energy that I once experienced was gone. However, the warts on my legs that fell off never returned. My knees started to ache as the arthritis flared up again. I have once again started to take Vitacel and I am happy to say that I do not have any arthritic pain, and I am enjoying an abundance of energy. 

    Willie Sue Perry
    5951 S.
    Laflin Chicago, IL 60636


         Driving an eighteen wheeler truck 400 miles every day for many years didn t help my arthritis. The problem areas were my knees, ankles and lower back. A friend told me about Vitacel 7 & 8. After reading some literature regarding this special dietary supplement, I decided to order some. After a few weeks, I noticed a feeling of well being and realized the arthritic pain disappeared. 

    My wife started taking Vitacel 7 & 8 also and noticed less fatigue and depression. 

    Gary Dimpfl
    4637 W. Patterson Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60641


         I am a truck driver who spends at least 10 hours a day behind the wheel. Because of this, I oftentimes would experience pain in my knees and a numbness in my hands. Also, because of my erratic hours, I experienced elimination problems. 

         After taking Vitacel 7 & 8 the numbness and elimination problems went away and the pain in my knees decreased. More importantly, my girlfriend thinks Vitacel keeps me in better spirits while I am on the road and away from home. 

    I will continue to take Vitacel for the above reasons and also for it s long term effects. 

    Terry Baker
    3265 5. Millway #44
    Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5L2R3


         I had not been taking Vitacel 7 long before I experienced remarkable results. I do alot of standing and walking on concrete and because of this, developed varicose veins. I am a weight lifter and having varicose veins didn t look too good. I started to take Vitacel 7 and I didn t realize that it would have an effect on the varicose veins, but within a few weeks I noticed they were beginning to go away. I thought that was pretty special and I was very pleased with that. 

         I started to notice other very positive effects from the Vitacel. Years ago, I had a back injury from lifting weights and from time to time it would bother me a bit, and since taking Vitacel I noticed a decrease in the pain and greater mobility and I don t have as many problems with my back when I do work out. I feel in my heart that if I continue to use Vitacel my back will get stronger and I won t have the problems that I had before. Since taking the Vitacel I feel alive, I have a sense of well being with a kind of peace, but a very definite difference in the way I feel. 

         My father has gout and arthritis. He was initially reluctant to try Vitacel but decided to give it a try. Within a few days he began to feel better and within a week s time he said you must order me some more product. He has not had a gout flare-up or arthritic pain since taking Vitacel. He is now a Vitacel fan. 

    Anthony SaVage
    2250 W. Ridgeway
    Jackson, MS 39213


         I've been taking Vitacel 7 for 10 months and what I noticed initially was a feeling of well being. Then, after a couple of months, I felt more alert and cheerful. My work routine was more productive. A couple of my friends said my skin looked different, smoother, and I noticed it was getting firmer and clearer. Much healthier looking. Some people mentioned that I looked like I went away on vacation. I didn t pay much attention to it, but after awhile, more people commented on it. So, I was convinced that I should stay on Vitacel. 

         The change that was most dramatic to me was with my allergies that I had all of my adult life. Living in the New England area, I had alletgies to Spring, a lot of pollen, and in the fall, ragweed. I was well into the Spring season and had been on Vitacel for 5 months, when I noticed my sinuses weren t plugging up. They used to be swollen, and my thinking would be unclear at times. Sometimes my equilibrium would be off a little bit. The really dramatic difference to me is though I m Nutritionally conscious, watch my diet, and have been on other health products, I have never been able to overcome the reaction to ragweed, abundant in the New England area where I live. It became literally days when I would not be able to breath through my nose. I would have had a lot of pain over my eyes, dizziness and I wanted to sleep a lot. It s been an amazing 11 months since I have been on this product, and I have had no allergy reaction to the ragweed, it has completely cleared up. To me that s a miracle. After 6 months I found my energy levels had improved significantly, and I was sleeping better. 

    Armand Casale
    67 Hibiscus
    Waltham, MA 02154


         When you get older, you get all kinds of things that you don t want. One is little growths on the face that are now disappearing, thanks to Vitacel. My skin is much better since I began taking Vitacel 7 & 8. I am a retired nurse of 50 years and I am in all holistic things because I can t abide by doctors medicine any longer because of their side effects. I had a brain stem injury and I m hoping to see results in that area. I had tearing from my eyes that I don t have anymore since taking Vitacel 7 & 8. 

    Sally E. Bruegyeman, R.N.
    Box 236, Highway 45 
    Mundelein, IL 60060
    (708) 362-1348


         I've been actively involved in sports most of my life and have been blessed with good health. For the last ten years I have been playing full-court basketball three to four times a week with 20 and 30 year olds and competitively in Senior Masters basketball tournaments (50 - 55 and 60+ age brackets). Last year, I started playing in mens Senior baseball League (hardball) after a 32 year layoff. We just returned from a 30-40+ Baseball Tournament in Puerto Rico where I played in five games in four days. Young and older players and spectators ask where I get all my energy. I tell them that I take care of my body and have been using Vitacel faithfully for over 12 years. They can t believe I m in my early 60 s and still going. (I pitched a full 9 innings in Phoenix last November in the National MSBL Tournament (50+)... we won). Thanks for introducing me to Vitacel. 

    G.F. Belko
    Box 544
    Winnetka, IL 60093


         Let me tell you about my affair with NEL. 

         Our dramatic meeting, about June 1989 cleared up my edematous left leg problem I presumed to be related to my hypertension problem, which I regretfully elected to ignore until it nearly killed me. 

         Unfortunately we grew apart until After having suffered a major CVA (stroke), with blood pressure of about 250/150 at the time, June 1992, which left me crippled and in deep mental depression, I began taking Vitacel 7, six to eight tablets everyday. It wasn,t long before my depression lifted and my paralytic condition improved so much that I started learning how to walk again, for the third time in my life. My doctors were impressed with my progress, but not as impressed as I was. 

         Then, after taking Flavanol and Vitacel 8, six tablets of each everyday for 10-12 days, I began to walk a longer distance without having to stop and rest. I haven t had so much energy since I was a youngster playing little league football. I can t remember ever feeling so good! 

         My blood pressure has never been as acceptable as it is now (105/70), even with medication, so I may soon be off Hydrochlorothiazide and Zestril, and their major side effects. The next time my Doctor tells me I need blood pressure medication to live, I ll correct him, by respectfully replying, "I need Flavanol, Vitacel 7 and 8 to live, and you can keep your drugs, thank you!" 

         The money saved by not taking these drugs will easily pay for my continued affair with NEL. 

    William Powell
    P.O. Box 3107
    Apopka, FL 32703-0107
    ph. 407 774-0305 

    P. S. My blood pressure went up after I ran out of Vitacel 8 - which I believe to be the most effective substance available today for circulatory problems. Vitacel 8 does a good job stabilizing my blood pressure, but I need to take it every day. No matter it s cheaper than my regular medication. 

         I'm really excited to tell you that the person recently cutting my hair told me that new hair is growing over the bald area of my head. I believe Vitacel 8 is responsible for my new hair because I m not taking or doing anything else that could possibly promote new hair growth. Praise the Lord, and thank you, Vitacel 8.


         In 1994, I had shoulder pain that at times required me to be bedridden, taking 32 B.C. Power packets a week. A friend told me about Vitacel 7. I decided to try it and within 17 days, I was free of pain. 

         I also have sickle cell anemis. Not wanting to do or take anything that might not have a positive affect on my blood, I decided to ask my blood specialists opinion of Vitacel. After reading the ingredients, I was told that there wasn,t anything in it that would hurt me. 

         I started taking Vitacel 7 and have had only 2-4 crisis per year. This is extremely low for Sickle Cell Anemia. 

         While I was taking Vitacel, I was also taking some other products. Wanting to know which product to give credit to, I stopped taking Vitacel for 3 months and all the pained returned. I proved to myself that the good health I experienced was due to Vitacel 7. 

    Ken Welch
    Memphis, TN

    12/9 9~4S. N"CS- ~ CROHN S DISEASE 

    To whomeverthis might help: 

         I was diagnosed with Crohn s disease at the age of 22. I am now 32. Crohn s disease is an inflamation of the bowel. There is no known cause or cure. It can be a very serious and debilitating disease. Steroid therapy, sulfa drugs and or antibiotics are common drug treatments for Crohn s. 

         During the 10 years of being challenged with Crohn s, I have been hospitalized 3 times. My last visit was the most intense. I was hooked up to a feeding tube in the central venous line for a month. I lost 30 lbs. I was very ill. This was 5 years ago. Although I have had several flare ups since, which at the time kept me in bed for 6 months, I have managed to stay out of the hospital, a place that I try to avoid at all costs. 

         Since the day I was diagnosed, I always took responsibility. I educated myself on Crohn s/Colitis and steroid drugs. Deep in my heart I know steroids and other drugs were not going to help but ultimately make things worse. However, I used the drugs at times in combination with other altemative therapies. I have seen a host of G.I. specialists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, homeopaths. I have had all the available drug treatments and at times, I was the "guinea pig" for new drugs. I have done extensive homeopathic remedies combined with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I saw a Chiropractor, took vitamins and supplements, had ultrasound treatments forjoint pain. I have drunk health drinks including wheat grass, dabbled with ozone therapy and applied herbal ointments. I ve been to shaman healers, psychic healers, visualizers, individuals and family therapies. I believe doing all these things keep me clear of surgery. 

         As you can see, I have tried a lot of things. I always felt I couldn t give up. I had hope and faith that one day I d lead a normal life and accomplish my dreams. I prayed for a miracle and will continue to do so until I m completely well. 

         Presently, I am challenged with weakness at times, fevers, and many uncontrollable trips to the bathroom. Since I ve been taking Vitacel 7 for 2 1/2 months, I feel a difference. Especially during the daytime. My energy has perked up so that I am able to go out and do daily errands. Although I am still bothered by low grade fevers at night, they are few. The Vitacel seems to be working. I recently went on a 6 day vacation to California. When my sister invited me 2 months ago, I hesitated and tentatively said that I would go. While taking Vitacel 71 began to feel better. I was experiencing more energy during the day and even feverless days and nights. I decided to go to the ocean with sis, but guess what? I forgot my Vitacel. My mother sent my Vitacel by Fed-X, but it took a couple of days because of the weekend. Needless to say, I noticed a difference. I had more frequent low grade fevers, my energy changed where I had to take more naps. I m back on Vitacel religiously and I m still experiencing low grade fevers at times, but I m feeling much better during the day. Last night I went dancing and out to dinner. It has been along time since I ve done two big events like that back to back. Although I m not completely without health challenges, I definitely feel better since I ve been on Vitacel 7. I pray that this is the miracle for myself and all those who suffer. 

    For any of those who would like to call me. please don t hesitate to call. I d also like to thank Millie Allan for her prayers and support! 

    Barbara Georgouses
    360 Ridge Ave.
    Evanston, IL 60202
    (847) 328-7796


         In the early 1970 s because I was experiencing continual hip pain, I visited the Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic informed me that my hip was disintegrating, and that there was nothing they could do to stop it. I tried to cope with the pain by taking over-the-counter medications. Nothing that I took stopped the pain, and I was also concerned about the side effects. 

         In 1973, while viewing the TV program 60 Minutes, Mike Wallace, the CBS investigative reporter was doing a segment on a health product called GH3. I was impressed with what I saw, and heard, and wondered if GH3would help me. 

         A friend of mine had a different health problem that involved numbness on her right side. Doctors were unable to diagnose it. We both remembered seeing the 60 Minutes TV program, and heard about the people who were using GH3, and also medical doctors, both Romanian and American, who praised it, so we decided to give GH3 a try if our problems did not go away. 

         In 1980, my discomfort was not lessening and I decided to go to Romania for the GH3 treatments. I offered to take my friend with, as her numbness wasn t getting better. We never made the trip, as we located a medical doctor out west that prescibed GH3 for us. Since we knew GH3 is identified as a vitamin, we couldn t understand why we were not able to obtain it over-the-counter. I found after taking GH3 for several months, my pain started to lessen When Vitacel became available, I started taking it and found it to be a far better tablet. 

         It has been 16 years since I first started taking this unique nutriment, two tablets in the morning and two in the evening. Restless leg syndrome is now a thing of the past. I do not have any grey hair, and I find that I can cope with the stresses that occasionally come my way. 

         Not having been to the eye doctor in 10 years, I felt it was time for a check up. The doctor was amazed that my prescription hadn t been changed since my last exam. I had no cataracts or glaucoma, and only use my glasses for fine print. The eye doctor said I had the eyes of a 40 year old. 

         He also asked me what I was taking, because my skin, hair, and appearance was that of a much younger person, and that I certainly didn t look 70 years old. 

    E.L. Heck
    (312) 685-1839


         Seventeen years separate the sitting for the two photographs. This fact has been disputed recently more than once. The top photo was used for our 1979 Christmas greeting cards. The lower photo taken 11/96, will be used for this year s greeting cards. Doris and I are happy and proud to witness to what validly appears to be a slowing of aging. In addition to our effort to improve diet--marginally-- the one thing we can point to or call attention to is our long term, consistent and liberal regimen of Vitacel 7 (and now Vitacel 8). And nothing will cause us to change our story or our witness to this fact. All of Dr. Koch s Vitacel formulas are backed by patents. Further, neither Doris nor I are taking any prescription medication at this time. We aren t against prescription drugs. We just do not feel the need. Our last complete physical reports, Jan, 1996, show: A perfect bill ofhealth for me and only a unsatisfactory cholesterol reading for Doris. We increased our regimen of Vitacel 8, along with other corrections. She has responded well. Question: What would happen if every person were to maintain a reasonable regimen of Vitacel over the years? Answer: Our current annual Trillion dollar national health cost would drop like a lead balloon. A surprising number ofhospital beds would be vacant. This is beyond question. 

    Phil Dale
    3252 NE
    Flanders Portland, OR 97232

    Why did 35,000 GH3 users change to GH7?

    Why did 35,000 GH3 users change to GH7?

         Gerovital H3, known as GH3, was developed and first systematically investigated by Dr. Ana Aslan the Director of the Parhon Institute of Gerontology in Bucharest, Romania.
         Dr. Aslan was born January 1, 1897. She graduated in 1924 from the School of Medicine in Bucharest, Romania with honors. She became interested in the effects of Procaine hydrochloride (procaine HCl) on aging patients. Her interest had been sparked by studies she encountered by Doctors Leriche and Ghali who had used procaine HCl injections to relieve the pain of arthritis. Since she had been recently appointed as the director of the Geriatrics Clinic, she wanted to find a way to help those older individuals that were suffering from arthritis.
         She found that by injecting a 2% solution of procaine HCl into the patient the pain was relieved. This was no surprise, since procaine HCl is known as Novocaine which is used as an anesthetic. The effects of novocaine as an anesthetic wear off after 1 or 2 hours. Dr. Aslan was amazed that with continued use the pain would stay away not for hours, but for days, then months. Not only did the injections relieve the pain but there was evidence of repair in the arthritic joints. Dr. Aslans team of researchers also documented that there were improvements of skin, their skin was more supple and skin lesions were healed. They also noticed that those that had symtoms of depression improved. Some with parkinsons disease were improving...

    Related "Procaine H-Cl" Supplement products : Vital Vision, GH3-GH9

    For more details of this history refer to the book “GH3 Will it Keep You Young Longer” by Herbert Bailey

         The procaine solution used by Dr. Aslan had been modified in order to produce the results. Her original results with a solution of procaine were poor because of the unstable nature of the solution. They stablized the solution of procaine by adding benzoic acid and buffering agents to shift the pH of the procaine solution from 5.5 to 3.5. This stablized solution of Procaine HCl Dr. Aslan named Gerovital H3 (GH3).
         Dr. Aslan dedicated her life to helping the problems of the aging. She never married, her family was her patients. She died in 1988 at the age of 91. She received many scientific and humanitarian honors during her life. She was a warm, kind, generous lady and a remarkable scientist who left a great legacy to the world.
         GH3 has been the center of much scientific controversy through the years, but the 54 years that it has been in use by tens of thousands of people throughout the world has proven it to be a very powerful, safe, weapon against aging and various degenerative diseases.

    Related GH (Procaine HCL based) supplement products: Vital Vision, GH 9, GH 8, GH 7, GH 3


         Robert Koch, DSc. biochemist and inventor of many chemical processes became interested in GH3 in 1981.
         Dr. Koch’s sister, who suffered from asthma found out about GH3 and obtained some through a friend. TheGH3 was very effective in controlling her asthma, to such a degree that Dr. Koch became interested in why this anesthetic procaine HCl could be effective against asthma. He did a literature search in the Medical Library and to his amazement there were over 600 articles about the benefits of Gerovital H3 (GH3) and of various other cellular benefits of procaine HCl. Since that time Dr. Koch has spent his time researching the effects of procaine HCl on degenerative diseases. A company that was making GH3 here in the U.S. had Dr. Koch test their GH3 tablets and he found that the tablets were nothing more than a mixture of the powders that make up GH3, they didn’t contain the GH3 factor that was the effective agent in the Aslan injectables. He tested some of the Romanian tablets and found that they didn’t contain the GH3 factor that was contained in the injectable. They to were no more than a mixture of the powders, tableted.
         When Dr. Aslan stabilized the procaine HCl solution with benzoic acid she didn’t realize that the benzoic acid did more than acidify and stabilize the procaine HCL solution. The Benzoic acid reacted chemically with theprocaine HCL forming a double salt. The chemical structure of the double salt protected the procaine from being destroyed in the blood stream by the cholinesterase enzyme thus increasing the half life of the procaine from 0.6 minutes (36 seconds) to over 6 hours. This increased life of the procaine gave it time to transport into the cells where it is able to cause the cell to rebuild membranes, thus revitalizing the cell function. This rejuvenation improves the ability of the cell to feed itself and to get rid of harmful by products. The cell function improves. These healthier cells are able to make repairs and get rid of abnormal problems that the cells have, mainly degenerative diseases.
         Dr. Koch developed a process for producing the GH3 factor and then incorporating it into tablets that he named GH3. This GH3 factor or benzoate double salt of procaine contains benzoic acid which has no beneficial effect except to stabilize the procaine and since benzoic acid can be an allergen federal law limits the amount of benzoates that can be added to foods etc.. The amount of benzoic acid in GH3 only protects 15% of the procaine. Dr. Koch surmised, “why not complex the procaine with materials that are beneficial and protect 100% of the procaine?” This he did forming a whole new series of compounds which he was able to patent.** He developed processes complexing the procaine with B vitamins, vitamin C, with amino acids and with many other bio-active compounds. The combination of these procaine double salts he named GH7. This combination of complexes provides protection for 100% of the procaine as well as improving the revitalizing benefits of the procaine. The GH7 is about 6 times more potent than GH3 because of the total complexing of the procaine.

    GH 7