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    Why did 35,000 GH3 users change to GH7?

         Gerovital H3, known as GH3, was developed and first systematically investigated by Dr. Ana Aslan the Director of the Parhon Institute of Gerontology in Bucharest, Romania.
         Dr. Aslan was born January 1, 1897. She graduated in 1924 from the School of Medicine in Bucharest, Romania with honors. She became interested in the effects of Procaine hydrochloride (procaine HCl) on aging patients. Her interest had been sparked by studies she encountered by Doctors Leriche and Ghali who had used procaine HCl injections to relieve the pain of arthritis. Since she had been recently appointed as the director of the Geriatrics Clinic, she wanted to find a way to help those older individuals that were suffering from arthritis.
         She found that by injecting a 2% solution of procaine HCl into the patient the pain was relieved. This was no surprise, since procaine HCl is known as Novocaine which is used as an anesthetic. The effects of novocaine as an anesthetic wear off after 1 or 2 hours. Dr. Aslan was amazed that with continued use the pain would stay away not for hours, but for days, then months. Not only did the injections relieve the pain but there was evidence of repair in the arthritic joints. Dr. Aslans team of researchers also documented that there were improvements of skin, their skin was more supple and skin lesions were healed. They also noticed that those that had symtoms of depression improved. Some with parkinsons disease were improving...

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    For more details of this history refer to the book “GH3 Will it Keep You Young Longer” by Herbert Bailey

         The procaine solution used by Dr. Aslan had been modified in order to produce the results. Her original results with a solution of procaine were poor because of the unstable nature of the solution. They stablized the solution of procaine by adding benzoic acid and buffering agents to shift the pH of the procaine solution from 5.5 to 3.5. This stablized solution of Procaine HCl Dr. Aslan named Gerovital H3 (GH3).
         Dr. Aslan dedicated her life to helping the problems of the aging. She never married, her family was her patients. She died in 1988 at the age of 91. She received many scientific and humanitarian honors during her life. She was a warm, kind, generous lady and a remarkable scientist who left a great legacy to the world.
         GH3 has been the center of much scientific controversy through the years, but the 54 years that it has been in use by tens of thousands of people throughout the world has proven it to be a very powerful, safe, weapon against aging and various degenerative diseases.

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         Robert Koch, DSc. biochemist and inventor of many chemical processes became interested in GH3 in 1981.
         Dr. Koch’s sister, who suffered from asthma found out about GH3 and obtained some through a friend. TheGH3 was very effective in controlling her asthma, to such a degree that Dr. Koch became interested in why this anesthetic procaine HCl could be effective against asthma. He did a literature search in the Medical Library and to his amazement there were over 600 articles about the benefits of Gerovital H3 (GH3) and of various other cellular benefits of procaine HCl. Since that time Dr. Koch has spent his time researching the effects of procaine HCl on degenerative diseases. A company that was making GH3 here in the U.S. had Dr. Koch test their GH3 tablets and he found that the tablets were nothing more than a mixture of the powders that make up GH3, they didn’t contain the GH3 factor that was the effective agent in the Aslan injectables. He tested some of the Romanian tablets and found that they didn’t contain the GH3 factor that was contained in the injectable. They to were no more than a mixture of the powders, tableted.
         When Dr. Aslan stabilized the procaine HCl solution with benzoic acid she didn’t realize that the benzoic acid did more than acidify and stabilize the procaine HCL solution. The Benzoic acid reacted chemically with theprocaine HCL forming a double salt. The chemical structure of the double salt protected the procaine from being destroyed in the blood stream by the cholinesterase enzyme thus increasing the half life of the procaine from 0.6 minutes (36 seconds) to over 6 hours. This increased life of the procaine gave it time to transport into the cells where it is able to cause the cell to rebuild membranes, thus revitalizing the cell function. This rejuvenation improves the ability of the cell to feed itself and to get rid of harmful by products. The cell function improves. These healthier cells are able to make repairs and get rid of abnormal problems that the cells have, mainly degenerative diseases.
         Dr. Koch developed a process for producing the GH3 factor and then incorporating it into tablets that he named GH3. This GH3 factor or benzoate double salt of procaine contains benzoic acid which has no beneficial effect except to stabilize the procaine and since benzoic acid can be an allergen federal law limits the amount of benzoates that can be added to foods etc.. The amount of benzoic acid in GH3 only protects 15% of the procaine. Dr. Koch surmised, “why not complex the procaine with materials that are beneficial and protect 100% of the procaine?” This he did forming a whole new series of compounds which he was able to patent.** He developed processes complexing the procaine with B vitamins, vitamin C, with amino acids and with many other bio-active compounds. The combination of these procaine double salts he named GH7. This combination of complexes provides protection for 100% of the procaine as well as improving the revitalizing benefits of the procaine. The GH7 is about 6 times more potent than GH3 because of the total complexing of the procaine.


    The only reason that the other users of GH3 haven’t switched is because they don’t know about it. It isone of the worlds best kept secrets. If a company advertises GH-7 or a product under a different name but was manufactured under the Koch patents then it will be a genuine product.